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Professors Hua, Stein and Student Eric Noble: Summer of Love Shapes Modern Ideas of Sexuality
SF STATE NEWS -- The Summer of Love wasn’t just about love — it was also about sexuality. According to Professor and Chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies Julietta Hua, people were questioning what sexuality could be.

“The Summer of Love shook up conventional notions around how one should express one’s sexuality and in what spaces,” Hua said. During this era, San Francisco became known for sexual freedom and progressive sexual politics. The idea that women were to be wives and later mothers was questioned and people fought for accessible birth control.

Professor of History Marc Stein said that the Summer of Love was partly about expressing one’s desires and feelings sexually. “Some of the constraints on sexual expression that existed before the Summer of Love don’t exist or exist in a weakened form today,” Stein said. “For instance, non-marital sexual expression, BDSM, polyamory and asexual cultures were all empowered because of the Summer of Love and the larger sexual revolution.”

Eric Noble, a 67-year-old SF State graduate student in history, moved to San Francisco in 1968 and has done research on the Summer of Love and the many influences that contributed to the movement, including Lenore Kandel’s “The Love Book.” This collection of four poems about a woman’s experience of sexuality was declared obscene and banned in San Francisco in 1966. “There was a protest here at San Francisco State and a number of professors read from her book in the hopes of getting arrested by the police as a protest against censorship,” Noble said.

Noble himself has good memories about the Summer of Love. “I fell in love, I came out as gay and dropped out of college,” he said.
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The Masters of Fine Art 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- After working vigorously hard on not just creating art pieces, but creating a thesis through their metamorphosing art pieces, for the past three years, SF State’s 2017 Master of Fine Arts candidates opened their final art exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery. The opening reception held a bittersweet beginning of the end for each master, who will miss their colleagues and professors, but are thrilled to begin their new journey in art. Mark Johnson, head curator and art professor, said he enjoys watching the entire art department’s growth, but to him this exhibit is always a special one.

“I’ve seen then develop and grow from their first semester,” Johnson said. “I’m really proud to see it all come together.”
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4 days ago by sfstatelca
Freshman Nick Christman Finishes First Year with 'Chicago' Performance
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- As he swung his hips around, dressed in a dazzling, sparkling outfit, drama major Nick Christman sent the audience spiraling into laughter.

The 19-year-old freshman performed the role of the court clerk in SF State’s production of “Chicago,” holding a Bible aloft as a fellow actor — playing a witness — placed his hand on the book.

Christman said that although his family showed up to support him in high school, “Chicago” was his first chance to show his family his commitment to theater.

Christman plans to continue to audition for shows every semester — or at least for every spring musical.

“Next semester, the School of Theatre and Dance, they’re doing a production of ‘Hair’ and I’m thinking of auditioning for that,” Christman said. Christman said he aims to be a professional actor in the future.

“It’s one thing I know I’m good at and I can do for the rest of my life.”
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Future Campus Life: Predictions from the Graduates of 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- With the new Mashouf Wellness Center nearing completion and proposed construction plans ahead, future graduates reflect on their time at SF State while predicting how campus life may differ for future students.

Student life is anticipated to shift if the new construction projects presented to the CSU Board of Trustees are approved. Specifically, there are plans for a new Creative Arts Building and more student housing.

James Reichert, a graduating BECA major, believes that student life will change with the new amenities.

“SF State is definitely moving towards a residential campus rather than a commuter campus,” Reichert said. “Underclassmen will probably be more involved with campus life as well.”
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Annual Happy Concert Offers Stress Relief Before Finals
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The free concert on May 15 from 1 to 2pm is aimed to create an environment where students can take a moment to breathe and not worry about the rough week of finals ahead.

“We do it because we want the students to relax a little bit and enjoy something,” Neve said. “Just to make everybody take a deep breath and relax a little bit before their finals.”

Maya Keces, one of Morgenstern’s students, has attended the concert in the past and admired the professors’ performance.

“It’s great to see the professors in the music department get to perform and it left me in awe,” Keces said. “The concert is a great way to destress and listen to amazing live music with positive energy filling the room.”
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6 days ago by sfstatelca
Apple’s new campus: an exclusive look inside the mothership • WIRED
Steven Levy:
<p>We drive through an entrance that takes us under the building and into the courtyard before driving back out again. Since it’s a ring, of course, there is no main lobby but rather nine entrances. [Jony] Ive opts to take me in through the café, a massive atrium-like space ascending the entire four stories of the building. Once it’s complete, it will hold as many as 4,000 people at once, split between the vast ground floor and the balcony dining areas. Along its exterior wall, the café has two massive glass doors that can be opened when it’s nice outside, allowing people to dine al fresco.

“This might be a stupid question,” I say. “But why do you need a four-story glass door?”

Ive raises an eyebrow. “Well,” he says. “It depends how you define need, doesn’t it?”

We go upstairs, and I take in the view. From planes descending to SFO, and even from drones that buzz the building from a hundred feet above it, the Ring looks like an ominous icon, an expression of corporate power, and a what-the-fuck oddity among the malls, highways, and more mundane office parks of suburban Silicon Valley. But peering out the windows and onto the vast hilly expanse of the courtyard, all of that peels away. It feels … peaceful, even amid the clatter and rumble of construction. It turns out that when you turn a skyscraper on its side, all of its bullying power dissipates into a humble serenity.</p>

Not just on its side; on its side and curved, ouroboros-style, into itself. The web page's title is, wonderfully, "One More Thing", because of course it was Steve Jobs who drove its creation. It's his last act.

