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Is Email Making Professors Stupid?
Deep Work author Cal Newport, in the Chronicle of Higher Ed: "In 2014, the Boise State anthropologist John Ziker released the results of a faculty time-use study, which found that the average professor spent a little over 60 hours a week working, with 30 percent of that time dedicated to email and meetings. Anecdotal reports hint that this allocation has only gotten worse over the past five years."
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5 weeks ago by warnick
How To Stop Wasting Time On The Internet - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
The Amish, it turns out, do something that’s both shockingly radical and simple in our age of impulsive and complicated consumerism: they start with the things they value most, then work backward to ask whether a given new technology performs more harm than good with repect to these values.
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november 2018 by omnipotus
On Passion and Its Discontents - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
The Stanford press release announcing the article is titled, “Instead of ‘finding your passion,’ try developing it.” As the release elaborates:
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june 2018 by zheard
Arnold Bennett’s Fight Against Steampunk Social Media - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
“You don’t eat immediately on your arrival home. But in about an hour or so you feel as if you could sit up and take a little nourishment. And you do. Then you smoke, seriously; you see friends; you potter; you play cards; you flirt with a book; you note that old age is creeping on; you take a stroll; you caress the piano…. By Jove! a quarter past eleven. You then devote quite forty minutes to thinking about going to bed; and it is conceivable that you are acquainted with a genuinely good whisky. At last you go to bed, exhausted by the day’s work. Six hours, probably more, have gone since you left the office…”
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december 2017 by suddenlyjen
College Review by J-Cat: Reviewed: How to Win at College
In my off-time this summer, I've put a lot of thought into what I want out of college. There are a lot of typically expected things, sure: to find my academic passion, to make friends for life, to be exposed to a diverse population and, of course, to become smarter. via Pocket
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