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Sigma js
JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.
graph  network  js  visualization  html5  canvas 
2 days ago by steffenfiedler
HTML5 multiply filter with canvas | Alberto Gasparin
Do-it-yourself multiply filter implementation example for HTML5 canvas using JavaScript.
JavaScript  HTML  canvas  multiply  filter  DIY 
3 days ago by stuball
Kajero - Interactive JavaScript notebooks with clever graphing.
Kajero - Interactive JavaScript notebooks with clever graphing.


- It's just Markdown - a Kajero notebook is just a Markdown document with a script attached.
- Every notebook is fully editable in the browser, and can be saved as Markdown or HTML.
- Notebooks can also be published as Gists, generating a unique URL for your notebook.
- JavaScript code blocks can be executed. They're treated as functions, with their return value visualised. Kajero can visualise arrays and objects, similar to the Chrome object inspector.
- Code blocks can be set to run automatically when the notebook loads. They can also be set to hidden, so that only the result is visible.
- Data sources can be defined. These will be automatically fetched when the notebook is loaded, and made available for use inside code blocks.
- Includes Reshaper, for automatic reshaping of structured data.
- Includes D3, NVD3 and Jutsu, a very simple graphing library which uses Reshaper to transform arbitrary data into a form that can be graphed.

GitHub -
Demo -
Image -
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7 days ago by jasondavis

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