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time stands still
“Even if time could be turned back,” Shen Qingqiu says. “Nothing would change.”

alt: Shen Qingqiu gets another chance. And another. And another.
wc:lessthan1k  author:galaxyeyedrops  2019  =scum.villain  *shenjiu/yueqingyuan  canon  *gen 
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An Essay by Miho Nonaka | Kenyon Review Online
[So good. There's really no good way to quote this one, so here are just a few sections.]

"Heavenly Worm

Mrs. Itō, our fourth-grade teacher, drew a new kanji character on the board: 蚕. “Worm from heaven,” she announced, “as you can see.” Heaven splits open like a curtain (天) and inside it dwells the worm (虫). For each student, she took out five worms from her basket and put them in a small paper box to take home. Having just hatched from their eggs, these worms were still covered in little black hairs. That’s why at this stage they are called kego (hairy baby), Mrs. Itō told us. To feed these dark babies, julienne your mulberry leaves first."

"Platinum Boy, 2006

After decades of research, Japanese silkworm breeders discovered a reliable method of hatching exclusively male silkworms. Female silkworms eat more, sleep more, take up more space, and are measurably less efficient in transforming mulberry leaves into silk. The verdict was clear: female silkworms are inferior for silk production.

Silk spinners and kimono weavers are unanimous in their praise of male silk: their thread is consistently finer, sturdier, glossier, whiter, and their cocoons are easier to harvest when boiled.

The birth site of Platinum Boy is literally black and white. When you look at a piece of paper where silkworm eggs are laid, white eggs are the empty shells from which male larvae have already hatched. They will thrive on the diet of tender mulberry shoot which, combined with their spit, will eventually turn into raw silk, translucent like frosted glass. The dark eggs contain female larvae that will never hatch and only keep darkening."

"Ten Thousand Leaves I

Compiled in the mideighth century, Man’yōshū (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) is the oldest Japanese anthology: more than forty-five hundred poems in twenty books. In the sweltering heat of the attic, I wasn’t looking for any particular motif when I happened on poem No. 2495, composed by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, a low rank courtier and one of the “Saints of Japanese Poetry”:
like my mother’s
silkworms confined
inside cocoons,
how can I see my love
who lives secluded at home?

Poem No. 2991 is almost the same poem by another poet, simply tagged “unknown”:
like my mother’s
silkworms confined
inside cocoons,
sadness clouds my heart
when I cannot see her

The motif of a silk cocoon as the inaccessible, lyrical interior goes back to the dawn of Japanese poetics. The cocoon encases the image of the beloved, the poet’s longing that keeps building inside, and in my poem it holds the mother as a mythical seamstress, stitching blue in each wrist of her unborn daughter."

"職人 I

I used to blame my grandmother on my father’s side, who was described to me as fierce, frantic, funny, a destructive visionary and unsuccessful business entrepreneur during the critical times of the Second World War. When I felt defeated by the radical pull of my own emotion, I would attach them to the face of the woman I had never met in person, only in a fading picture where she stands next to my young father without glasses, still a student with surprisingly gentle eyes.

My father recently told me during one of our late-night international calls from Tokyo: “Your grandfathers were both shokunin (craftsman), remember? It’s in your DNA, too.” His father had come from a large family of silk farmers. After he left home, adopting the newly introduced Singer sewing machines, he began manufacturing Japanese cloven-toed socks, the traditional kind that used to be hand-sewn, and during the war, he took the assignment to sew parachutes for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. While he worked under dimmed light, my young father put up his primitive drawing of warplanes on the wall, covered in fine grains of sand."

"Small Things

They say (I love the convenience, but who are “they”?) that attention to detail is a characteristic of the Japanese. I am drawn to small things: tadpoles, silica beads, star sands in a vial, a notebook the size of a thumbnail, fish scales, a nativity scene inside half a walnut shell. I am terribly myopic like my father, and I like things that are near. Large things loom over and terrify: airports, Costco, churches in Texas, the Tokyo Skytree, Mount Rushmore (those granite faces I once believed had surfaced in response to the historic atomic bombing), and that elusive word “global.”"


It didn’t occur to me until I tried translating a few passages from Snow Country that the young geisha’s name Komako (駒子) means Pony Child. What inspired the author Kawabata to portray his heroine as a woman of equine grace? We don’t know her family name. On the other hand, we don’t know the first name of Shimamura, who is referred to only by his last name.

I imagine if your family name is a gate to the house, your first name must be its interior. In the days when the first book of Man’yōshū was composed, asking a maiden’s first name was synonymous with proposing to her. Knowing it meant possessing the person.

Komako’s body is translucent like a silkworm, and an unearthly room encloses her fruitless passion like a white cocoon. While writing Snow Country, Kawabata says he distanced himself from Shimamura, who serves merely as a foil to Komako. “As an author, I entered deep inside the character of Komako, but casually turned my back to Shimamura,” he writes in the afterward. “Especially in terms of emotion—Komako’s sadness is nothing other than my own sadness. . . .” And so it is; his heart has become subsumed into her heart."


I find it impossible to talk about the body (mine and everyone else’s) without sounding embarrassed or oddly distant. I don’t mean to self-deprecate, but it has been almost too fashionable, too charged a topic for me to feel safe around. (A cowardly thing to say—the truth is, no one is safe.)

I won’t pretend my body is a plain blockhouse, or a slab of flesh aching with desire or lack thereof. Who could have taught me to stay at home in my own body all the while I traveled from one country to another, turning from the spontaneous, if careless, music of my mother tongue to the cautious economy of English, reaching out, in the hope of actually reaching and being reached?

