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Made it to the top 💪💪💪 (@ Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA)…
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5 weeks ago by NeoNacho
Provincetown Community Compact Dune Shacks Residencies
The Compact is pleased to offer over sixty weeks in Fowler and C-Scape Dune Shacks from April to November, including several artist and writers residencies. The historic dune shacks are among the nineteen shacks located within Peaked Hill Bars National Register Historic District of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The shacks are primitive — no electricity or indoor plumbing — and isolated, allowing for uninterrupted solitude and refuge. The Compact maintains and administers these shacks under an agreement with the Seashore.

Community residencies are open to all and are selected by lottery. The Compact funds, or partially subsidizes, residencies for three visual artists who are selected by jury and for two writers who are selected by lottery. The top recipient of the artist residency receives a $500 fellowship from The Compact.
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december 2018 by risdgrants
Here’s your moment of zen: Big chunks of ice slowly floating down the Canal at sunset…
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january 2018 by ampressman

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