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At SF State, Community Service Was Another Form of Campus Activism
SF STATE NEWS -- Community service became especially important in San Francisco during the Summer of Love because of the influx of tens of thousands of young people into the city, SF State Humanities Lecturer Peter Richardson said. People were getting sick, going hungry or couldn’t find proper housing, he said.

“I think part of it was that the city wasn’t supporting the Summer of Love. They kind of resisted it. A lot of city officials were saying, ‘don’t come.’ And people in the Haight-Ashbury realized that they had to do it themselves,” Richardson said.
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Latest SF State Magazine Features 'Scrappy' Gay Rights Crusader Cleve Jones
SF STATE NEWS -- Social justice and activism are at the heart of what it means to be a Gator, and that’s evident in the cover story of the spring/summer 2017 edition of SF State Magazine.

Cleve Jones, who attended San Francisco State University from 1977 to 1984, is profiled in the cover story. Jones’ four decades of activism are explored, from his internship at San Francisco City Hall in the office of Supervisor Harvey Milk to his help creating the AIDS Memorial Quilt in the 1980s to his present-day work as a union organizer fighting for the rights of hotel workers.
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Faculty members Richardson, Green: Journalism Took on New Slant in Mid-1960s
SF STATE NEWS -- SF State Humanities Lecturer Peter Richardson’s book, “A Bomb in Every Issue,” chronicles Ramparts magazine, which began as a Catholic quarterly in 1962. By 1967 the publication was breaking major stories on Vietnam, the CIA and the Black Panthers. It took leftist politics and merged it with celebrity culture. It ran stories the mainstream media wouldn’t touch and then publicized it a way that the mainstream media couldn’t ignore, Richardson said. The magazine eventually folded in 1975, but former employees went on to found Rolling Stone and Mother Jones magazines — which still carry that muckraking and independent spirit.

Professor of English Language and Literature Geoffrey Green said “new journalism” is often associated with the Summer of Love even though it began much earlier with non-Summer of Love subject matter. “The new journalism was a sense that you could cover a story but do so with an artistic individuality that transformed it into a literary statement,” he said.

All nonfiction inherently has that subjectivity, Green said. “Every biography, if it’s any good, the biographer has formed a kind of shape or contour that gives it life,” he said. Without a particular perspective it would be seen as a shapeless chronology and if it’s only slant then it becomes a polemic, he added.
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Activism at SF State Percolated Throughout 1960s
SF STATE NEWS -- The free speech, the civil rights and the anti-war movements were all present on campus starting in the early 1960s, according to SF State Political Science Professor Robert Smith. The Summer of Love was just one of these movements — the drug use and free love were another way of expressing dissatisfaction with the predominant culture, he said.

“There was a lot of cross-fertilization. People were going back and forth from one movement to another,” he said. “There was a confluence of different protest movements and they eventually moved into one mass protest against the Vietnam War.”

SF State’s various protests very quickly became a model for other colleges and universities in California and eventually the rest of the country, Smith said. That was particularly true of the five-month student strike for ethnic studies and greater representation of minorities on campus in 1968 to 1969.

“I remember coming up here when I was a student at Cal State Los Angeles to see how to organize,” he said. “It had kind of a ripple effect. San Francisco State students went to Brandeis to help them organize there for Black Studies.”
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Professor Suzuki Discusses Rock 'n' Roll's Evolution in mid-1960s
SF STATE NEWS -- Up until the “British Invasion” in 1964, rock music was for kids, according to Dean Suzuki, associate professor in the School of Music. Once people entered young adulthood, they no longer listened to rock. In the early ’60s, people might listen to folk music or ever more mature artists such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. When Baby Boomers came of age during the 1960s, it was presumed they would grow out of their rock phase, but that never happened, he added.

At the same time, music began to mature. For example, early Beatles songs like, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” featured innocent lyrics. But by 1965, when the “Rubber Soul” album was released, songs began to appear with more adult lyrics. When the Beatles sang, “We talked until 2 and then she said it’s time for bed” in “Norwegian Wood,” they weren’t just referring to going to sleep, Suzuki said.
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SF State Celebrates New Grads at 116th Commencement
SF STATE NEWS -- An SF State alumna, Nobari addressed more than 35,000 graduates and guests attending the ceremony at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Nobari emigrated from Iran to the United States in 1978 at the age of 15. She earned a degree in Computer Science from SF State and later began working on computerized inventory management for up-and-coming clothier bebe stores, Inc. She remained with the company for more than two decades as director and vice chair, helping to build it into a retail powerhouse. In 2006, she established the Neda Nobari Foundation, which supports organizations and initiatives associated with the arts, film and education in service of social justice and cultural awareness. Her $5 million gift last year allowed the University to establish the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, the first academic center of its kind in the United States.

