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Gandolfi cameras - "Large Format cameras manufacturer and restorers"/> <!--{cke_protected}%3Cmeta%20http-equiv%3D%22Content-Type%22%20content%3D%22text%2Fhtml%3B%20charset%3Diso-8859-1%22%3E-->
On 13 October 2017, Edward Hill resigned from Gandolfi cameras and closed the business.

We shall not be building any more cameras, but whilst stocks last, we can supply:

Finished undrilled lens boards

Thumb nuts & thumb screws.


We shall still undertake certain repairs.


We currently have one Gandolfi camera for Sale:
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yesterday by bwiese
Artem vs. Predator
I’m not sure what it was. Might have been the Predator movies, might have been something else. Heat vision. The ability to see heat was something I wanted for a while.
electronics  diy  cool  camera  photography 
2 days ago by garrettc
Camera2 and You: Leveraging Android Lollipop’s New Camera
Enter Lollipop; this past year saw the release of Android 5.0, and with it the brand new Camera2 framework. These new components are Google’s attempt to give developers much more granular control over your phone’s camera functionality. DSLR-like levels of customization, such as native control over exposure and raw sensor capture are finally possible. And while this new approach requires a little more thought and legwork, the level of control you get in return is well worth the effort.
android  programming  camera 
4 days ago by mattmoss
Photography Tutorial - Aperture and F Stops Explained - YouTube
Video showing the effect on the background of an object at each stop when changing the F stop from largest (f1.4) to smallest (f16).
camera  aperture  photography  tutorial  f-stop 
4 days ago by timstahmer
Fujifilm EF-20 Flash 600011701 B&H Photo Video
I sometimes use my big canon flash with my little Fuji camera and it works, but having something a more appropriate size might be good.
wishlist  camera 
4 days ago by blackp
Yongnuo RF-603C II Wireless Flash Trigger Kit RF-603II C3 B&H
I had similar ones a while ago, but they weren’t very reliable. These seem well regarded
wishlist  camera 
4 days ago by blackp

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