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And why the sea is boiling hot by LydiaFearing
Words:12021, Hannibal is having a bad morning so he tries to cheer himself up with shopping at the farmers' market and ends up meeting an intriguing fisherman who is bad at eye contact.

A relatively fluffy AU where everyone is the same except Will became a fisherman after leaving the police and recently moved to Baltimore (for reasons I will never explain). Having never joined the FBI in any capacity, Will is happier, healthier and a lot less defensive. Hannibal is still Hannibal so... not pure fluff.
AU  will/hannibal  top!will  bottom!hannibal  not-FBI!will  Hannibal-is-Hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  10-20k  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:romance  genre:fluff 
7 weeks ago by engfordean
Protector - velocitygrass - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
While most come to Atlantis as a last hope to find safety in Pegasus, Rodney McKay looks for an opportunity to work on his inventions. Nobody in Pegasus has been untouched by the Wraith, but Rodney has a shield that protects him. As a citizen of Atlantis, Rodney learns some truths that challenge how he thinks about the Wraith and himself.
au  f:sga  p:rodney/john  cannibalism  human!wraith  gang  western!au  fantasy  fake.relationship 
7 weeks ago by miss_speller
LadyGreenFrisbee - Elixir
In which Katsuki has the gift of life flowing through his veins and hates every moment of it.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  angst  violence  cannibalism  canon-divergence  WIP  words:15.000-20.000 
10 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Sweetheart (Good Enough to Eat) by Delphi
Engie is a big ol’ marshmallow, and Pyro wants to toast him and eat his gooey insides. It’s only kind of a metaphor.
fanfic  tf2  ao3  words:<5.000  Engineer/Pyro  cannibalism 
december 2018 by hatinjacket
Page Six
Words:66.841,Crime reporter Will Graham's column on page six of the Baltimore Sun garners him the attention of many: fans, hobby detectives, the FBI...and others.

Hannibal cut off a piece of meat with surgical precision. “I find your company rather engaging.” “Maybe I don't find you all that engaging.” Silence. Hannibal grinned. “I see that it will take more than one dinner to earn your forgiveness. Challenge accepted.”

