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« earlier USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD with Support UASP-20cm, Black: Industrial & Scientific
Buy USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable for 2.5 Inch SSD & HDD with Support UASP-20cm, Black: SATA Cables - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
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6 days ago by asaltydog
Braided USB-C Charging Cable with Smart LED 6.6 ft (2 m) | Moshi
Ultra-durable cable for USB-C laptops like Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro, and others. Featuring a reinforced IntegraCore spine, ballistic nylon braided sleeve, and Smart LED to let you know when your computer has fully recharged.
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12 days ago by kOoLiNuS
[Updated] How to Make Your Own 3.5mm mini stereo TRS-to-MIDI 5 pin DIN cables -
TRS To MIDI Male Type A

Akai Pro, IK Multimedia, Korg, Line 6, littleBits, Make Noise 

Pin 5-Tip (Current Sink)
Pin 4- Ring (Current Source)
Pin 2 – Sleeve (Shield)

Here is the wiring diagram for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.
midi  cables  synth  wiring 
19 days ago by dynamo
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FS is a new brand in Data Center, Enterprise, Internet Access Solutions. We make it easy and cost-effective for IT professionals to enable their business solutions.
hardware  network  cables 
6 weeks ago by egwillim
Design Your Own USB Cable | Zap Cables
Customizable USB cables that you can design yourself to enhance your aesthetic and take your setup to the next level!
cables  usb-cables  custom-cable  custom 
7 weeks ago by raskchanky

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