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Hunger And Homelessness Are Widespread Among College Students, Study Finds : The Two-Way : NPR
Overall the study concluded 36 percent of college students say they are food insecure. Another 36 percent say they are housing insecure, while 9 percent report being homeless. The results are largely the same as last year's survey, which included fewer students.
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Prof Funabiki Talks Diversity in the News on 50th Anniversary of Report Denouncing Inequalities
SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY, JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT -- San Francisco State University Professor Jon Funabiki is deeply familiar with this bias, having seen it and made a study of it throughout his career. He participated in an event in Detroit, Michigan, on March 5 that commemorated the Kerner report’s 50th anniversary. The Ford Foundation held the panel discussion titled, Represent! Forging A New Future for Journalism and Media Diversity.

“The Kerner Commission report, which really criticized journalism — I mean, was pretty ferocious criticism — did have quite an impact on journalism and journalism education,” Funabiki said in an interview.
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SF State Students Participate in Nationwide Walkout against Gun Violence
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Some participated in the walkout because they’ve personally been affected by gun violence and attended the march to demand critical change.

“I lost a cousin to gun violence last week,” said Alfredo Lopez, a film major. “So far I have lost two cousins to gun violence. One was a couple of years ago, she was a mother of two.”

Lopez hopes that historic marches such as these can invoke influential changes in gun control policies.

A running theme that united all attendees during the walkout is the importance of educating the public.

“I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there of gun control and what people are asking for has nothing to do with getting rid of the Second Amendment,” said Soumyaa Behrens, a lecturer for the School of Cinema at SF State. “It has to do with reasonable, logical, applications of the laws that make people safe and assault weapons are not safe.”
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5 weeks ago by sfstatelca
Campus — MultiAdaptor
I love this. Sort of the same idea that I had for some concepts for the Depot.
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5 weeks ago by djtrischler
The Fringe:Short Stories Written, Directed by Students
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The theatre department showcased a total of five short plays in “The Fringe”: “Eye of the Storm,” “The Exhibit,” “How We Remember,” “Motive” and “Suddenly Sober.”

For most of the students that were a part of the production, it was their first time showcasing their work to an audience.

Derek Stern, a theatre arts major, said showcasing of his play, “Eye of the Storm,” was something he worked on religiously and put every ounce of his emotions into the writing process. “I feel relieved that it premiered and that people enjoyed it,” said Stern.
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5 weeks ago by sfstatelca
'Sucia': a Latina Cinderella Story in School of Theatre and Dance
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- This semester, the Fringe Festival is featuring “Sucia,” a play by Nicole Jost, an SF State playwright graduate student.

Jost fondly reflected on one of Roy Conboy’s, head of the playwriting program at SF State, writing workshops. She realized that everyone present was a person of color, something she feels is a rare and special thing made possible by Conboy’s efforts.

“Roy (Conboy) is the reason I applied to State,” Jost said. “I’ve seen how Roy makes space for students of color in playwriting and in theater at State, and it’s such a valuable service he provides for the whole community.”
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6 weeks ago by sfstatelca
Diversity in Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble Brings Students Closer to Home
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- For many students, this Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble brings them closer to culture, different genres of music, friendships and overall a better college experience at SF State. The ensemble started in 1999 and has been delivering excellence throughout the years. The group has been lucky enough to work with such acts as Orquesta Aragon, Israel “Cachao” and Benny Velarde, all powerhouse names within the genre.

For Lizbet Cruz, a music education major, the group gives her a sense of her home life with her parents.

“It’s hard being away from home, especially not seeing my parents for a very long time so joining the Afro-Cuban Jazz ensemble makes me feel closer to my family in Southern California and Mexico.”
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7 weeks ago by sfstatelca
DesignSpace Exhibit Explores LGBTQ Community
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State student Joseph Kleid helped put the exhibition together and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

“I’ve been walking around and it’s really moving seeing all the stories that have affected lives, the idea is very interesting,” said Kleid. “The [more] I look at the pictures, I like them [because] it’s so interesting seeing people’s own individual art style reflect on other people’s personalities.”

Some people draw themselves, either because they had no queer role models growing up or they were the first queer person they ever knew, according to Wright.
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8 weeks ago by sfstatelca
When the Stars Begin to Fall: Chamber Singers Perform in Celebration of Black History Month
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Works by prominent composers such as Harry Burleigh and William Dawson were featured during the show.

“They represent a lot; fight for justice, struggle against bondage, awareness of cultural history and they have those mini layers of what they acted as,” said director and School of Music Lecturer Nikolas Nackley. “They were a form of communication, were a form of protest songs they were rallying songs. They were songs of community.”

Chamber singer Robert Bradley explained how these spirituals kept the hopes of the many who were enslaved alive, as these songs served to ease their hardships and their pain.

“Spirituals in a lot of cases always spoke of the troubles and [going to see the Lord] and to be this bright happy place,” Bradley said. “There was always hope and light, and that’s really reflected in kind of the brightness of the music.”
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8 weeks ago by sfstatelca
School of Design Postpones Capstone Course until Summer
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The capstone course, Graphic Design 505, is a class the department highly recommends students take in their last semester. Mari Hulick, who was appointed director of design of the department just last August, said that this is an especially trying semester for a number of reasons. For one, the department doesn’t have enough funding, and secondly, it’s understaffed.
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