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! The only day better than Fri is ; well is pretty awesome too. July's & will b…
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3 days ago by CraigCamp
GitHub - pixijs/pixi.js: Super fast HTML 5 2D rendering engine that uses webGL with canvas fallback
pixi.js - Super fast HTML 5 2D rendering engine that uses webGL with canvas fallback
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6 days ago by jklapinski
JavaScript – Use Canvas To Watermark Images – Chris West's Blog
Did you know that you can add a watermark to all of your images that are on the same domain as your site just using JavaScript? Thanks to the <canvas> we can modify images and present in various ways as if they were originally available that way all via JavaScript. The following function is a quick-and-dirty example of how to leverage the canvas to add a watermark to an <img>:
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10 days ago by Atelierbram

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