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Early Rendering: A Lesson in Debugging Drupal 8 | Lullabot
improving the fact that Drupal auto-magically handles early rendering in some cases, but not others. There is also the odd workaround to capture cacheability metadata when cacheability metadata when calling $node→url() that could use some work. A quick search on the issue queue told me I wasn’t alone. Hopefully, with time and consideration, this can be made better. Certainly, there are good reasons for the complexity, but it would be great to balance that against the DX to avoid more epic debug sessions.
cache  drupal8  debugging 
10 days ago by liberatr
[1901.01161] Page Cache Attacks
This is kinda bad, since it leverages software caches and can be hardware agnostic, allowing write once malware that works well all over (javascript?)
shadow  page  cache  side  channel  attack  exploit  security  hacking  pentesting 
12 days ago by asteroza
Data alignment: Straighten up and fly right
Data alignment is an important issue for all programmers who directly use memory. Data alignment affects how well your software performs, and even if your software runs at all. As this article illustrates, understanding the nature of alignment can also explain some of the 'weird' behaviors of some processors.
alignment  architecture  cache  programming  memory  performance 
12 days ago by macmata

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