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Is We Work a Fraud? - Henry Hawksberry - Medium
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And this is the problem with modern business. Too many loopholes. I can treat a discount on rent as revenue? WTF? I can charge people who are no longer customers and then credit them back later? WTF?

Too many shenannigans.

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27 days ago by daguti
Milton Friedman's "Shareholder" Theory Was Wrong - The Atlantic
capitalism-done-right / greed = This article is straddling the space between them, discussing the effort to bring the corporation to a place where it's not solely focused on shareholder efforts.

Also see this similar article:
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8 weeks ago by daguti
The Pattern of the 21st Century is Predatory Collapse
archived here since this is a Medium publication and I have limited views each month:
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10 weeks ago by daguti
How America’s College-Closure Crisis Leaves Families Devastated - The Chronicle of Higher Education
I thought it was common sense, but evidently I've had a sixth sense about these for profit colleges. I mean, if you see a college advertised on TV, doesn't that tell you something? Do you ever see ads for Harvard? Then steer clear of colleges that have to advertise.
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april 2019 by daguti

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