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4 days ago by shalmaneser
How California Turned Into a ‘State of Resistance’ - The New York Times
Even today’s center of extreme private wealth, the Bay Area tech industry, illustrates the point, Pastor says. Its leaders recognize that they and the state rise or fall together. Because they “often see themselves in a sort of collective ecosystem that allows for individual success,” within this zone of hyper-capitalism “there has been a sense, now somewhat eroded by growing internationalization, of business responsibility for stewarding the region.”
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johanbrandhorst/certify: Library for automatic certificate distribution and maintenance
Library for automatic certificate distribution and maintenance - johanbrandhorst/certify
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15 days ago by jabbrwcky
On the Beach - SF Apocalypse Film
The film is set five years in the future. In early 1964, in the months following World War III, the conflict has devastated the Northern Hemisphere, polluting the atmosphere with nuclear fallout, killing all life there. Air currents are slowly carrying the fallout south; the only areas still habitable are in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere.

From Australia, survivors detect an incomprehensible Morse code signal coming from the West Coast of the United States. The American nuclear submarine, USS Sawfish, now under Royal Australian Navy command, is ordered to sail north to the United States to attempt to make contact with the sender of the Morse signal. The submarine is commanded by Capt. Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck), who must leave his new friend, the alcoholic Moira Davidson (Ava Gardner).

The Australian government arranges for its citizens to receive suicide pills or prepared injections so they may end things quickly before there is prolonged suffering from radiation sickness. An Australian naval officer, Peter Holmes (Anthony Perkins) and his wife, Mary, who is in denial about the impending disaster, have a baby daughter. Assigned to travel with the American sub for several weeks, Peter tries to explain to Mary how to euthanize their baby and then kill herself should he not be home yet when the end comes; Mary reacts very emotionally to this prospect.

One scientist's theory is that the radiation level near the Arctic Ocean could be lower than that found at the mid-Northern Hemisphere, possibly indicating that the radiation could disperse before reaching the Southern Hemisphere. This theory is to be explored as part of the submarine's main mission. After sailing to Point Barrow, Alaska, they find that radiation levels are, in fact, intensifying.

Later, when Sawfish arrives in the San Francisco Bay area, the crew find a city devoid of all signs of life. Ralph Swain, a crewman who had family in San Francisco, deserts the submarine and swims ashore. Scientist Julian Osborn (Fred Astaire) informs Capt. Towers that Swain's contact with the radioactive environment will quickly make it impossible for him to return without killing everyone on board. The next morning, through the periscope, Capt. Towers observes Swain fishing in the bay and broadcasts an intercom greeting. Swain has found his parents dead and confirms that no one has survived. He apologizes for leaving, but explains that he preferred to die in his hometown rather on the other side of the world. Towers bids Swain farewell and departs for San Diego.
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19 days ago by dbourn
The Joy of LIfe
The Joy of Life is a 2005 experimental landscape documentary by filmmaker Jenni Olson about the history of suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge, and the adventures of a butch lesbian in San Francisco, California. Since its January 2005 premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, this innovative feature film played a pivotal role in renewing debate about the need for a suicide barrier on The Golden Gate Bridge as well as garnering praise and earning awards for its unique filmmaking style.

The film combines 16mm landscape cinematography with a lyrical voiceover (performed by LA-based artist/actor Harriet “Harry” Dodge) to share two San Francisco stories: the history of the Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide landmark, and the story of a butch dyke in San Francisco searching for love and self-discovery.

The two stories are punctuated by Lawrence Ferlinghetti's reading of his ode to San Francisco, "The Changing Light" and bookended by opening and closing credits music from legendary 1950s icon (and probable Golden Gate suicide) Weldon Kees. The film is dedicated to the memory of Mark Finch who committed suicide by jumping from the Bridge in January 1995.
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19 days ago by dbourn
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