"Power does not — and I will repeat this again — power does not have the right to lie and deny our democracy, and I have the greatest faith that this uncomfortable time in the history of this country will serve to define and sharpen our decency and compassion, and our love for America,” Nobari said. “That is why you, the graduates of 2017, are so very valuable, so very important, right now, to show the world what we stand for, what we are made of and the democratic ideals that we hold true. You are the future and upon your great achievements a higher, more just and enlightened world will evolve.”
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Student Lamar Pi Takes Second Place in CSU Student Research Competition
SF STATE NEWS -- Design student Lamar Pi earned second prize in the Creative Arts and Design category for MODU, a modular tray system created for older adults with mobility issues.

MODU, which takes design inspiration from the Japanese bento box, focuses on three living environments, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom, and can be adapted to walkers and wheelchairs, Pi said. The trays can be customized for each person and can assist with meal prep or personal hygiene. “Creating designs and solving problems that can make it easier for elderly people to stay in their homes rather than going into assisted living is something I’m interested in,” he said.

Design and Industry Professor Ricardo Gomes served as an adviser to Pi’s independent study project.

“It’s really meant to be a way of facilitating transferring of tasks or duties that support mobility and stability, because we want to make sure people don’t fall when they have to carry or move things whether it’s from the stove to the sink or the stove to the dining table,” Gomes said. “All of this helps to support independent living at home.”
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Professors Hua, Stein and Student Eric Noble: Summer of Love Shapes Modern Ideas of Sexuality
SF STATE NEWS -- The Summer of Love wasn’t just about love — it was also about sexuality. According to Professor and Chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies Julietta Hua, people were questioning what sexuality could be.

“The Summer of Love shook up conventional notions around how one should express one’s sexuality and in what spaces,” Hua said. During this era, San Francisco became known for sexual freedom and progressive sexual politics. The idea that women were to be wives and later mothers was questioned and people fought for accessible birth control.

Professor of History Marc Stein said that the Summer of Love was partly about expressing one’s desires and feelings sexually. “Some of the constraints on sexual expression that existed before the Summer of Love don’t exist or exist in a weakened form today,” Stein said. “For instance, non-marital sexual expression, BDSM, polyamory and asexual cultures were all empowered because of the Summer of Love and the larger sexual revolution.”

Eric Noble, a 67-year-old SF State graduate student in history, moved to San Francisco in 1968 and has done research on the Summer of Love and the many influences that contributed to the movement, including Lenore Kandel’s “The Love Book.” This collection of four poems about a woman’s experience of sexuality was declared obscene and banned in San Francisco in 1966. “There was a protest here at San Francisco State and a number of professors read from her book in the hopes of getting arrested by the police as a protest against censorship,” Noble said.

Noble himself has good memories about the Summer of Love. “I fell in love, I came out as gay and dropped out of college,” he said.
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The Masters of Fine Art 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- After working vigorously hard on not just creating art pieces, but creating a thesis through their metamorphosing art pieces, for the past three years, SF State’s 2017 Master of Fine Arts candidates opened their final art exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery. The opening reception held a bittersweet beginning of the end for each master, who will miss their colleagues and professors, but are thrilled to begin their new journey in art. Mark Johnson, head curator and art professor, said he enjoys watching the entire art department’s growth, but to him this exhibit is always a special one.

“I’ve seen then develop and grow from their first semester,” Johnson said. “I’m really proud to see it all come together.”
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Freshman Nick Christman Finishes First Year with 'Chicago' Performance
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- As he swung his hips around, dressed in a dazzling, sparkling outfit, drama major Nick Christman sent the audience spiraling into laughter.

The 19-year-old freshman performed the role of the court clerk in SF State’s production of “Chicago,” holding a Bible aloft as a fellow actor — playing a witness — placed his hand on the book.

Christman said that although his family showed up to support him in high school, “Chicago” was his first chance to show his family his commitment to theater.

Christman plans to continue to audition for shows every semester — or at least for every spring musical.

“Next semester, the School of Theatre and Dance, they’re doing a production of ‘Hair’ and I’m thinking of auditioning for that,” Christman said. Christman said he aims to be a professional actor in the future.

“It’s one thing I know I’m good at and I can do for the rest of my life.”
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Future Campus Life: Predictions from the Graduates of 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- With the new Mashouf Wellness Center nearing completion and proposed construction plans ahead, future graduates reflect on their time at SF State while predicting how campus life may differ for future students.

Student life is anticipated to shift if the new construction projects presented to the CSU Board of Trustees are approved. Specifically, there are plans for a new Creative Arts Building and more student housing.

James Reichert, a graduating BECA major, believes that student life will change with the new amenities.

“SF State is definitely moving towards a residential campus rather than a commuter campus,” Reichert said. “Underclassmen will probably be more involved with campus life as well.”
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