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Hands up - On reflection I was wrong about Blackmagic - Plus the camera press needs to grow a pair of balls PART 2 - EOSHD
The elaborate Hawaiian EOSD R launch, with a free camera to take home, has the desired impact (no matter how many times reviewers deny it), otherwise companies wouldn’t spend the doe. It’s what turns Caleb Pike, to name just one example, into a “Not perfect, but WOW what a great camera” kind of guy, rather than the objective person he should be, the kind of guy who says “1.8x crop is shit and inexcusable”, like me.
marketing  cameras  canon 
7 minutes ago by foliovision
Daring Fireball: The iPhones XS
The wide angle lens on the iPhone XS has an 35 mm equivalent focal length of 26 mm, in previous iPhones it was always [?] 28 mm.

"When I first started comparing side-by-side shots from the iPhone XS and iPhone X using the wide-angle lens, I noticed that the shots from the iPhone XS had a slightly larger field of view. They were a little bit wider. Look at the photos of the clown photo booth above and you can see it clearly. I didn’t move at all between those shots — both phones were roughly the same distance from the subjects, but the iPhone XS captured more of the scene. Apple confirmed to me that this is true — the iPhone XS wide-angle lens has an equivalent focal length of 26 mm. Not a lot wider, but enough to be noticeable. But when you look at the actual focal length of the lens in Photos (or any other app that can display the EXIF data of the image files), it is 4.25 mm."
iphone  cameras 
21 hours ago by metaproof
John Gruber on Twitter: "Nope. Stick with Halide.… "
Gruber on 22/09/18 in response to the question:
"My go-to has been Halide. Anything else you recommend?"
ios_apps  cameras 
2 days ago by metaproof
Limitations of the electronic shutter function -
I was astounded it takes 1/12s to read out the whole A7rII sensor when silent shutter is activated (1/30s for A7s), this sounded pretty long to me and it is, and a long read out time may lead to several problems.
cameras  sony-a7 
4 days ago by foliovision
Using a modern web to recreate 1980s horribly slow & loud loading screens, by Remy Sharp
Why invest time in building fast website, when we can have fun building slow old retro machines using JavaScript. The end result is a mix of Web Audio, canvas API, cameras, audio jacks, binary, typed arrays, blobs, history of computing and a lot of questionable JavaScript.
fridayfrontend  video  css  retro  javascript  audio  canvas  cameras  history 
9 days ago by spaceninja
Fastest Memory Cards For The Fujifilm X-T2 - Alik Griffin
Fujifilm has done an amazing job at pumping some of the best technology into this small camera and the sd memory card speeds are just an example of why this is one of the best APS-C cameras out there. It’s also a great option for the pro looking for backup and redundancy options when shooting high-profile jobs.
fujifilm  cameras 
10 days ago by foliovision
Rolling Shutter Guide - EOSHD - EOSHD Forum
Here they are in alphabetical order  4K(+) Bolded. I also Added a few from C5D numbers, and cleaned up the list.

A9 FF 4K should be about ~25ms :

There are reports that the S35 has faster readout with not much hit on the quality.

Such a shame not to implement the ~7ms of stills during video mode.
cameras  video  rollingshutter 
10 days ago by foliovision
Fuji X-Pro 2 vs. Sony A7 II: Noise Comparison - Admiring Light
2. When both cameras are set to ISO200, the Fujis have the full usable well capacity and thus dynamic range available, whereas the Sony applies two-fold amplification and thus has half of its dynamic range available. Something to keep in mind when comparing cameras based on the same sensor that have different base ISOs (e.g., D7000 and X-Pro1), but it’s a bit trickier with sensors based on different technologies.
cameras  fujifilm 
11 days ago by foliovision

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