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From Italo Calvino's article "Why Read The Classics?"
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11 weeks ago by toddswrittenword
A Programmers Take on “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”
The reason why I’m writing about [Six Memos for the Next Millennium] is that while I think that they are great memos about writing, the more I think about them, the more they apply to programming. Which is a weird coincidence, because they were supposed to be memos for writers in the next millennium, and programming is kind of a new form of writing that’s becoming more important in this millennium. Being a game developer, I also can’t help but apply these to game design. So I will occasionally talk about games in here, but I’ll try to keep it mostly about programming.
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march 2019 by zzkt
55 [In]visible Cities Project — KARINA PUENTE
Drawings of the cities described in Calvino's _Invisible Cities_.
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january 2018 by schahn
Kicking-off the new 3yrs & project at about the narrative opera of driven by F…
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september 2017 by jwtulp
Italo Calvino e Roma
«Da Torino, città seria ma triste, m’accadeva di scivolare spesso e facilmente verso Roma. (Del resto, gli unici italiani che ho sentito parlare di Roma in termini non negativi sono i torinesi). E così forse Roma sarà la città italiana in cui avrò vissuto più a lungo, senza domandarmene il perché».
Italo  Calvino  Roma  Italy  Italian 
july 2017 by dbourn
Los "mejores" inicios de novelas
Los inicios de novela son una promesa.
Rulfo  Calvino  Camus 
march 2017 by Raus
Los libros que no se terminan de leer
Los libros que uno no termina de leer... con la pena
Marías  Calvino  Rayuela 
march 2017 by Raus

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