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CAAT’s WebGL implementation notes. | HyperAndroid
A 2D rendering engine is not one of the best scenarios for 3D acceleration, and here I’m showing some techniques I must have had to develop to provide the best acceleration scenario possible.

It’s needed to be said that CAAT will be using hardware acceleration if available, and will transparently fall back to canvas if not. Here you can find a mathmayhem game implementation which tries to use WebGL as its renderer. The game suffered no changes at all. You just can tell CAAT to use WebGL by calling Director’s initializeGL method. All the other development issues will be covered by CAAT itself.

First of all, some notes about WebGL needs. Despite us (developers) being thorough regarding our class hierarchies and animation actors collections, the hardware acceleration layer is not aware of or interested at all about our data organization. WebGL is a rasterizer (a very efficient one indeed) so to keep it at high FPS rates, I must have made a switch from object oriented development to data oriented development. In any professional 3D engine it is a must to keep shader switch operations to the minimum, that is sorting your scene assets by shader and by geometry. Achieve this objective’s been priority nº 1 in CAAT.
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march 2012 by migurski

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