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, for one reason only, released the genie thinking he could see off UKIP that even back then got 25% vote a…
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24 days ago by robajackson
Probation service: Offender supervision to be renationalised - BBC News
The supervision of all offenders on probation in England and Wales is being put back in the public sector after a series of failings with the part-privatisation of the system.

It reverses changes made in 2014 by then Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. The National Audit Office said problems with the part-privatisation had cost taxpayers nearly £500m.
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4 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Jo Maugham QC on Twitter: "We need to talk about Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and People’s Vote. THREAD."
"Even arch centrist and remainiac Jolyon 'literally lives in a windmill' Maugham hates people's vote"
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12 weeks ago by hthief
Binary Sounds Like Morse Code
Time occurs all at once, and Cameron knows the humans don't understand that.
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march 2019 by Beatrice_Otter

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