For the subjects most critical to me, I find no teachers. Perhaps there is not enough demand? I believe I am badly behind everyone and that I missed an opportunity to ask questions long ago. People my age in this country sound fluent in the body, discussing it with just the right amount of sarcasm and laughter without revealing much, like they have been on intimate terms with it since they learned to speak. I suppose I should have listened to the body harder, without ulterior motives."
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FINALLY! A simple shutter count program for (many) EOS cameras -- Canon EOS Digital Cameras in forums
You should be nervous and very cautious before running "Canon EOS Camera Info v1.2"'s executable file. A simple internet search on the author’s email ( reveals that he is also the author of Magic Password Stealer (Magic_Ps): …-magic-ps-final-with.html
Brief information about MPS:
Success Rate : 100%
Creator URL :
Creator's Email :
Date Created : 2003 - 07 - 31
Last Updated on : 2007 - 12 – 31
How it works?
MPS v1.5 creates a software that hacks the yahoo password. After you create the software, you have to send it to the victim's computer at any condition. After victim opens the file, MPS starts its work. Then when the victim re-login in his yahoo, The password and other information is sent to your email as offline message.
canon  software  shutter 
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Canon EOS DIGITAL Info download |

Canon doesn’t have shutter count included on the EXIF information of an image file, as opposed to Nikon and Pentax.
There’s no official Canon based application to find the shutter count for an EOS DSLR.
However, there are a few free tools that may help you to do this. They provide some details about the camera, including product Name, firmware version, battery level, shutter Counter, date/time, and owner/artist/copyright strings. But it does not support this features: Editing the owner/artist/copyright and synchronizing date/time within the local PC's date/time.
For that, I wrote a new utility that includes all these features by integrating those that were missing.
I uses an official Canon SDK (Canon ED-SDK) to retrieve and set all camera information (shutter count is retrieved via an undocumented function).

The Canon Digital Camera SDKs is freely available on this official link:
for more info read the text file "readme.txt" please.

1. Download ZIP portable package and extract it to a folder of your choice. And launch CanonEosDigitalInfo.exe.
2. Connect Camera to USB Port and Turn it ON
3. Click connect, save button, etc
canon  software  shutter 
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This is post-canon. John and Rodney. Pretty much it. No smut.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  pining!john  oblivious!john  pining!rodney  romance  first!time  pir8fancier  1000-9999 
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S$1,999 Canon EOS RP Launches in Singapore; Pre-order Bundle Promotions
The Canon EOS RP is the company’s smallest, lightest full-frame EOS camera, coming to Singapore and available for pre-order immediately at a very competitive price (body-only) of SGD 1,999. Pre-order bundle promotional prices are available at the end of the article. Building on the success of the EOS R, with its superior dual pixel autofocus...

The post S$1,999 Canon EOS RP Launches in Singapore; Pre-order Bundle Promotions appeared first on .
S$1  999  Canon  EOS  RP  Launches  in  Singapore;  Pre-order  Bundle  Promotions 
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Three Times John Used His Words
John doesn't always choose the best times to confess his feelings, but it always seems to work out in the end.
sga  mcshep  team  canon  angst  hurt/comfort  romance  sweet  humor  marriage  1000-9999  brumeier 
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Say Yes, Say Yes (well I would if you asked)
Foggy has a weird habit of saying “marry me” instead of “thank you”. Bring him food, flop a blanket over him when he’s half asleep, put a coffee down on the desk, save him from an awkward situation, you’ll get proposed to.

But not Matt. Oh no, he gets a “hey, thanks!” or “you’re the best, Matty!” or “my hero.” Which are all…fine. But they’re not the same.
fandom:daredevil  canon  au  romance  first!time  humor  jealousy  cute  1000-9999  via:popkin16 
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Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM - Trenčín
Inzerát č. 94836082: Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM, Cena: Dohodou, Lokalita: Trenčín
canon  lenses 
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Canon EOS RP: what we want to see | TechRadar
This post brings up some features that could be good to look out for on Canon’s EOS RP:
• hopefully has an AF joystick
• might not have a top-plate LCD (could be okay)
canon  canoneosrp  photography  rumors  2019  techradar 
3 days ago by handcoding
Canon 200-400 f/4 L IS Review - Bears of Vancouver Island
The Canon 200-400 is Canon's most anticipated lens. With a built in 1.4x extender it's unique and has a price tag to match. Is it the perfect wildlife lens?
canon  lenses 
5 days ago by foliovision
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Review, Field Test incluing RAW CR2 Samples | dygiphy
Sadly, it does not get pulled out of my camera bag very often for professional photography use.  In part this is because the primary role of the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM is sport and wildlife photography, neither of which are core business here at dygiphy.  It does however make a superb macro and product photography lens.
canon  lenses 
5 days ago by foliovision
Canon EOS 5DS R Camera - LensAuthority
Finally, the images you get will depend a lot on meticulous technique. It does give near-medium-format quality, but you have to have near-medium-format technique to realize the camera’s potential. You aren’t going to shoot at high ISOs, pull out missed exposures by three stops, or hand hold 1/focal-length exposure times with this camera.
cameras  canon  5dsr 
5 days ago by foliovision
A Taxonomy of Water
Five stolen moments, plus one that was freely theirs, finally
*hideko/sookhee  femslash  canon  author:AliceinKinkland  post-canon  porn  2017  wc:1-5k  =the.handmaiden 
6 days ago by claudine
Courage is in the Eye of the Beholder
Sometimes getting what you want means doing what terrifies you.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  pining!john  pining!rodney  romance  0-999 
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Underlying Series [Original Work]
Mark and Sandy hated each other. So when Mark accidentally hit Sandy with his car - which was totally not his fault - they were not exactly thrilled to be forced to spend all their time together. Well, at least Mark wasn't.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  schoolau  series  100k+ 
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