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The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective - American Affairs Journal
Eventually I was able to meet the chief financial officer of my favorite company, Costco. He told me that they don’t hire any MBAs. Everyone starts by pushing trolleys. (I have seriously thought about doing just that. But my wife is strongly against it.) Maybe, I thought, that is why the company is so successful—no MBAs!
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3 days ago by soobrosa
No Wonder Millennials Hate Capitalism - The New York Times
Millennials, a generation maligned as entitled whiners, would be particularly hard hit. As Ronald Brownstein argued in The Atlantic, the rich people who would benefit from the measures passed by the House and the Senate tend to be older (and whiter) than the population at large. Younger people would foot the bill, either through higher taxes, diminished public services or both. They stand to inherit an even more stratified society than the one they were born into.
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3 days ago by Jibarosoy
dessalines_ comments on (excuse the DSA) A Reminder to the 'Apolitical'
Interesting analysis:
"I encourage everyone to join not only DSA, but also the IWW, /r/socialistRA, Redneck Revolt (the org I'm in), or any anti-capitalist organization (especially ones with armed praxis).

Contact those organizations and see if there's a branch in your area, and if none exist, start one. We have no time to waste; we are utterly disposable to capitalists, and they will continue to divide and conquer us until we arm ourselves and form organizations to defend our communities from racist and sexist terrorism and the police state, and unite into a fist to smash them.

Secondly, a warning about DSA, and democratic socialism in general.

A DSA branch in austin elected a cop all the way to national leadership position.

Beyond that, every country with a strong labor movement has a long history of social democrats and democratic socialists selling out workers, in favor of preserving liberal institutions, such as the capitalist system of laws and the police. This is pervasive, from the czech trade union movement, to the german social democrats siding with the state to kill Rosa in 1919. The reason is simple, and is shown in the phrase:

You can't fight city hall

Bourgeois democracy has had a few hundred years to entrench a system of laws that make positive changes for workers structurally impossible. There are dozens of restrictions and limitations that exclude workers from politics, such as the First Past the Post voting system (which enforces capitalist two party domination), gerrymandering, long term limits with no way to recall unpopular representatives, restrictions crafted to disenfranchise poor and minority voters, voter suppression, electoral fraud, unverifiable closed source electronic voting systems, capitalist campaign financing, low voter to representative ratios, and inconvenient voting locations and times, and most pervasive, candidate stacking. Most elections are performed before we ever get to the polling booth.

So the "democratic socialists" have had to make a choice between following the law, or breaking it to do some good for workers (of which Huey Long is the only politician I know of who did this).

Bourgeois democracy should be properly termed, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, since it is systemically structured to support their interests.

Secondly, never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth. Bourgeois democracy is structured to be a dictatorship of the capitalists, it's systemically built that way, and it's impossible to undo bourgeois democracy within the confines of bourgeois democracy. We live in a class society, and no ruling class has ever given up its power without armed confrontation. The aim is to build a dictatorship of workers, and to do what's best for us, regardless of any set system of laws.

And for all the pacifist readers here, here's the logical conclusion of pacifism, expressed best by its leader, gandhi.

And lets look where bourgeois democracy got us. The US currently runs a system of slave labor camps, and has killed millions of innocent people in its quest for empire. We have jails and prisoned filled with the poor and destitute, and not a single capitalist has paid for their crimes of impoverishing the many to enrich the few.

Voting has never stopped one bit of any of it."
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4 days ago by daguti
Sports Direct and its staffing agencies paid workers £1m too little | Business | The Guardian
HM Revenue & Customs said this policy amounted to a uniform and a deduction from pay to cover the clothing took pay below the legal minimum. Primark has since introduced a more flexible policy and provides some clothing free.

A Primark spokesperson said: “The average amount paid back per employee was £23.75 and relates to a workwear policy that was changed in 2016.”
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4 days ago by asterisk2a
Private War: Erik Prince Has His Eye On Afghanistan's Rare Metals
Basing it on the East India Company, there's a great idea right there.
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4 days ago by mechazoidal

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