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Dallas Cat Cafe @ Cat Connection in Dallas | GuideLive
(It looks like “summer” in this context is roughly April through August.)
“Visit the Cat Cafe at Cat Connection to spend quality time with adoptable felines in a relaxed and informal setting. Enjoy complimentary Lovecup Coffee and treats, enter to win awesome cat stuff and meet special guest and internet celebricat Sauerkraut Kitty.

“The Cat Connection hosts pop-ups once a month throughout the summer. Here’s the schedule.”
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Contact/Hours — TheCasualCatCafe
This looks to be a potential DFW cat cafe, but they’re also 30 mins / 29.6 miles from home.
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Aaron Bady on Twitter: "When you read about history of "The Coffee Shop," writers LOVE to gloss over the Middle-Eastern origin so they can get to the fun part where England invents The Public Sphere"
"When you read about history of "The Coffee Shop," writers LOVE to gloss over the Middle-Eastern origin so they can get to the fun part where England invents The Public Sphere

My man Ralph Hattox in 1985 seems to know what's up, tho

love "the near east"

"Once coffee had been taken out of the context of the Sufi dhikr and introduced into general consumption, it was embraced by an entirely different group of advocates, and with them the associations and images connected with the drink changed..."

"...While it remained one of the props of the nocturnal devotional services of the Sufis, others, perhaps less spiritually inclined, found it a pleasant stimulus to talk and sociability. From this the coffeehouse was born"

"If you draw the analogy between coffee and intoxicants you are drawing a false one . . . One drinks coffee with the name of the lord on his lips, and stays awake, while the person who seeks wanton delight in intoxicants disregards the Lord, and gets drunk""
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Louie’s Bookstore Cafe is Having a Reunion
The popular dining spot, which was open on Charles Street from 1981 to 1998, is the subject of a pair of art exhibits at the Creative Alliance that will run from March 16 to April 13, providing former patrons and employees an opportunity to get together again.

The first one, in the main gallery downstairs, will be “Jimmy Rouse: The Past Ten Years.” It’s a collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures by Rouse, who owned and operated Louie’s while also working as a visual artist. Rouse named the restaurant after his first son. The second show, upstairs in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery, is “Louie’s Bookstore and Café: Back on the Wall” and will contain work by 25 artists who were featured over the years at Louie’s, one of the first restaurants locally to exhibit art for sale on a rotating basis.
Louie's had such a strong following that there is even today a Facebook page devoted to it and its alums, Louie’s Bookstore and Café Goes Global:
Rouse, a son of legendary developer James W. Rouse, helped Creative Alliance track down the artists. He said the exhibits at Louie’s lasted six weeks, and he figures more than 100 artists showed their work there over the years.
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