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The untold origin story of eBay that I lived, and the times that could have killed it - Cake
Why General Magic attracted fascinating people // also this quote: "In the small world department, both our companies were growing fast and we needed industrial-strength Internet. So we both rented space at Best Internet, where they had chicken-wire cages for our servers. We brought our own padlocks for the latches and set our servers on the concrete floor. The first three cages were filled with AuctionWeb’s Sun server on the right, Fatbrain’s in the middle, and one from a startup called Hotmail on the left. We saw each other when our servers needed work, which was often."
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7 weeks ago by danhon
The Dart Zone: [Theory] Flywheel series as a means of breaking the "glass ceiling"
Striving for the ability to "reach out and touch" zombies at very long range has been an interest of mine ever since I started playing HvZ - not only for the tactical utility, but also for the sheer fun of nailing zombies who think that they are out of range. Here, I'd like to talk about an idea that I've been sitting on for a while now: multiple flywheel sets in series. This is a theoretical exploration of the performance potential of such systems. I'd like to build such a system at some point, when I have the materials and opportunity to use it - so probably not any time soon.

In conventional flywheel systems, there is an upper bound on the velocity which a pair of flywheels can produce - the "glass ceiling" - which is reached when the flywheels and dart slip against each other through the entirety of the dart's passage through the flywheels. The coefficient of kinetic friction varies little if at all with flywheel speed and draft effects are not significant for smooth flywheels, so faster flywheels do not result in faster darts. Attempts to increase the acceleration of the dart while between the flywheels by increasing the grip of the flywheels have been of limited success at best. So far, I think that I'm the first to suggest increasing the length of the dart's passage through the flywheels instead, which is what a flywheel series effectively does.
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december 2018 by 44sunsets

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