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RT : Another : I’d like to speak to current or former assessors at or for my investigation i…
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RT : Another : I’d like to speak to current or former assessors at or for my investigation i…
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How to cut Disability Benefits in one image
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Capita's NHS deal was founded on guesswork. It was doomed to fail | Richard Vize | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
Capita maintained that since there was no reliable performance data, NHS England could not prove it was failing. NHS England countered that Capita could not prove it was succeeding
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may 2018 by yorksranter
Some call it outsourcing. I call it spivvery | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
This is spivvery for which you and I pay billions extra just to get minimal services – it can also lead to a financial fragility at the heart of the firms on which Britain now relies. As noted by Adam Leaver, professor of accounting at Sheffield University, Carillion repeatedly pulled forward hundreds of millions on profits expected from future work, and paid that cash out to shareholders. Since the huge profits it was booking did not exist, it had to borrow the cash it paid out to shareholders – and the debt was secured against goodwill: its brand name, relations with customers and staff. However hard such things are to value, Carillion reckoned that they were worth a tidy £1.57bn. As MPs discovered to their amazement in January, “goodwill” was Carillion’s single biggest asset.
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