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When the Stars Begin to Fall: Chamber Singers Perform in Celebration of Black History Month
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Works by prominent composers such as Harry Burleigh and William Dawson were featured during the show.

“They represent a lot; fight for justice, struggle against bondage, awareness of cultural history and they have those mini layers of what they acted as,” said director and School of Music Lecturer Nikolas Nackley. “They were a form of communication, were a form of protest songs they were rallying songs. They were songs of community.”

Chamber singer Robert Bradley explained how these spirituals kept the hopes of the many who were enslaved alive, as these songs served to ease their hardships and their pain.

“Spirituals in a lot of cases always spoke of the troubles and [going to see the Lord] and to be this bright happy place,” Bradley said. “There was always hope and light, and that’s really reflected in kind of the brightness of the music.”
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School of Design Postpones Capstone Course until Summer
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The capstone course, Graphic Design 505, is a class the department highly recommends students take in their last semester. Mari Hulick, who was appointed director of design of the department just last August, said that this is an especially trying semester for a number of reasons. For one, the department doesn’t have enough funding, and secondly, it’s understaffed.
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Music Courses Canceled
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- A total of 13 sections of music courses at SF State have been cancelled by the music department due to low enrollment, and students were notified four days after the first day of school.

“Today is the deadline for meeting that minimum. [Courses] have not reached the minimum threshold for offering and so, regrettably, we are cancelling them,” said Cyrus Ginwala, director of the music department.
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Students Honor Late Professor Mohammad Kowsar
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Roehrman knew Kowsar well during his tenure as a professor at SF State. He described Kowsar as “one of our most beloved faculty members.” Despite English not being his first language, Roehrman always remarked at Kowsar’s eloquence. As friends, Kowsar and Roehrman both enjoyed plays featuring swords and swashbuckling, or set in 17th-century France.

“He loved plays with fake blood,” Roehrman said. He explained that Kowsar believed theatre could and should hold a mirror up to society, and that theatre could change the world. “He lived what he taught,” Roehrman said.
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Students Honor Late Theatre Arts Professor Mohammad Kowsar
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Kowsar left an enormous impact on SF State’s campus through out his career. Students have lined the halls of the Creative Arts Building with thoughts and memories of their professor and advisor.

“The passion that Mohammad brought to everything in his life was infectious, and the inspiration he provided to countless theatre artists was truly amazing,” Jacob Petrie said on one of many sheets of paper that are pinned on the walls of the Creative Arts Building.

Kowsar graduated from SF State with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts in 1966 before moving on to get his master’s in acting from the University of Hawaii in 1969 and his doctorate from Cornell in 1973. He returned to SF State in 1988 and began his career as a professor.
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Lecturer Kathy Emery Discusses Women's March
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Marches and rallies, such as the Women’s March, can be effective in achieving their goals if organized properly, according to Kathy Emery a Political Science lecturer at SF State.

“There are two effective goals of a march regardless of political climate or historical moment: [one] to let out steam, to vent, so the movement remains nonviolent … and [two] to attract people to an issue, then get their contact information for future organizing,” said Emery.

A successful march, according to Emery, recruits new members to an organization and then has them complete tasks such as community organizing during elections.
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RT : Apple planning on building another new campus $aapl
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Grad Student Tasuku Odaka: The Journey of Composing
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Star Wars inspired him. After he watched “Star Wars Episode IV,” he started making short films by himself. Then began composing the music for those films.

Now, he enjoys composing orchestra songs, making films, flying a drone, photographing amd drawing pictures.

A SF State graduating Cinema student, Tasuku Odaka, held his last concert at De Anza College on Thursday, December 7, 2017.
He has been a member of De Anza Orchestra since he was a student there and composed six songs.
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Eye-popping 'Lysistrata' Twerks in School of Theatre and Dance
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Based on an ancient story based around a myth, this musical told the story with a modern twist on a rendition written for the modern audience.

The musical was able to use it voice to make statements, but the most prominent being about the gender roles in this ancient time.

Nick Christman who played Kleonike a female character in the play was happy to take part in the production.

“A women can do anything a man can do. Actually its deeper than that” he said. “The show is trying to show that anyone no matter what you identity as, you can make change happen.”

Christman was just one of the many character to play a role of another sex, an intentional commentary on the universal tale.
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Alum Ashleigh Castro is Freelance Photographer for Dope Magazine
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- After the vibrant female energy she felt during a No Doubt concert in 1997, SF State alumna Ashleigh Castro realized she wanted to become a photographer. Castro is now freelancing for Dope magazine a publication that focuses mainly on cannabis and hopes to get more women in the cover.

“My main goal here is to bring women into the pages spread, also people of color,” said Castro.

She graduated from SF State in 2012 and got her degree in fine art photography with a minor in journalism. She moved from Sacramento to San Francisco because she loved the city and wanted to be somewhere where she felt was inspiring.

Castro said she had many motivating professors at SF State, like Journalism Professor Raul Ramirez or Professor of Art Lewis deSoto.
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Thankful there's no place like Tacoma | The News Tribune
By Tom Llewellyn, reader columnist, content marketing director at Russell Investments
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