<p>“It’s frustrating to talk about this building in terms of absurd, large numbers,” Ive says. “It makes for an impressive statistic, but you don’t live in an impressive statistic. While it is a technical marvel to make glass at this scale, that’s not the achievement. The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk.” The value, he argues, is not what went into the building. It’s what will come out."</p>

As with pretty much all things Apple, Ive's point will get missed in favour of LOOK AT THE BIG NUMBER.
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7 days ago by charlesarthur
SF State Experts Say 'Summer of Love' Legacy Still Widely Felt
SF STATE NEWS -- SF State Humanities Lecturer Peter Richardson has written extensively on the time period, which many say was unraveling by 1967 under the weight of all the new arrivals. In his book “A Bomb in Every Issue” about the San Francisco-based muckraking magazine Ramparts, Richardson wrote that many musicians and artists had misgivings about the massive migration of youth.

SF State students could be found living in the Haight-Ashbury “youth ghetto” commingling with artists. The area was residential, but homeowners converted large single-family homes into rooming houses for students, Richardson said, because of the proximity to SF State. It was there that youth culture entered new frontiers — authority was tested, music risks taken and drugs were imbibed, all to create behaviors and cultural products that were counter to the mainstream and changed attitudes and tastes for decades to come.

During the years leading up to the Summer of Love there was a growing shift in musical tastes for young people. According to SF State Professor of Music Dean Suzuki, this was the first time young adults began taking rock and roll seriously. Musicians approached music differently, too, creating quality full-length albums as opposed to singles.

The free speech movement, the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement were all present on campus starting in the early 1960s, according to SF State Professor of Political Science Robert Smith. The Summer of Love was another of these movements — the drug use and free love were another way of expressing dissatisfaction with the predominant culture, he said.

SF State’s various protests very quickly became a model for other colleges and universities in California and eventually the rest of the country, Smith said.

The Summer of Love wasn’t just about love — it was also about sexuality. According to Professor and Chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies Julietta Hua, people were questioning what sexuality could be. “The Summer of Love shook up conventional notions around how one should express one’s sexuality and in what spaces,” Hua said.
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The architecture of MIT: 10 impressive buildings on the tech university's campus
The architecture of MIT: 10 impressive buildings on the tech university's campus
The  architecture  of  MIT:  10  impressive  buildings  on  tech  university's  campus 
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Student Shane Murphy Debuts Award-winning Interactive Film on YouTube
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts major Shane Murphy debuted his innovative short film, “Sirens,” on YouTube this week. The story of two brothers trying to survive the “hood” in San Francisco’s Ingleside District uses the TimePlay app to bring interactive qualities to the piece, something often seen in video games but not yet in films, according to Murphy.

Murphy learned of TimePlay through a networking event for students in Los Angeles in October. It was there The Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers advertised $5,000 grants to students who created films with TimePlay.

Murphy submitted a proposal in November and was notified in December that he was one of three finalists awarded the grant. He began filming for the project at the end of January.

The three final films were shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in March, where Murphy took home first place and an additional $5,000 in prize money.
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Documentary Film Institute Screens 'Life After Life'
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State’s Project Rebound program and Documentary Film Institute are set to host a screening and panel for “Life After Life,” a documentary that aims to enforce the importance of education and foster a better understanding of those formerly incarcerated.

The documentary is centered around the stories of three men who return home after being incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison for many years, and the struggles they face in trying to aim for success. According to director Tamara Perkins, the film focuses on the trauma the men and their families endure, as well as their journey to overcome, succeed and be active leaders in their community.

“I started the film because the men asked me to tell their story,” Perkins said. “I’ve been teaching yoga in San Quentin and about a year after I started teaching yoga with a group called TRUST. … They found out that I was also a filmmaker and they asked me to tell their story.”
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11 days ago by sfstatelca
Professors, Students Discuss Tensions on Campus Between Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestinian Supporters
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Tensions are rising between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters on campus, as both groups speak out against the unsettling climate they feel the University administration has created.

In a recent development, the David Horowitz Freedom Center distributed posters on campus on May 4 that criticized Palestinian activists and their supporters, alleging they are linked to terrorism.

Following the incident, Wong sent out a campus-wide email that condemned both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, particularly in cases where they cause students to feel unsafe or compromise the University’s learning environment.

“I appreciate the email and it’s reassuring at a very small level, but I think there are many actions that need to be taken that haven’t been thus far,” said Vanessa Better, Jewish studies major and San Francisco Hillel Social Media and Promotional Intern. “Condemning anti-Semitism and Islamophobia is just common sense.”

“My position is not about the Israel-Palestine debate or about going after any student group on this campus,” said Fred Astren, chair of the Department of Jewish Studies. “It’s about the nature of the public space on our campus. If we can have protests, and we can have free speech, and we can have critical learning in our classrooms, then we will get close to what the University should be.”
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Four Students Named Finalists for Television Foundation Internship
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Four Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts majors from SF State were chosen as finalists for the competitive and nationwide Television Foundation’s Internship Program offered by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The competitive program offers a variety of different categories for students to apply for based on their interests.

According to Miriam Smith, associate professor in the BECA department, students that are selected are given the opportunity to intern in the summer for top companies in the television industry such as ABC Studios, CBS, Nickelodeon and many others.
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