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Highway 1 Landslide in Big Sur a Massive Repair and Construction Challenge | Local News -
9/24/17 - ... The highway has been reopened to one-way traffic at Paul’s Slide, 21 miles north of the Monterey County line, but the road at the Mud Creek Slide (where the highway was buried by an avalanche of dirt and rock) is expected to remain closed until late next summer.

That might seem like a long time, but Madonna said it would have taken even longer if contractors were still using the method they used on the Big Sur slide of 1983.
California  Floods 
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The New York Times: Youth in San Diego: Skateboards, Beach Hangs and Chicano Culture
“The city breathes skateboarding,” said Bruna Stalliviere, whom John Francis Peters met while photographing young San Diegans this summer.
sandiego  photography  johnfrancispeters  diversity  skateboards  skateboarding  skating  fashion  joannanikas  california 
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The Lido House Goes Into Finishing Stages - Daily Pilot
Fall 2017 September USWest California BWRT OrangeCounty NewportBeach SouthCoastRegion vacation islands LidoIsle
Fall  2017  September  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  NewportBeach  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  islands  LidoIsle  Lido 
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Laguna Beach barks up the wrong pepper tree - Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
This California pepper tree in front of Laguna Beach City Hall stands 36 feet high, though it has decay in the trunk and is at risk of falling. The City Council directed staff to explore other alternatives than reducing the tree to 2- or 8-feet high. (Photo by Bryce Alderton)
Fall  2017  September  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  LagunaBeach 
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Controversial ruling irks Igarashi, but doesn’t faze him - Daily Pilot
Huntington Beach’s Kanoa Igarashi surfs in the Hurley Pro down at Lowers last week against former world champ Mick Fanning. Igarashi beat Fanning not once, but twice. (Kenneth Morris | World Surf League)
Fall  2017  September  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  HuntingtonBeach 
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Around Town: Surf’s up for Newport contest this weekend - Daily Pilot
Surfers of all ages will compete this weekend in the 29th annual RVCA and City of Newport Beach Surf Championships.
Fall  2017  September  USWest  California  BWRT  OrangeCounty  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  NewportBeach  DailyPilot 
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