한니발이 쉐프고 윌이 리포터인 AU. 다크 윌의 만족스러운 해피앤딩이다. 대체로 바텀 윌이지만 한번의 바텀한니발과 또한번의 모호한 묘사가 있다. 바텀 한니발이 좀더 많았으면 더 완벽했겠지만...그래도 만족한다.
ThisBeautifulDrowning  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  romance  top!hannibal  bottom!will  switching  dark!will  reporter!will  chef!hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long 
october 2018 by engfordean
Black Rock Mountain
Words:23.964, Will is a hitchhiker with questionable hobbies. Hannibal is a man who has questionable motives. When Hannibal drives by Will who just so happens to need a ride, things quickly take a turn from the questionable to the downright depraved.
한니발은 탑한니발도 잘 읽는 편인데, 이 픽에서는 한니발이 바텀이길 바랬다. 아마 윌이 한니발에게 신체적으로 헌팅에서 졌기때문에 탑한니발인게 애정이나 선호도문제가 아니라 좀 파워게임같은 느낌이 들어서 그런것 같다. 그 외엔 재밌었다. 한니발 만나기 전부터 연쇄살인범인 윌은 별로 안좋아하는데, 그런 느낌 없이 읽은 첫 픽이었다.
bokunojinsei  AU  will/hannibal  action  romance  dark!will  top!hannibal  bottom!will  killer!will  hitchhiker!will  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018 by engfordean
My Husband
Words:3.563, /// In which Hannibal is a little too smitten and Will figures out Hannibal is That Guy.///
VictoriaAGrey  S3  will/hannibal  fluff  dark!will  smitten!hannibal  Cannibalism  established-relationship  rating:PG  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
october 2018 by engfordean
The Living Doll
Words:32,104,No one has been able to live in the Doll House for more than a month because of the supposed cursed doll that comes with the house. That is until a man named Will Graham moved in six months ago. Freddie decides it's time to pay him a visit to get the scoop on this elusive man, and she hopes to get a look at the doll while she's at it.
슈내 픽 읽는 느낌! 물론 한니발 픽이므로 블러디하고 주인공들은 사악하다. 귀엽고 재밌었다.
Anna_Jay  AU  will/hannibal  horror  doll!hannibal  mini!hannibal  vulnerable!will  dark!will  Freddie-Lounds  Abigail-Hobbs  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:angst 
october 2018 by engfordean
come around again (only want to say goodbye)
Words:8.114, Hannibal is locked up in the Baltimore Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Supposedly he's in maximum security but he pretty much just breaks out and leaves any time it suits him.
And it suits him to break out whenever he thinks Will needs him.
I mean, they forgot Will's birthday! Come on, wouldn't you?
귀엽고 유머러스하다. 윌의 캐릭터는 조금 out-of-canon이라고 느꼈지만 귀여우니 됐다.
hito  S2  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  crack  toppy!hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
october 2018 by engfordean
La Maison Rouge
Words:2687, Hannibal starts to show up at Will's house at the crack of dawn to make him breakfast, killing two birds with one stone: cooking is one of his many passions, and, honestly, Will Graham is climbing up the list.
Randstad  S1  will/hannibal  fluff  top!hannibal  bottom!will  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018 by engfordean
Shark Tank
Words:72,105, Will and Hannibal meet in prison. Hannibal is still the Ripper, Will is still a profiler who had encephalitis. Only now they're cell mates.
윌과 한니발이 감방동기 되는것. 감방생활이 제일 재밌고 한니발이 너무 섹시했지만, 그 이후도 나쁘지 않았다. 재밌음!
(스위치: 한니발 바텀 두번 묘사, 기본적으로는 탑한니발)
xzombiexkittenx  AU  will/hannibal  smut  romance  H/C  top!hannibal  bottom!will  bottom!hannibal  top!will  grey!will  hannibal-so-hot  cellmate  Beverly-Katz  Brian-Zeller  Jimmy-Price  Jack-Crawford  Alana-Bloom  Cannibalism  Prison-Sex  Sadism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long 
october 2018 by engfordean
The Newcomers
Words:3.231, Will and Hannibal make a new life for themselves in an obscure village.
윌이 머더러가 되는거 왜이렇게 좋을까? ㅎㅎ 분위기도 그렇고 완전 좋다.
Sarren  S3  will/hannibal  fluff  domestic  bottom!hannibal  top!will  cannibalism  possessive!will  manipulative!hannibal  dark!will  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018 by engfordean
The Shades of Evolution
Words:50,406, Circumstance exposes Hannibal's status as unbonded Omega. Chance lets him bond to Will before being claimed by another Alpha. What will opportunity bring?
첨에 좀 보다가 수그리는 한니발이라니 말도안된다!!했는데 역시 잘 풀어가 주셨음. possessive!will맘에든다....
DrJLecter  S1  AU  will/hannibal  H/C  romance  bottom!hannibal  top!will  alpha!will  omega!hannibal  manipulative!hannibal  dark!will  possessive!will  jealous!will  jerk!jack  kidnapped  cannibalism  dom/sub-undertones  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long 
october 2018 by engfordean
A darkness seen and shared
Words:23,052 , Stories set in a universe where Will was a serial killer long before he met Hannibal.
둘다 킬러 싸이코패스인 윌과 한니발. 근데 뭔가....허영기 있는 묘사나 약간 유치한 문체때문에 주제는 좋은데 끝까지 못읽겠다.
voxofthevoid  S1  AU  will/hannibal  drama  bottom!hannibal  top!will  cannibalism  possessive!will  killer!will  dark!will  Tobias-Budge  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018 by engfordean
Klara's Story
Words:21.142, Hannibal has a daughter, with big blue eyes and a frightening ability to empathise. Will has spent 5 years in the Baltimore State Asylum for the Criminally Insane, accused of crimes he didn't commit. Alana thinks it's time Will knew about Klara.
둘이 결국 완전히 해피앤딩인게 아니고 아이때문에 겨우 만나는 모양새라 그게 슬펐다. 한 이만자쯤 더 써서 완벽히 해피엔딩이 되었다면 더 좋을텐데... 아마 그랬으면 별 달았을듯.
claritylore  S2  AU  will/hannibal  H/C  bottom!hannibal  top!will  father!hannibal  mpreg!hannibal  Klara  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:angst 
september 2018 by engfordean
Beware the Blue-Eyed Monster
Words:7.113, Hannibal suggests that he and Will start dating - but not each other. Will does not take this well.
여기선 윌이 맘에 들었다. 전체적으로 픽이 유머러스하다. 한니발 픽에서 이런거 첨본다. 다크윌 좋다. ; . ;
Devereauxs_Disease  will/hannibal  bottom!hannibal  top!will  possessive!will  manipulative!hannibal  dark!will  Cannibalism  jealousy  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
september 2018 by engfordean
Words:65,342, Will acquires a murderous secret admirer, and learns how much easier the habit of violence can be with an enthusiastically willing target. A courtship through blood and… other means of influence.
음. 첫번째 편은 정말 맘에 들었고, 두번째 편은 중반까지는 좋았는데, 결말만 좀 맘에 안들었다. 그외엔 정말 좋았다! manipulative 한니발은 진리다...심지어 그런데도 불구하고 바텀인거 진짜 내 취향...하.
iesika  S1  AU  will/hannibal  bottom!hannibal  top!will  possessive!will  Beverly-Katz  Brian-Zeller  Jimmy-Price  Jack-Crawford  Alana-Bloom  s&m-practices  Cannibalism  jealousy  Bloodplay  Knifeplay  Breathplay  Domestic-violence  manipulative!hannibal  grey!will  fix-it  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long  genre:angst 
september 2018 by engfordean

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scariication  scars  scent-marking  schmoop  scotland  seer!will  self.harm  selfharm  sentinel!will  sentinel  serial_killers  serialkiller!derek  serialkiller!hannibal  serialkiller!will  serialkillers!hales  series/verse  series  sex:prison  sex:rough  sex:shower  shaving  sheriff/melissa  slash  slavery  sleepwalking  slow-build  slowburn  smitten!hannibal  smut  society  soulless!sam  source:ao3  south_america  southchinamorningpost  spn:au  spn:preseries  spn:season:2  spn:season:5  spn:season:7  stars:4/5  stiles.finds.out  student!stiles  suicide  switching  tarsus_iv  team!fic  technology  tf2  thefuture  theme:serial-killer  therapist!hannibal  thisbeautifuldrowning  threesome  tobias-budge  tokyo-ghoul  top!dean  top!hannibal  top!jensen  top!mccoy  top!will  toppy!hannibal  toread  torture  tortured!sam  trickster!gabriel  tricksters  truecrime  tvshowbased  twins  uk  undead  underage!stiles  unfinished  usa  vice  victoriaagrey  video  violence  virtual  voxofthevoid  vulnerable!will  war  warlord!hannibal  werewolves  western!au  will/hannibal  will_graham  wip-updating  wip  wolfe  words:>100.000  words:<5.000  words:1.000-1.500  words:10.000-20.000  words:15.000-20.000  words:20k-50k  words:5.000-10.000  words:500-1.000  words:5k-10k  words:75.000-100.000  words:9.500-10.000  worm  wuxuan  ww2  wwii  xover  xzombiexkittenx  year:2016  year:2017  year:2019  youtube  zombies   

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