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Hotel Arcata |
MORE Links: We are the only hotel in Arcata with a downtown location. There is excellent shopping and dining in the immediate area. Enjoy having the city at your doorstep when you stay with us!
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Gold,Greed & Genocide: The Story Of California's 1849 Gold Rush
Over 150,000 Native Americans lived sustainably in California prior to the gold rush. They had existed for many centuries, supporting themselves mostly by hunting, gathering and fishing. This life changed drastically in 1848 when James Marshall discovered the yellow metal in the American River at Coloma, in Northern California.

By 1870, there was an estimated native population of only 31,000 Californian Indians left. Over 60 percent of these indigenous people died from disease introduced by hundreds of thousands of so-called 49ers. However, local tribes were also systematically chased off their lands, marched to missions and reservations, enslaved and brutally massacred.

In 1851, the California State government paid $1 million for scalping missions. You could still get $5 for a severed Indian head in Shasta in 1855, and twenty five cents for a scalp in Honey Lake in 1863.

Over 4,000 Native American children were sold - prices ranged from $60 for a boy to $200 for a girl.
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The Tide is Turning: Rising Sea Level Projections Compel San Clemente to Study Possible Effects | San Clemente Times
The coastline is San Clemente’s greatest asset. Tourists spend money in town to be near it, nonprofit organizations spend millions of dollars trying to keep it clean and protect it, and the heritage of surfing is vital to the city’s and surrounding areas’ economies.
Fall  2017  November  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  OrangeCounty  vacation  SouthOrangeCounty  SanClemente  SanClementeTimes 
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'Superyachts' visiting Newport Beach might face higher fees - LA Times
The current fee for a typical annual permit is $35.43 per foot. For a vessel like the 216-foot superyacht Invictus, which stayed in Newport Harbor off and on for about two controversial months in 2013, that would mean a mooring fee of about $21 a day, according to Harbor Commissioner Dave Girling. Commissioners have said that could be considered nominal compared with other public harbors and commercial marinas.
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