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How markets plundered Free Software's best stuff and used it to create freedom for companies, not people / Boing Boing
But markets discovered free software and turned it into "open source," figuring out how to create developer communities around software ("digital sharecropping") that lowered their costs and increased their quality. Then the companies used patents and DRM and restrictive terms of service to prevent users from having any freedom.

Mako says that this is usually termed "strategic openness," in which companies take a process that would, by default, be closed, and open the parts of it that make strategic sense for the firm. But really, this is "strategic closedness" -- projects that are born open are strategically enclosed by companies to allow them to harvest the bulk of the value created by these once-free systems.
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yesterday by twwoodward
Me and All My Friends Kind of Want to Die: Capitalism and Mental Illness
You don’t know what it’s like to drive to work plagued with the fear that your body will take over and do what your brain has been urging you to do on repeat. You don’t know what it’s like to have so many things to live for and still not see any other option than simply ceasing to exist. And that’s why people are so up in arms about the suicides of the rich and powerful, people like Bourdain and Spade. Because if they can’t live in this world with all the resources that come with their type of power and influence, what does that say for the rest of us?

What does that mean for my peers who not only deal with illnesses like bipolar, BPD, C-PTSD, and anxiety disorders, but who also have limited financial resources, or limited access to proper treatment? What does that mean for my loved ones who live in black and brown bodies, disabled bodies, trans bodies, fat bodies, bodies that are marginalized and oppressed — who are told every day that they do not fit in or belong? What does it mean that, for me and my peers living under late stage capitalism, the brightness of our futures has been tempered by crushing student loan and credit card debt, jobs with increasingly fewer benefits and security, spending more than half our incomes on housing and not always knowing how we’ll eat for the rest of the month?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that, yeah, under the circumstances, me and all my friends kind of want to die. Some of my friends have actually died already.  capitalism 
yesterday by hopeful_monster
The US startup company is disappearing—and that's bad for the economy — Quartz
Historically, startups have been the engine of US economy. By creating new jobs and surfacing new ideas, startups play an outsized role in making the economy grow. It's too bad they are a dying breed. The share of companies that are startups has been falling While companies that were less than two years old made...
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yesterday by basemaly
Separating Migrant Families Is Barbaric. It’s Also What the U.S. Has Been Doing to People of Color for Hundreds of Years.
The same conservatives who campaign on cutting costs and reducing deficits then have no problem at all spending multiple billions of dollars on mass incarceration. Executives from the private prison industry have seen their profits explode under Trump, and he has been rewarded handsomely with six-figure donations from their executives. In this country, when you see evil, you can almost always follow the money trail.

What’s happening right now is awful. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. It didn’t come out of nowhere, though. It came right from the American playbook. This nation has routinely mistreated and abused people of color for hundreds of years — and has willfully separated millions of families, sometimes permanently, for sport and profit, on this soil. Speak out against it. Organize against it. But just know that what you are seeing has deep roots.
immigration  racism  donald-trump  prison  capitalism  slavery 
2 days ago by jbrennan
American tech giants are making life tough for startups - Into the danger zone
Big, rich and paranoid, they have reams of data to help them spot and buy young firms that might challenge them
business  capitalism  economics  startup 
2 days ago by soobrosa
Chinese Influx Stirs Resentment in Once-Sleepy Cambodian Resort - Bloomberg
How the Belt and Road Initiative has helped turn a quiet resort town into a gambling hotspot
china  economics  capitalism  cambodia 
2 days ago by jackpinboard
A Chinese Company Has Conquered a Piece of America - Bloomberg
Construction workers maimed and killed. Millions paid to the governor’s family. An impossibly lucrative gambling operation. And all on U.S. soil.
china  capitalism  economics 
2 days ago by jackpinboard
The absurdity of American health care pricing, in one chart
"The figure clearly demonstrates that there is significant variation in MRI prices within hospitals at single points in time,” the authors write. “For example, in January 2011, the ratio of the price of the highest volume contract (blue circles) to the price of the second highest volume contract (green triangles) is 1.39 at Hospital A and 1.65 at Hospital B.”

