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FastImageCache/ at master · path/FastImageCache
Fast Image Cache is an efficient, persistent, and—above all—fast way to store and retrieve images in your iOS application. Part of any good iOS application's user experience is fast, smooth scrolling, and Fast Image Cache helps make this easier.
ios-dev  cache 
3 days ago by bonkey
WP Super Cache — WordPress Plugins
Cache pages in wordpress with this plugin
wordpress  plugin  cache 
4 days ago by cajazzer
Nginx Caching | Servers for Hackers
Like Varnish, Nginx is a very capable web cache. Many administrators reach for Varnish, often before it's really needed. However, there are two things to know about Nginx:

Nginx can serve static content (directly) very, very efficiently. This is good when the static files are on the same server as Nginx.
Nginx can also act as a "true" cache server when placed in front of application servers, just like you might with Varnish.
While Varnish is a pure web cache with more advanced cache-specific features than Nginx, Nginx may still be a perfect match for you.

If your traffic warrants adding a layer of infrastructure for caching, but not the overhead of introducing new technologies that need to be learned and maintained, Nginx might be a better fit.
nginx  cache 
6 days ago by rybesh
sindresorhus/mem: Memoize functions - an optimization technique used to speed up consecutive function calls by caching the result of calls with identical input
mem - Memoize functions - an optimization technique used to speed up consecutive function calls by caching the result of calls with identical input
web  js  cache 
6 days ago by sonniesedge
lewiscommunications/craft-presto: Static file extension for the native Craft CMS cache.
Presto is a static file extension for the native Craft cache. It works alongside standard Twig {% cache %} tag pairs and includes cache-busting features. Just like standard caching, Presto is automatic. Simply install, update your layouts, and then the cache will bust automatically as you create, update, or delete content.
craft  craft-plugin  cache  static 
6 days ago by ijy

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