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Medical Marijuana & A Better Tomorrow Medical marijuana is gaining momentum worldwide as a natural medicine that provides safe alternatives to treatment by toxic chemicals. The purpose of this website is to promote education in regards to medical marijuana and to provide an interactive platform for discussion and collaboration. As advocates of all forms of marijuana legalization, it is our mission to provide a place for groups and organizations to come together as one, working towards a common goal. We pledge to assist in changing the medical marijuana laws nationwide and educating others about marijuana... prohibition must end. Together, our numbers cannot be denied, and it is together that we shall overcome. - Tres Hombres
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Cannabinoid Conference 2011 6th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine and 5th European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research, September 8-10, 2011 University of Bonn, Germany: International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines: Program and Abstracts (PDF): Keywords: Cannabinoids; Cannabinoid; Conference; Bonn; 2011; Bonn2011; IACM; Medicine; European; Workshop; University; Research; Programs; Abstracts; Abstractbook Downloads: 459 [texts] Cannabinoid Conference 2011 Poster - IACM 6th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine and 5th European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research, September 8â10, 2011 Bonn 2011: Conference Poster: Keywords: Cannabinoid; Conference; Poster; 2011; Bonn; Bonn2011; IACM; Workshop Downloads: 29 [texts] Cannabinoid Conference 2013 7th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine27-28 S
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