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2019 Calendar - Download 17 free printable Excel templates (.xlsx) ;;;
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TopLeftCorner > YearlyTemplated > Excel > 2018 ;;;
Scroll down to "2018 Calendar Temlpate 3:"
Click on the image of the calendar.
The file will show up in the download folder.
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yesterday by neerajsinghvns
How to sync shared Google calendars with an iPhone | TechRadar
If, on your iOS calendar app, you want to see the google calendars that people have shared with you, you have to visit this special custom (undocumented) url. Once there, you can choose which of your google calendars will sync with you iOS calendar app.

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yesterday by christianmlong
Designing game mechanics into calendars
The exercise was to take typical calendar events (a day of four events was provided as an example) and turn them into a game. The notion that this is possible comes from Danc’s post about Ribbon Hero on Lost Garden, where he writes:

If an activity can be learned…
If the player’s performance can be measured…
If the player can be rewarded or punished in a timely fashion…
Then any activity that meets these criteria can be turned into a game.
Each pair of designers was to apply the following game mechanics to their calendar schedule: points, levels, quests, feedback and inventory. As no concern was to be given for the interface itself, wireflows were used to illustrate the mechanics in use.
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4 days ago by DirkSonguer
FareHarbor: Booking software and services for tours and activities
Online booking software, services, and a team of experts helping tour and activity businesses succeed.
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5 days ago by atran
Pod · Rethink Calendar
It's time to rethink calendar
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5 days ago by zheard
WhenWorks eliminates the back-and-forth by allowing others to book time with you online, only when you're free and only during time slots you've defined.
6 days ago by stepa
Allow people to book an appointment into your calendar.
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6 days ago by raygrasso

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