The theory that the researchers put forward — and a theory I find compelling — is that these prices likely reflect different insurers’ market clout. An insurance plan with lots of members can demand lower prices; they’re essentially going to Costco and buying in bulk. But a smaller insurance plan with fewer members doesn’t have that kind of leverage, and gets stuck with higher prices as a result.
healthcare  capitalism 
2 days ago by campylobacter
Want to Understand What Ails the Modern Internet? Look at eBay - The New York Times
When the biggest platforms seem to be flailing or punting on problems, it’s often because they’re trying to address broad social issues with market solutions. They’re rediscovering, at scale and at great expense to their users, the ways in which a society is more than a bazaar, and the pitfalls of allowing human attention to be sold and resold as a commodity. If a platform is addressing a collective problem in a maddeningly strange way, consider that it might see itself, or only know to govern itself, like an eBay. If it can’t keep bad actors from using the service to exploit other users, that’s because it’s modeled after a system in which finding the highest bidder — or the biggest sucker — is gamely understood to be the point.
internet  facebook  ebay  silicon-valley  capitalism  surveillance-capitalism  advertising 
2 days ago by tarakc02
”Olin mykologi, itseoppinut” - harha-askelia sivilisaation reunalla | Nuori Voima
se pyrkii löytämään elämän mahdollisuuksia sieltä, minne kapitalismi ei enää ulotu. Puhe on niistä olemisen muodoista, jotka voivat nousta tulevista raunioista. Sekä siitä elämästä, joka on koko ajan mahdollista kapitalismista huolimatta.
capitalism  environment  mushrooms 
3 days ago by sampsa
The Death of a Once Great City | Harper's Magazine
He came back anyway and lay down in the middle of the street one afternoon—a small Irish-Latino man, in his perpetual baseball cap and scraggly beard, insisting in his gravelly, whiskey-soaked voice that they should just go ahead and run him over. Artie and James, our constant eyes on the street, who spend much of their time sitting out on the stoop trying to convince me that the Mets are a major-league ball team, waved off the traffic and persuaded him to get up out of the street. Forgiven by the super, Raymond now comes back to sit on the stoop with his old friends, a living ghost haunting the block where he was born.[…]

The new rich infesting the city, by contrast, are barely here. They keep a low profile, often for good reason, and rarely stick around. They manufacture nothing and run nothing, for the most part, but live off fortunes either made by or purloined from other people—sometimes from entire nations. The New Yorker noted in 2016 that there is now a huge swath of Midtown Manhattan, from Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue, from 49th Street to 70th Street, where almost one apartment in three sits empty for at least ten months a year.
new-york-city  culture  inequality  gentrification  capitalism 
3 days ago by jbrennan
If the Robots Come for Our Jobs, What Should the Government Do? - The New York Times
This set of proposals is based on the idea that the emerging wave of digital disruption won’t result in a permanent loss of demand for workers, but rather shifts in what types of work the economy needs. It’s not unlike early 20th-century America’s shift from an agricultural economy to an industrial one, or its shift from an industrial to an information economy over the last half-century.

In this context, the goal is not to stymie that evolution, but to try to tilt the balance toward workers as the transition takes place. “We want a growing, robust economy,” Mr. Paul said. “We just need proper policies in place to ensure that workers don’t bear the burden of that transition.”

While these ideas are coming from a decidedly left-of-center place, it’s striking how some of them overlap with the goals of centrist business interests and even some conservative thinkers.
IPE  work  Technology  capitalism  Economics  coop  policy  Trump 
3 days ago by Jibarosoy
The Death of a Once Great City | Harper's Magazine
"The urban crisis of affluence exemplifies our wider crisis: we now live in an America where we believe that we no longer have any ability to control the systems we live under."
culture  politics  economy  capitalism  society  commentary  urbanism 
3 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The value of CryptoKitties has plummeted / Boing Boing
In December someone paid US$155,000 for a single cryptokitty. In March investors who should know better, like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, gave CryptoKitties $12 million.

--How is capitalism seen as a real option?
capitalism  weekly  dystopia 
3 days ago by twwoodward

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