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Lecturer and Alumna Direct Documentary on the Challenges of Older Lesbians
SF STATE NEWS -- Aging can be rough for anyone. But when you’re part of a marginalized, often underrepresented community — LGBTQ seniors, for instance — it can be extra tough. San Francisco State University Lecturer of Health Education Deborah Craig and former San Francisco State student Véronica Duport Déliz shed light on those barriers through a short film that has a humorous yet poignant take on aging.

Co-directed by Craig and Déliz, the documentary “A Great Ride” looks at older lesbians who live in several different communities in Northern California. The film features SF State Professor Emerita Sally Gearhart, an LGBTQ activist who was the first open lesbian to obtain a tenure-track faculty position in the U.S. — a distinction she achieved while teaching at SF State.
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Buildings on the Open University Campus - Living Archive
Buildings on the Open University Campus

Colour slide of a three-storey building at the Open University possibly taken in the 1970s. On the left is St Michaels church. The three storey building in this photograph has been subsequently demolished but was located at lat:52.023986 lon:-0.71183413.

Date of coverage1970s
Reference number TWC/11/003
Storage location TWCS166
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I was employed by terrapins, Intercity electrical and we help build the Geoffrey Crowther building in 1979/80. The wilson building was built in 1980.

By Jonathan Owens (15/03/2018)
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22 days ago by ndf
5 Essential Tips for Improving Campus Security
Letting your guard down is never an option. Here are some of the most valuable takeaways you can learn when it comes time to improve your campus security measures.
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Faculty Member Calls Police on Student of Color
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “An SF State professor called University police (UPD) on a Black student after a minor classroom disruption April 11. Since then he has struggled to complete his coursework and contacting administration for recourse has been a challenge.”
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Editorial: Ethics Violations Betray Journalism Department's Integrity
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “In the 2018 – 19 academic year alone, Xpress editors discovered nine cases of plagiarism and five cases of fabrication from student-reporters.”
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Faculty Member Faints in Hot Classroom
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Last fall, [Creative Writing Lecturer] Donna de la Perrière fainted in a fifth-floor classroom in the Humanities Building due to extreme temperatures and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance.”
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Graduation Speakers Share Preparation
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “One thing she will take away from her college experience is the collaborative work she was able to do with her professors for her research projects.

“‘I have been able to work alongside professors without feeling that hierarchy correlation,” Lozano said. ‘I’ve been able to work with them in a horizontal way, there’s always been an emphasis on expressing my thoughts and my interests and my passions.’ She urges students to seek mentors, and build relationships with professors.” ...

“Alexis Adsit received a degree in Women and Gender Studies from SF State and is active with the LGBTQ community. She served as president of eGAY the LGBTQ housing group and founding Queer Yo Mind Conference that occurs every year at SF State. ...

“‘As a trans[gender]-Latina, I’m not sure how many other transgender people of color have been invited to give commencement speeches. I’m also just so humbled and honored to be able to share my wisdom and experiences with the graduating class of 2019,’ Adsit said.”
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Veteran Thomas Rowland, International Relations Major, Approaches Graduation
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Rowland, who was was born in Kapolei, Hawaii, moved to San Francisco in 2015. He originally attended City College but transferred to SF State once realizing that he could get a degree specifically in International Relations, which is not offered at every university.

“‘The goal for me is to either work for a government agency, like the Department of State or a research group,’ Rowland said.

“Burcu Ellis, an International Relations professor was influential to Rowland’s academic career.

“‘It is rare to find a student with Thomas’ focus, ability to persevere and intellectual breadth,” Ellis said. “He has the ability to understand the complexity of the human condition and offer solutions that fit the nature of each situation.’”
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Alum Zack Onisko Speaks at SF State Entrepreneurship Symposium
SF STATE NEWS -- The day-long symposium gave students a chance to rub elbows with entrepreneurs and investors. The students also heard speeches from business and nonprofit leaders such as Kate Sofis, chief executive officer and co-founder of SFMade, a nonprofit dedicated to developing the manufacturing sector, and Zack Onisko, CEO of, an online social and professional network for designers.

“San Francisco is full of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world,” said Onisko, who graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts in 2003. “The more you can put those people in front of your students, the more real-world value they will take away from their experience at SF State.”
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