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8 - How can we get Block Bundle Type for block in code? - Drupal Answers
use \Drupal\block_content\BlockContentInterface;

* Implements HOOK_preprocess_block().
* @param $variables
function mymodule_preprocess_block(&$variables) {
$content = $variables['elements']['content'];
if (isset($content['#block_content']) && $content['#block_content'] instanceof BlockContentInterface) {

if ($content['#block_content']->bundle() == 'xxx') {
// ...

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6 days ago by therobyouknow
How to Create and Use Calculated Expression in MS Access
This article explains how and why Calculated Expression is used in MS Access. It also addresses an efficient way to properly use it.
Calculated  Expression  MS  Access  Identifiers  Operators  Functions  Constants  recover 
december 2017 by DataNumen
Why One Should Use Queries instead of Calculated Fields for Access Tables
The article explains why the users should avoid using calculated fields in the database and instead use Queries.
Access  tables  calculated  fields  fix  mdb  Ms  Queries 
october 2017 by DataNumen
Calculated metrics in SiteCatalyst | digital balance
You can get more out of your data by using calculated metrics, but you need to be selective in your creation of them.
calculated  metrics  analytics  ga  cr  conversion  rate 
december 2016 by jbrok
The math of CSS locks
A CSS lock is a Responsive Web Design technique that lets you transition smoothly between two values, depending on the current viewport size, rather than jump straight from one value to the other.
responsive  design  css  mobile  browser  size  font  text  resize  calculated  calculate 
november 2016 by leviathant
It's nice to see localizing their chat dialogs for British players.
calculated  rocketleague  from twitter
june 2016 by qdot
25 Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics | Analytics Pros
Guide on how to create and use Calculated Metrics using Google Analytics. Includes 20 examples of metrics that you should create and start using.
analytics  calculated  metrics  googleanalytics 
november 2015 by sam_bowler
25 Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics | Analytics Pros
Guide on how to create and use Calculated Metrics using Google Analytics. Includes 20 examples of metrics that you should create and start using.
calculated  metrics  google_analytics 
october 2015 by jbrok
HTML Calculated Column – Updated script v2.1 | Path to SharePoint
A script that lets you have a calculated column that returns HTML be treated as HTML and not just displayed.
SharePoint  Calculated 
february 2015 by dremillard
WordPress › Calculated Fields Form « WordPress Plugins
Calculated Fields Form is a plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result.
wordpress  plugin  math  form  calculation  calculated  logic 
march 2013 by sridhar

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