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Creating a 4-5-4 Retail Calendar using SQL and dbt (UPDATED) |
Using SQL and dbt, we create a date dimension table using a retail/merchandising calendar known as a 4-5-4 calendar.
dbt  retail  calendar  dataops 
1 hour ago by bobzoller
EteSync - Secure, Encrypted and Journaled Cloud Sync
Secure, End-to-End encrypted and journaled personal information (contacts and calendars) cloud synchronization for Android, the desktop and the web.
mt  served  tooled  contact  vcard  calendar  server  selfhosted  journaled  opensource  desktop  android  personal  data  cloud  privacy  sync  database  encryption  dav  carddav  caldav  events  email  invitation 
16 hours ago by orlin
react-day-picker - Flexible date picker component for React
A flexible date picker component for React, with no dependencies, fully customizable, localizable and with ARIA support.
reactjs  javascript  calendar  datepicker 
yesterday by oso96_2000
1972 (MCMLXXII) was a leap year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1972nd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 972nd year of the 2nd millennium, the 72nd year of the 20th century, and the 3rd year of the 1970s decade.

Within the context of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) it was the longest year ever, as two leap seconds were added during this 366-day year, an event which has not since been repeated.
time  years  calendar 
yesterday by terry
Canines meet cuisine in The Gourmand’s Dog Eat Dog calendar – Creative Review
CR: What does the process of bringing the calendar to life involve?
MT: We set the shoot dates and then the fun starts with a casting call on Instagram, inviting people to enter their dogs who are named after food. We then have to cast from some 200 plus entries. Once we have our edit down from 200 to under 20, it comes down to availability. Ellie, our Managing Editor takes pride in producing the shoot for us and taking over from this point – the hardest part for her is getting back to the dogs who didn’t get in!
calendar  design  dog  animals 
5 days ago by JohnDrake
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It's 100% free, super easy to use and you'll love our customer service.
calendar  meetings  scheduling  tools  appointments 
8 days ago by dholland

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