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Butterfly numbers fall by 84% in Netherlands over 130 years – study | Environment | The Guardian
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According to Van Swaay, the study, published in Biological Conservation, confirms that “industrial agriculture is simply leaving hardly any room for nature” across the EU and in developed nations such as the US.
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Metadata: Chain replication for supporting high throughput and availability
With chain replication, the primary's role in sequencing requests is shared by two replicas. The head sequences update requests; the tail extends that sequence by interleaving query requests. This sharing of responsibility not only partitions the sequencing task but also enables lower-latency and lower-overhead processing for query requests, because only a single server (the tail) is involved in processing a query and that processing is never delayed by activity elsewhere in the chain. Compare that to the primary backup approach, where the primary, before responding to a query, must await acknowledgements from backups for prior updates.

Chain replication is at a disadvantage for reply latency to update requests since it disseminates updates serially, compared to primary-backup which disseminates updates parallelly. This does not have much effect on throughput however. (It is also possible to modify chain replication for parallel wiring of middle-servers, but this will bring some complexity to the fault-handling actions.)
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CQRS, Event Sourcing and DDD FAQ - Your command-query responsibility segregation & DDD questions answered
The ideas around CQRS are fascinating, but different enough from the way we do conventional development that some questions come up again and again. This page collect a number of such questions that we've encountered, and attempts to give accurate and satisfactory answers to them.
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