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Archimate 3.0 – Capability Mapping | Capability Map | Business Capability - BiZZdesign
Capabilities define what an organization needs to be able to do or tend to be stable over time, in order to successfully achieve the outcomes that are defined as part of the corporate strategy.
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19 days ago by sblamey
ACBF launches Africa Capacity Report on Fostering Transformative Leadership
The Africa Capacity Report 2019 (ACR 2019), with Foreword authored by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and chair of the African Union until this January 2019, provides a snapshot of leadership capacity in Africa based on independent survey data from over 46 African countries. ACR 2019 addresses the capacity dimensions of transformative leadership both in public and private sectors. It looks at the major elements of transformative leadership in Africa, highlights the leadership capacity gaps related to achieving sustainable development on the continent, and identifies strategies for addressing them.

Most importantly, ACR 2019 offers concrete recommendations for improving performance, combining both technical elements and the mindset changes that are necessary for success. Finally, the Report calls for increased investment in leadership capacity development at all levels, especially in government service.
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march 2019 by weitzenegger
A Practical Approach to Mapping & Developing Digital Talent
As organisations try to keep up with progress on digital innovations, demand for ‘digital talent’ has become a hot topic. There is much anxiety about the lack of existing digital talent – but do we have an agreed definition of what it is? Many focus on the purely technical skills and roles – e.g. finding programmers, data scientists or anyone who understands blockchain – and these types of role are hard to attract, especially if you are not a glamorous start-up or brand name.
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october 2018 by davebriggs

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