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Five Highlights From BookNet Canada's 2017 Sales Performance Report
BookNet Canada’s 2017 report on the country’s English-language market shows fiction unit sales dipping by 8 percent—and Rupi Kaur’s work powering a 79-percent increase in poetry sales.
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6 hours ago by sentinelle
Samara's Democracy 360
Samara's Democracy 360, a report card on the state of Canada's democracy. Spoiler Alert: C grade.
democracy  report  guide  state  Canada  analysis  review 
13 hours ago by tcgonline
Ottawa Y shut down to handle spill Thursday
Ottawa firefighters responded at 1:14 p.m. Thursday to the Ottawa YMCA for a report of a woman coughing from a reaction to a chemical.

The building was evacuated for a chemical spill in the filter room under the pool as firefighters arrived.

YMCA Executive Director Joe Capece said the facility was evacuated for an hour and a half as some spilled pool chemicals blended with water on the floor causing fumes to go through the building.

"Unfortunately it's an incident that occasionally can occur," Capece said. "We don't like to see that, but we got everyone out in a timely fashion."

The fire department was called and tested the acidic/alkaline levels in the building with pH paper.

Capece said firefighters created a wind tunnel in the facility to fan the fumes. The building was ventilated and pH levels returned to normal.
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yesterday by dchas
The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs
Takedown of Jordan Peterson, based largely on his 1999 book Maps of Meaning.
culture  politics  philosophy  education  canada 
yesterday by avram
Statistics Canada: The income of Canadians
"The infographic looks at income in Canada, including the percentage of persons in low income, government transfers and the median after-tax income by family type."
crhesi  radar  income  canada 
yesterday by jamesshelley
Steve, a Famous Northern Light, Stays Mysterious (and Keeps His Name) - The New York Times
Steve is a glowing strip in the night sky, not far from the northern lights. It was named after a cartoon. Now scientists have learned more.
vacation  travel  astronomy  aurora  canada  astrophotography 
yesterday by eddy
Brian on Twitter: "He has amassed more sheep than anyone in Catan history."
Ed Markey
‏Verified account @SenMarkey
23h23 hours ago

Between Chinese steel, Canadian lumber and trying to build the longest wall, it seems like @realDonaldTrump thinks he’s playing a game of Settlers of Catan. That might be a strategy to amass Victory Points, but it is no way to run our country.

Replying to @SenMarkey @realDonaldTrump

He has amassed more sheep than anyone in Catan history.
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yesterday by coslinks

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