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Masstree: A cache-friendly mashup of tries and B-trees
Cache Craftiness for Fast Multicore Key-Value Storage

Mao et. al., EuroSys 2012
[paper, code]

The Big Idea

Consider the problem of storing, in memory, millions of (key, value) pairs, where key is a
variable-length string. If we just wanted to support point lookup, we’d use a hash table. But
assuming we want to support range queries, some kind of tree structure is probably required. One
candidate might be a traditional B+-tree.

In such a B+-tree, the number of levels of the tree a...
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yesterday by geetarista
[咀嚼之味] 阻碍你使用 GraphQL 的十个问题
从官方的定义来说,GraphQL 是一种针对 API 的查询语言;在我看来,GraphQL 是一种标准,而与标准相对的便是实现。就像 EcmaScript 与 JavaScript 的关系,从一开始你就需要有这样一种认知:GraphQL 只定义了这种查询语言语法如何、具体的语句如何执行等。但是,你在真正使用某种 GraphQL 的服务端实现时,是有可能发现 GraphQL 标准中所描述的特性尚未被实现;或者这种 GraphQL 的实现扩展了 GraphQL 标准所定义的内容。
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2 days ago by jslu
Using the RAIL Model to Measure Your Site’s Performance
How do you measure site performance? RAIL provides handy benchmarks based on speed and user experience to help you know when you’ve done enough.
rail  performance  web  internet  speed  optimize  cache  caching 
3 days ago by jennettefulda
CPU Utilization is Wrong | Brendan Gregg
“The metric we all use for CPU utilization is deeply misleading, and getting worse every year.”
performance  hardware  brendangregg  cache  cpu 
4 days ago by mr serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers
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