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Vélos en libre-service : la Chine expérimente quand la France subventionne | Contrepoints
Aperçu des expérimentations en cours en Chine dans le domaine des vélos en libre-service et de la différence de philosophie avec les offres proposées par les municipalités en France.
fr  china  france  capitalism  transport 
yesterday by pankkake
Alexis P. Morgan: The Terrorists of Capitalism: A Response to Gary Vaynerchuk
We’re being devoured by people infected with the Damnable Trinity of capitalism, white supremacy, and kyriarchy. They are munching on people’s bones and baying to those infernal gods while our blood drips down their faces.
3 days ago by matthewmcvickar
Over 170 years after Engels, Britain is still a country that murders its poor
While in Victorian Manchester, Friedrich Engels struggled to name the crime visited on children whose limbs were mangled by factory machines, or whose parents were killed in unsafe homes. Murder and manslaughter were committed by individuals, but these atrocities were something else: what he called social murder. “When society places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death, one which is quite as much a death by violence as that by the sword or bullet; its deed is murder just as surely as the deed of the single individual,” he wrote in 1845, in The Condition of the Working Class in England.

Over 170 years later, Britain remains a country that murders its poor. When four separate government ministers are warned that Grenfell and other high rises are a serious fire risk, then an inferno isn’t unfortunate. It is inevitable. Those dozens of Grenfell residents didn’t die: they were killed. What happened last week wasn’t a “terrible tragedy” or some other studio-sofa platitude: it was social murder.

By all means, let’s wait for a judge to confirm the reports that the tower was covered in banned cladding, and that the 79 men, women and children confirmed to have died in the fire (at the time of writing) possibly did so for a grand saving of £2 a square metre.

But we can draw our own conclusions about whether well-heeled renters in a luxury tower would have received the contempt dished out to Grenfell’s council tenants after they published detailed reports on their homes being firetraps. Those local politicians who gave council taxpayers a sizeable rebate even while starving local services of funds have evidently chosen whose side they are on – and it’s not that of the families who have been made homeless.
by:AdityaChakrabortty  from:CommentIsFree  GrenfellTower  capitalism  neoliberalism  Conservatives  geo:London  geo:Manchester  FriedrichEngels  BorisJohnson  austerity 
3 days ago by owenblacker
The Torturers Speak - The New York Times
When pushed to confront the horror and uselessness of what they had done, the psychologists fell back on one of the oldest justifications of wartime. “We were soldiers doing what we were instructed to do,” Dr. Jessen said. Perhaps, but they were also soldiers whose contracting business was paid more than $81 million.
torture  corruption  capitalism  war  cia  tradecraft 
4 days ago by craniac
Countries for Losers; Countries for Winners
a great many countries are designed to reward winners. These are the countries that pay a good deal of attention to optimising the conditions of life available to people who win
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5 days ago by pfostpfilms
The Senate GOP health bill in one sentence: poor people pay more for worse insurance - Vox
Low-income Americans get less money to buy crummier insurance. In the GOP bill, the measure of what is affordable has gone up and the definition of what counts as decent insurance has gone down.

This basic idea is also present in the plan’s changes to Medicaid. The Senate’s plan begins to phase out the Medicaid expansion in 2021, and fully repeals it in 2024. Low-income people who were on Medicaid get moved to the exchanges, where the plans cover less, cost more, and require more out-of-pocket spending.

Once the Medicaid expansion is repealed, Republicans get to work on Medicaid itself, tying the amount it can spend to an inflation index that lags behind how much health care actually costs. The result is Medicaid will be able to cover fewer people and cover less of their health care in the future.

Similarly, right now the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies go to 400 percent of the poverty line. This bill caps them at 350 percent of the poverty line. People above that limit will have to pay more for their insurance, which means they’ll be able to afford less.
healthcare  GOP  capitalism 
6 days ago by campylobacter

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