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Cambridge University rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation | Education | The Guardian
In an interview in April 2018, he doubted the science behind climate change:
“Most of the global warming posturing is a masquerade for anti-capitalists to have a go at the Western patriarchy. That’s partly why the climate change thing for me is a contentious issue, because you can’t trust the players. You can’t trust the data because there is too much ideology involved.”
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Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale • University of Cambridge
<p>Graphene’s remarkable properties – stronger than steel, more conductive than copper, highly flexible and transparent – make it ideal for a range of applications. However, its widespread commercial application in electronic devices has been held back by the difficulties associated with producing it at high quality and at high volume. The conventional way of making large-area graphene involves using copper as a catalyst which contaminates the graphene, making it unsuitable for electronic applications.

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys from the Centre for Gallium Nitride in Cambridge’s Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, along with his former postdoctoral researchers Dr Simon Thomas and Dr Ivor Guiney, developed a new way to make large-area graphene in 2015.

Using their method, the researchers were able form high-quality graphene wafers up to eight inches in diameter, beating not only other university research groups worldwide, but also companies like IBM, Intel and Samsung.

The three researchers spun out Paragraf in early 2018. Thomas is currently the company’s CEO and Guiney is its Chief Technology Officer, while Humphreys, who has recently moved to Queen Mary University of London, serves as Chair.

Paragraf has received £2.9m in funding to support the development of its first commercial products and moved into premises in February 2018.</p>

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Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford Future Planning Options Project
Feb 2018 - report for the National Infrastructure Commission by
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Sajid Javid exclusive interview: Garden towns and expressway to sprout up in Oxbridge corridor | News | The Sunday Times
Up to five new garden towns are to be approved for the corridor between Oxford and Cambridge under government plans to launch a 'housing revolution' this week.
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