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They See It. They Like It. They Want It. They Rent It. - The New York Times
Environmental sustainability is mentioned by companies and consumers alike when they tout these services, but many customers view that as a perk rather than a driving force. Even when REI, the outdoor equipment retailer, surveyed its current and potential customers about rentals, their top motivators were to try new regular and seasonal activities without committing to purchases. Environmental impact ranked sixth on the list of motivations.  miki-reynolds  furniture  rentals  clothing  housing  coworking  sapna-maheshwari  fernish  rent-a-center  lili-morton  armoire  the-riveter  michelle-pelizzon  rent-the-runway  jennifer-hyman  le-tote  caastle  wework  rei  eric-artz  joymode  joe-fernandez  amiah-sheppard  backstage-capital 
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amiah-sheppard  armoire  backstage-capital  clothing  coworking  eric-artz  fernish  furniture  housing  jennifer-hyman  joe-fernandez  joymode  le-tote  lili-morton  michelle-pelizzon  miki-reynolds  rei  rent-a-center  rent-the-runway  rentals  sapna-maheshwari  the-riveter  wework 

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