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The University of Ottawa yoga controversy: a disabled person’s response – liz kessler's blog
Discussion of the 2015 suspension of a yoga class at the U of Ottawa’s Centre for Students with Disabilities, from the viewpoint of a former U of O student and current person with disabilities, pointing out many facts that didn’t make it into general news coverage.
yoga  politics  culture  canada  news 
yesterday by avram
Mixdown and Mastering, Audio Services, and a great blog with articles on ( electronic ) music production.
music  production  electronic  services  mastering  mixdown  inspiration  canada 
2 days ago by webdevotion
APOD: 2018 September 14 - Ice Halos at Yellowknife
Explanation: You've probably seen a circle around the Sun before. More common than rainbows, ice halos, like a 22 degree circular halo for example, can be easy to spot, especially if you can shade your eyes from direct sunlight. Still it's rare to see such a diverse range of ice halos, including sundogs, tangent, infralateral, and Parry arcs, all found in this snapshot from planet Earth. The picture was quickly taken in the late morning of September 4 from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The beautiful patterns are generated as sunlight (or moonlight) is reflected and refracted in six-sided water ice crystals in Earth's atmosphere. Of course, atmospheric ice halos in the skies of other worlds are likely to be different.
astronomy  photography  canada  APOD 
2 days ago by rgl7194
waterloo engineering's high school grade inflation estimation |
comparing the final high school marks students were admitted with to the marks at the end of first year

Grimsby SS 27.5 GRIMSBY Public
St Louis Adult Learning Centre 27.1 KITCHENER Public
Southern Ontario College 25.7 HAMILTON Private
St Thomas Aquinas SS 25.4 OAKVILLE Separate
Great Lakes College of Toronto 25.2 TORONTO Private
Vaughan SS 23.9 THORNHILL Public
King's Christian Collegiate 23.6 OAKVILLE Private
St Michael HS 23.5 NIAGARA FALLS Separate
St Peter's SS 23.5 PETERBOROUGH Separate
Bishop Macdonell Catholic HS 22.6 GUELPH Separate
Sir Winston Churchill SS 22.5 ST CATHARINES Public
George S Henry Academy 22.4 NORTH YORK Public
Eastwood CI 21.9 KITCHENER Public
Galt C & VI 21.7 CAMBRIDGE Public
Notre Dame SS 21.7 BRAMPTON Separate
Jarvis CI 21.7 TORONTO Public
North Albion CI 21.5 ETOBICOKE Public
Ancaster HS 21.2 ANCASTER Public
Bishop Tonnos Catholic SS 21.1 ANCASTER Separate
St David Catholic SS 21.1 WATERLOO Separate
Robert Bateman HS 20.7 BURLINGTON Public
Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI 20.5 SCARBOROUGH Public
Silverthorn CI 20 ETOBICOKE Public
Lester B Pearson CI 20 SCARBOROUGH Public
Woodland Christian HS 19.8 BRESLAU Private
Governor Simcoe SS 19.8 ST CATHARINES Public
North Park SS 19.6 BRAMPTON Public
Turner Fenton SS 19 BRAMPTON Public
====================== Any other Ontario school 16.3 Ontario
St Robert Catholic HS 14.2 THORNHILL Separate
Waterloo CI 14 WATERLOO Public
Orchard Park SS 13.8 STONEY CREEK Public
Markham District HS 13.7 MARKHAM Public
William Lyon Mackenzie CI 13.6 NORTH YORK Public
Northern SS 13.4 TORONTO Public
Forest Heights CI 13.3 KITCHENER Public
Unionville HS 13.3 UNIONVILLE Public
St Theresa Lisieux Catholic HS 13.1 RICHMOND HILL Separate
Markville SS 13 MARKHAM Public
York Mills CI 13 DON MILLS Public
Newmarket HS 12.9 NEWMARKET Public
Thornhill SS 12.9 THORNHILL Public
Hamilton District Christian HS 12.8 ANCASTER Private
Marc Garneau CI 12.8 DON MILLS Public
Sinclair SS 12.8 WHITBY Public
St Aloysius Gonzaga SS 12.7 MISSISSAUGA Separate
Pickering HS 12.5 AJAX Public
A Y Jackson SS 12.5 NORTH YORK Public
Lisgar CI 12.4 OTTAWA Public
Martingrove CI 12.4 ETOBICOKE Public
Richmond Hill HS 12.3 RICHMOND HILL Public
Centennial C and VI 12.3 GUELPH Public
Streetsville SS 12 STREETSVILLE Public
Stephen Lewis SS 12 MISSISSAUGA Public
Milton District HS 11.8 MILTON Public
Colonel By SS 11.7 GLOUCESTER Public
London Central SS 11.5 LONDON Public
Milliken Mills HS 11.4 UNIONVILLE Public
Vincent Massey SS 11.3 WINDSOR Public
Elmira District SS 11.2 ELMIRA Public
York Memorial CI 11.1 TORONTO Public
Agincourt CI 11.1 AGINCOURT Public
Sir John A Macdonald CI 10.9 AGINCOURT Public
Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS 10.9 MARKHAM Public
Nepean HS 10.7 OTTAWA Public
Guelph C and VI 10.6 GUELPH Public
All Saints Catholic HS 10.5 KANATA Separate
Earl of March SS 10.5 KANATA Public
Dr Norman Bethune CI 10.4 AGINCOURT Public
Bell HS 10.4 NEPEAN Public
Lawrence Park CI 10.4 TORONTO Public
Don Mills CI 10.3 DON MILLS Public
Northview Heights SS 10.1 NORTH YORK Public
canada  ontario  education 
3 days ago by jarek
Beluga whales adopt lost narwhal in St. Lawrence River | CBC News
An unusual visitor has been hanging out in the St. Lawrence River for the past three years: A narwhal, more than 1,000 kilometres south of its usual range.

But the lone narwhal is not alone — it appears he has been adopted by a band of belugas.
nature  animals  whales  science  video  Canada 
4 days ago by Weaverbird
Cowboy Junkies "Misguided Angel (Live from Massey Hall)" - YouTube
Cowboy Junkies
Published on Jul 17, 2018
Cowboy Junkies performed live at Canada's iconic Massey Hall (Toronto, ON) on May 24, 2018
music  concert  canada  youtube  country_rock 
5 days ago by rgl7194
Asset Location Gets REALLY Complex - Blessed by the Potato
Take-Home Message:
This is all very confusing and my default suggestion is that it’s best to just replicate the same allocation in all your accounts.
canada  investing  portfolio  asset.location  etf 
5 days ago by epsalt
Innovative Superclusters to Foster Economic Growth - Area Development
The Government of Canada is investing C$950 million in five economic superclusters aimed at making the nation a world-leading center for innovation.
area-development-features  Matt  canada  location-canada  manufacturing  superclusters  innovation  tech  high-tech  technology 
5 days ago by areadevelopment
Q4 Inc. - Home
Continuous SRA. Simplified workflow.
financial  software  ml  CANADA 
5 days ago by shalmaneser

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