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For the Love of Film – How to get the best scans from Vuescan
Как правильно настроить принтер для сканирования цветных фотографий с правильной цветопередачей
film  scanner  calibration  profile 
4 days ago by alexeypegov
3D printer complete calibration and first prints - YouTube

Checking and calibrating your 3D printer will prevent a lot of issues down the road. Here's a complete calibration guide along with a list of upgrades and useful prints.

1:00 - Hardware overview
4:05 - Firmware upgrade
5:07 - MOSFET
5:31 - Extruder calibration
5:58 - Bed levelling
6:38 - Flowrate calibration
7:29 - PID calibration
7:57 - Temperature tower
8:33 - All-in-one test
9:14 - Upgrades and first prints

* TH3D firmware *

* How to install MOSFET *

* How to calibrate extruder *

* Bed leveling *

* Cube for flowrate calibration *

* PID tuning guide *

*Customizable temperature tower *

* How to set temperature changes *

* All in one test - micro *

* Simplify3D troubleshooting guide *

* Heatbed strain relief *

* Filament guide *

* Bullseye / Petsfang *

* Dust filter *

* Bed levelling knobs *

* Levelling reminder *

* Quick dial knob *

* Printable torque wrench *

* Universal spool holder *

* Master spool producers *

* Octoprint *

* Find models *

* Design models/CAD *

Fusion360 is free for hobby use:

* Support me *

If you'd like to show your appreciation, you can use my Amazon affiliate link whenever you're making a purchase. Nothing changes on your end; you pay exactly the same, but I get a small percentage from Amazon in return. Thank you for your support.
3dprinting  tutorial  howto  hardware  calibration 
4 weeks ago by rmohns
Samsung LCD TV As PC Moniter Overscan Issue - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews
On unfucking the overscan on Mom & Dad’s TV:
“I believe the Samsung has a video mode called ‘Just Scan.’”
samsung  tv  calibration  momanddad  2018 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
Online Hearing Test & Audiogram Printout
The most accurate hearing test on the web. Fast, reliable, independent, online, and free.
hearing  test  online  matt  lando  simple  hand  rubbing  calibration 
10 weeks ago by davedmiller
Recalibrate humidity sensor? : ecobee
Info on how to adjust the humidity readings on an Ecobee. Once I get an accurate calibration on one I'll see how much we need to adjust by. Hopefully its within the 10% or so that it can be adjusted! (I should also seal up the hole behind it with some plumbers putty)
ecobee  humidistat  hygrometer  calibration 
10 weeks ago by Brandonshire
Calibrating BenQ SW Series Monitors with Palette… - Image Science
his is the Image Science guide to getting the best out of your BenQ SW Series monitor through BenQ's direct hardware calibration system, called Palette Master Elements.  We take you through the process from front to back and explain all the settings along the way. 
calibration  benq  palettemaster 
11 weeks ago by martinto

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