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Shredded Caesar Salad on Toasts Recipe | Food & Wine
slather home chef compound butter with parsley added and broil toasts rather than follow this recipe.
Serves 8
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december 2018 by pegasus505
Caesar Bloody Caesar | by Josephine Quinn | The New York Review of Books
Nonetheless Caesar presents himself throughout as a man of unusual clemency, and when he has the hands of all the fighting men cut off after the surrender of Uxellodunum, Hirtius reassures us that “Caesar was aware that his merciful disposition was known to everyone, and he did not need to be afraid that if he acted more harshly than usual, it would be ascribed to his cruel character.”

Altogether, later sources plausibly claim, Caesar fought more than four million Gauls, killed one million, and took as many prisoners—most of whom would have been sold into slavery. The Germans too suffered terrible losses, including one episode when Caesar imprisoned a delegation of German migrants who came to negotiate a truce, stormed their camp, killed the men who resisted, and then sent his cavalry to run down and slaughter the women and children as they fled. Those who were not caught drowned in the Rhine. Other sources tell us that 400,000 people died. Was that the culture then? Not everyone’s, it seems, or not exactly: although the Senate voted sacrifices of thanksgiving on news of the victory, Cato the Younger and other senators proposed that Caesar be extradited to the Germans, not for the massacre itself, but for breaking a truce.

It was a popular strategy. Under Caesar’s supervision the chaos of recent senatorial government receded. He restored the infrastructure of Roman social and economic life through a program of rent control, debt relief, public works, and settlement abroad for veterans and the poor. He also restored much of the political status quo, filling the gaps left by the deaths of many senators, priests, and magistrates, and he restored time itself by replacing the existing 355-day calendar, which was constantly falling behind the seasons, with a 365-day one with a regular leap year, a system that has worked almost perfectly ever since.
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june 2018 by elev8
RT : It’s and it’s time to reread ’s works! RT/follow us until tomorrow 3/16/18 15:00 UTC – we will…
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Julius was assassinated by his own senators in 44 B.C. This coin commemorates the act, with a po…
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Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage - LewRockwell
his book, The Politics of Jesus: vicit Agnus noster, "It is hard to see how the denariu
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january 2018 by cboyack
Accused of Sexual Harassment, Andrea Ramsey Ends Kansas Congressional Run - The New York Times
Ms. Ramsey is the rare — perhaps the only — woman in public life to face consequences from a sexual harassment accusation in the weeks since journalistic exposés spawned the #MeToo movement.
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december 2017 by mjs
RT : Criminal Case Relating to in Based on Photographs has been filed with German Prosecutor…
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George Osborne's Revenge | Ed Caesar
No one saw it coming: in March, to the shock of his friends, the horror of his enemies and the dismay of many observers, especially in the press, George Osborne — abruptly sacked as chancellor of the exchequer by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, in the wake of Brexit — was appointed editor of the London Evening Standard. Since then, the novice journalist has turned his newspaper into a powerful stick with which to beat May and her government, and told his allies that he wants her 'chopped up in bags in my freezer'. He has also made the Standard a must-read for political junkies, for the first time in years. What does Osborne hope to achieve? Is he only out for revenge? Or does he still believe that one day, with his Tory foes put to the sword and his Labour opponents dispatched, he might have another shot at Number 10?
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september 2017 by pnjman

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