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A Tedious Explanation of the f/stop
“part of the reason this whole sequence of identical exposure combinations is absolutely second-nature to me yet so confusing to newer photographers is that I started out life metering everything with a handheld light meter […] they displayed the readings on a dial that showed every possible combination of shutter speed and f/stop for that particular light level and film speed.”
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8 days ago by shusta
Sony A6500 vs. A7II comparison - Which one is the smarter choice?
My impression after five months of usage is that the A6500 is an extremely capable and satisfying camera. It feels much more modern and responsive than the Sony A7II. It is a pleasure to use it and I greatly prefer it to my Sony A7II whenever the subject starts to move. The image quality is great for an APS-C camera and I like the landscape and portrait shots that I have taken with it so far.
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17 days ago by foliovision

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