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UNFILLED: Luke/Leia/Amilyn - getting together, first time
Amily is kinda into Luke, because he's so different from the Jedi of Gatalentan legends. But she and Leia are already a thing, and Leia also has a thing for Luke, and Luke and Leia are twins?

They make it work anyway.

Triangle-shaped ot3 rather than a V please.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  canon:original_trilogy  character:Luke_Skywalker  character:Leia_Organa  character:Amilyn_Holdo  relationship:Amilyn_Leia_Luke 
june 2018 by swkink
"and dwellings to the lost", Jess/Rey, meeting Luke, 1/1

Sometimes, when Rey closes her eyes, she sees people in the Force.

It's not the generalised low-level awareness of other living things that she can never shake, it's not the indefinable Force signatures she feels just as certainly as she feels the brush of someone else's hand against hers, just as new and just as surprising every time it happens.
prompt:filled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Jessika_Pava  character:Luke_Skywalker  character:Rey  relationship:Jess_Rey 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Rey/Kylo Ren, mpreg, h/c?
Kylo Ren turns up pregnant with Rey's Force baby. Rey has no idea until Kylo Ren is in trouble and on the run from the First Order. Then there's nothing that will stop her from saving him.
prompt:unfilled  character:Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  relationship:Kylo_Rey  canon:sequel_trilogy  kink:mpreg  kink:pregnancy  kink:hurt/comfort 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Luke/Rey, orgasm denial
The Jedi are big on using their minds and not their bodies, right? This is just another step in Rey's training.
prompt:unfilled  character:Luke_Skywalker  character:Rey  relationship:Luke_Rey  canon:sequel_trilogy  kink:orgasm_denial 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Leia + OR / Rey/Kylo - caught
Leia finds Rey and Kylo having sex (through the Force, or redeemed!Kylo). Does she watch? Join? Confront one or both of them later?
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Leia_Organa  character:Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  relationship:Kylo_Rey  relationship:Kylo_Leia_Rey 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Rey/Any Resistance member, extreme sports
The Resistance like playing cards in their down time. Rey's used to more extreme entertainment.
prompt:unfilled  character:Rey  character:any_resistance  relationship:any_Rey  canon:sequel_trilogy 
june 2018 by swkink
"Cornerstone", Kylo Ren/Rey, 1/1
on AO3:

Rey submits to being Kylo Ren's sex slave and mother to his child in order to save the last gasps of the Resistance from being slaughtered.
prompt:filled  character:Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  relationship:Kylo_Rey  canon:sequel_trilogy  kink:major_character_death 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Rey/Kylo - past non-con Kylo/Snoke bleedthrough
Ben brings all kinds of unhealthy habits and attitudes from his previous sexual experiences into his relationship with Rey, and he doesn't even realize he's doing it.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  relationship:Kylo_Rey  relationship:Kylo_Snoke  kink:non-con 
may 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Rey/Kylo, humiliation
Established relationship with pre-negotiated kink. Rey fucks Ben with no regard for his pleasure, basically using him as a human dildo, while relentlessly using all his insecurities to humiliate him and tear him down, from his childhood angst and actions as an adult to his looks. She doesn't stop until he's an incoherently sobbing wreck. They both find it catarthic in different ways.

Bonus points for mutual aftercare, or at least a hint that it will be a thing after the end of the fic.
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prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Rey  relationship:Kylo_Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren 
may 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Sith!Leia/Jedi!Luke, fighting over Rey
The two most powerful force users in the galaxy, on opposite sides of a war, find the one person who could be their equal, if not more.

Established Luke/Leia anywhere along the angsty sex-hatesex spectrum, Rey with both or either of them (timeline-fudging to make her 16+, please, but the specifics are up to you).
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Leia_Organa  character:Luke_Skywalker  relationship:Leia_Luke  character:Rey  kink:incest 
may 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Holdo/Leia - D/S
Gentle domme Amilyn gets Leia to take A Break.

Bonus for one or both of them using the Force at some point.
prompt:unfilled  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Leia_Organa  relationship:Amilyn_Leia  canon:sequel_trilogy 
may 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Rey/Kylo - tentacles
Tentacle monster of any sort Rey finds damsel in distress/lost prince/etc Kylo. Fun ensues.

prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Rey  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  relationship:Kylo_Rey 
may 2018 by swkink

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