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Chemical weapon for sale: China's unregulated narcotic
"Despite the dangers, carfentanil is not a controlled substance in China, where it is manufactured legally and sold openly online. The U.S. government is pressing China to blacklist carfentanil, but Beijing has yet to act, leaving a substance whose lethal qualities have been compared with nerve gas to flow into foreign markets unabated."
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2 days ago by mechazoidal
Investing in the Underground : Open Space
Just because you aren’t being paid to do something doesn’t mean you are being exploited; exploitation is necessarily the act of siphoning value from the worker for the benefit of the boss.
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2 days ago by simonv3
The Age of War and Revolution | Ian Welsh
The developed world has soaring inequality and is stagnated. Real value is not being created, instead it is being cannibalized through financial games by rentiers: they take all the profits and download all the risk on to others, as the 2008/9 bailouts illustrated (the bankers are fine, no one else is.)...Deliberate austerity thru political decisions has damaged the economy. Demand has been insufficient for decades, but we are now extremely sclerotic after the response to the financial crisis was “bail out the people who caused it, make everyone else pay.” Even by the logic of capitalism, this is crazed: capitalism says “if you lose your money, you weren’t allocating it properly”.  Capitalism works, to the extent it does, because people who make good allocation decisions get more money and thus get to make more allocation decisions, while those who allocate money (really resources) badly, lose it, and can’t make as many decisions.
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2 days ago by altoii
The Looting Machine Called Capitalism
[C]onsider the external costs of offshoring the production of goods and services that US corporations, such as Apple and Nike, market to Americans. When production facilities in the US are closed and the jobs are moved to China, for example, the American workers lose their jobs, medical coverage, careers, pension provision, and often their self-respect when they are unable to find comparable employment or any employment. Some fall behind in their mortgage and car payments and lose their homes and cars. The cities, states, and federal governments lose the tax base as personal income and sales taxes decline and as depressed housing and commercial real estate prices in the abandoned communities depress property taxes. Social security and Medicare funding is harmed as payroll tax deposits fall. State and local infrastructure declines. Possibly crime rises. Safety net needs rise, but expenditures are cut as tax revenues decline. Municipal and state workers find their pensions at risk. Education suffers. All of these costs greatly exceed Apple’s and Nike’s profits from substituting cheaper foreign labor for American labor. Contradicting the neoliberal claims, Apple’s and Nike’s prices do not drop despite the collapse in labor costs that the corporations experience.
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2 days ago by altoii
London housing: too hot for young buyers
So, imagine you are 25 and want to buy this property. Presuming you earn the median wage for Londoners — for those aged 22 to 29 that is about £29,900 gross, according to the Office for National Statistics — presuming you can get a 4.5 times salary mortgage; and presuming you can save 20 per cent of your take-home pay every month after tax, student loan repayments and rent for a room in a shared flat nearby, how long would it take, hypothetically, to save for the deposit?

Forty-one years and five months.
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3 days ago by noodlepie
(297) Wer glücklich ist kauft nicht - Vortrag Prof. Hüther - YouTube
Denkmuster. Schwer heraus zu brechen! Kein kind komt als konsumer zur welt. Nacheifern wer erflogreich erscheint. Grunderfahrung Wachstum. Neugier. Dopamine. Entdecken und Gestalten und Frei sein. Plus Bindungssystem. Aber Welterfahrung ist anders als im Bauch der Mutter. Beziehungsschmerzen gibt es! Begeisterung, und emotionen helfen beim lernen! Frei und Autonom ungleisch die Schule. Wem es gut geht kauft kein schrott den er nicht braucht um andere menschen zu beindrucken die er nicht mag oder kennt.
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The Looting Machine Called Capitalism -
capitalists make profits because their costs are externalized and born by others
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