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What a gorgeous flight
Barcelona to Florence

- (I lived there!)
- (I lived…
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12 weeks ago by FiloSottile
20 Campaigns That Will Win at Cannes – Adweek
For the past 17 of his 34 years with Leo Burnett, Mark Tutssel has been sharing his predictions for which marketing campaigns will win at the Cannes Lions. And, as one of the only agency leaders to serve as a Cannes jury president five times, he’s had a 100% success rate in recent years.
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june 2019 by JohnDrake
Save The Date ✔️ in // Thursday, 20 June 2019 // 20:00-23:00
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june 2019 by jongos
Why Craft Matters in Advertising
Bring on the new, the random and the excellent – work that inspires and not only stimulates people like us to be envious, but creates a wider ripple. Work that creates a connection: the simplest and purest definition of craft, which holds together an ad idea and makes it happen. Because execution has always been – and always will be – both a key component of and, also, just as important as creativity.
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june 2019 by JohnDrake
Meet my fabulous colleague at - sunshine in the beautiful city of included 🌞
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may 2019 by bas
: 65x wurde der Preis für die beste Regie verliehen, und zwar an:
64 Männer
2 Frauen.
Und alle glauben ernst…
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may 2019 by p3k
In 1957, François Truffaut attended as a critic for .

In 1958, deemed “the gravedigger of Fr…
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may 2019 by leogrim

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