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Fabulous houseplants: Calathea rufibarba - Susan's in the Garden
In this blog post by garden columnist Susan Mulvihill, she provides growing information for the wonderful houseplants, Calathea rufibarba.
plant  indoor  prayer  Calathea  Rufibarba 
january 2018 by thejaymo
A Collection of Incomplete Korman AUs
A Collection of Incomplete Korman AUs by calathea sports radio, cricket, PIRATES, regency <3
calathea  rudy/mike  bruno/boots  length:medium.5k-10k  wip  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
For The Love of Mike - calathea
Alternative title: Five Things Rudy Miller Swore He'd Never Do, But Ended up Doing Anyway.

Rudy's point of view in the AVLS-verse, stretching from canon and into the kid-verse epilogues. [19,760 words]
iwtgh!  kormanfic  rudy/mike  calathea  summercamp  awesome 
october 2011 by cunningplan
untitled by calathea
The way Duck remembers it, the night when he admitted to himself he was gay started with his hand up Deena's shirt.
wilby_wonderful  duck/dan  calathea 
september 2011 by phineas
ordinary miracles by calathea
On one of the kitchen chairs lay a fat, ugly cat, all four feet tucked tidily under its body. It blinked at him with one good eye, the other milky and blind, its ears tattered from battle. “Oh, hey.” Duck sounded apologetic. “I forgot to ask if you
wilby_wonderful  duck/dan  calathea 
september 2011 by phineas
untitled by calathea
They fought for the first time sixty-seven days after Dan left the hospital. Sixty-three days after he had agreed to Duck's gentle suggestion that he stay longer, just for a little while, just until he was certain that he was feeling better.
wilby_wonderful  duck/dan  calathea 
september 2011 by phineas
Save It For The Bedroom
Bob and Patrick bond in the face of adversity, Warped Tour and sappy bandmates.
Bandslash  Fic  FOB  MCR  PG-13  Bob/Patrick  Frank/Gerard  Mikey/Pete  calathea 
september 2011 by elegwen
When Drummers Harmonize, or, How Bob Got Patrick Laid
Bob was never exactly certain how he and Patrick ended up sharing an apartment in LA.
Bandslash  Fic  MCR  FOB  R  Bob/Patrick  calathea 
september 2011 by elegwen
Save It For The Bedroom - Bob/Patrick - 6250
Title: Save It For The Bedroom
Fandom: Bandslash (MCR/FOB)
Pairing: Bob/Patrick (background Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard, others mentioned)
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~6250
Summary: Bob and Patrick bond in the face of adversity, Warped Tour and sappy bandmates.

By the end of day four of the 2005 Warped Tour Patrick had already argued with every member of his band at least twice, ripped the seat of his favorite jeans after sitting on the fender of a shitty van, had three separate arguments with catering over whether or not bacon was an acceptable part of a vegetarian menu, given up on being vegetarian and eaten four bacon cheeseburgers, and discovered that Bob Bryar was fated to be his new best friend.
bob/patrick  calathea  fob  mcr  bandom  from twitter
february 2011 by isweedan
Friday the Thirteenth - calathea
Peter was not a superstitious man, but after the day he'd had so far he was starting to wonder if there was something in this whole Friday the Thirteenth thing. [1,324 words]
whitecollar  neal/peter  calathea  pre-series 
november 2010 by cunningplan
A Very Long Summer Series
Mike and Rudy go back to Camp Algonkian Island... as counsellors!
calathea  iwanttogohome  rudy/mike 
november 2010 by japanimecrazed
I envy the depth of teaspoons - Fiction: Rules for the Apocalypse (IWtGH!, Mike/Rudy), ficlet
"Quick! Get the boat untied!" yelled Mike, grabbing a wooden oar from the dock and taking a swing at the figure shuffling slowly towards him along the shore.

Rudy, unwontedly obedient, was already fumbling with the ropes.

Mike swung his oar again and connected this time with a dull thud. The zombie stumbled, then dragged itself mostly upright again and moaned. "Oh my god, why won't you stay down?" Mike said, swinging again. He missed this time and the momentum sent him spinning in a circle. The oar slipped out of his hand and flew, to Mike's amazement, on the perfect trajectory to impale the zombie limping towards him. The zombie fell over onto his back and lay there, flailing its limbs pathetically, like a bug on a pin.

"Ew," said Rudy, who had finally freed the boat and had jumped aboard to start the engine. "Come on, get in."
zombies  apocalypse  iwtgh  mike/rudy  calathea  genre:au  genre:crack 
march 2010 by thatspotonthe_t
I envy the depth of teaspoons - Small ficlet (Mike/Rudy)
Mike was watching his best friend dancing with some girl in hot pants and a bikini top, and wishing he could be in her place. Not, admittedly, in the hot pants and bikini, but pressed up against Rudy until there wasn't room for a molecule of air between them, Rudy's breath against his skin as they moved to the music.
fic  iwtgh  rudy/mike  calathea  korman  slash  mike/rudy 
november 2009 by thatspotonthe_t
Ficlet #1 [calathea]
Peter sighed and kicked the leg of the bench he was working at in annoyance. He was supposed to be taking Elizabeth out to dinner tonight, he thought, checking his watch irritably. He kicked the leg of the desk again, and then sat up, startled, when the knocking continued. His hand automatically moved to hover over his gun as he glanced around the van, and he stood up when the knocking sound came again.

"Hello?" someone said from outside the van. "Um. Delivery?"

Peter cursed and checked the monitor. He'd been focusing on the audio feed from Caffrey's apartment, only glancing at the video feed that his partner would normally have been watching of the outside of the van. Sure enough, there was a guy stood outside holding a tray with two coffee cups and a paper bag. His hat and jacket bore the logo of a coffee shop two blocks away that the agents on the stake-out had gotten into the habit of visiting.
whitecollar  neal/peter  PG  calathea  slash 
november 2009 by pouncer
Being Weird
He and Bruno were different. Unusual. Maybe even weird. Or maybe it was just Boots who was all of those things. Either way, there was something strange about them, and the more Boots thought about it, the more it seemed everyone knew this but him. (So adorable, I don't have the words.)
bruno/boots  calathea  macdonaldhall  korman  kormanfic  pg-13  mood:adorable 
november 2009 by thatspotonthe_t

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