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Chipping Stone by Sealie
After "Duet", Cadman starts to harass Rodney, but no one takes it seriously. Until she one day neglects her guard duty to go pester Rodney, just when they get attacked.

[ Alternate link: http://jimandblair.livejournal.com/36170.html ]
fandom:sga  c:mckay  c:cadman  c:sheppard  c:elizabeth-weir  c:carson  c:zelenka  c:other-characters  angst  general  tag:duet  <9.000  rating:r  author:sealie  sga-timeline:season-2/3  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
Rodney McKay: Cat Lady of Atlantis by mklutz [Archive of Our Own]

Rodney waved this aside as unimportant (which it was). “That’s not important, Elizabeth. What is important is the possible uses for this machine! It re-sequences matter! We could convert junk into food or weapons or—“

“—Wraith into humans!”

“---or cats,” Zelenka rolled his eyes.
fandom:sga  humor  general  action  teamfic  transformation  cat!ronon  cat!teyla  cat!zelenka  cat!john  something-made-them-do-it  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:zelenka  c:elizabeth-weir  c:kolya  c:lorne  <2.000  rating:pg  author:mklutz  sga-timeline:season-2/3  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
Back by ladycat777
Fic: Back (McKay & Sheppard, R, 1/1)
Title: Back
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay & Sheppard
Rating: R for language
Summary: Whenever it hits, it’s a wall of pain.
Words: ~1500
fandom:sga  type:fanfiction  non-crossover  status:complete  c:mckay  c:sheppard  angst  general  pov:mckay  <2.000  rating:r  author:ladycat777  sga-timeline:season-2/3 
march 2013 by csad
Some Days Are Stranger Than Others by sapphiresmuse
Summary: Over the centuries of watching immortals, it wasn’t uncommon for a Watcher to stumble across unusual happenings completely unrelated to immortal events. Most of them panned out to be nothing but the recent string of shriveled, mummified-looking bodies in Joe’s district had apparently piqued Methos’ interest enough to insist on accompanying Joe to check out some abandoned warehouses in the dock district where the most recent bodies had turned up:

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Methos grumbled.

“When’s the last time anyone talked you into anything?” Joe grumbled right back. “You came because you wanted to so stop bitching about it.”

And so begins the adventure . . .
fandom:sga  crossover:highlander  earthside  c:methos  c:joe-dawson  c:sheppard  c:mckay  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:o'neill  c:wraith  general  action  <6.000  rating:pg-13  author:sapphiresmuse  sga-timeline:post-canon  crossover/fusion  status:complete  type:fanfiction 
march 2013 by csad
Of Ancient Languages and Ancient Inventions by Flamebyrd
Summary: Crossover with Highlander. "Methos had to admit that after spending all that time hanging around Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Defender of Honour and Chivalry and Hero of the Highlands, he found Dr. Rodney McKay rather refreshing."

Categories: Crossovers > General
Characters: John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Action/Adventure, Humour
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2074; Completed: Yes
fandom:sga  crossover:highlander  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction  status:complete  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  humor  general  pov:methos  3rd-person-pov:methos  <3.000  rating:g  author:flamebyrd  sga-timeline:season-2/3  c:methos 
march 2013 by csad
What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation by roga
Rating: PG-13, gen.
Words: ~6600.
Characters: Ducklings, SGA ensemble.
Summary: Wherein the ducklings are recruited, captured, rescued, yelled at, and that thing they’re not going to mention again ever, and discover that brilliant jerks aren't only found on Earth.
Notes: Set after the House S3 finale, and sometime after the Tao of Rodney. Thanks mostly to zulu, for encouraging me to write even as I wallowed in procrastination.

[ Alternate link: http://roga.livejournal.com/97652.html ]
fandom:sga  crossover:house  type:fanfiction  crossover/fusion  status:complete  c:carson  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:ronon  c:teyla  c:zelenka  c:robert-chase  c:allison-cameron  c:eric-foreman  c:greg-house  humor  general  <7.000  rating:pg-13  author:roga  sga-timeline:season-2/3 
march 2013 by csad
thedeadparrot: Wilson & McKay snippet
Wilson was not entirely sure how he ended up the Chief Medical Officer of the Atlantis Expedition, but he suspected it was because the first four people in line for the job before him had been killed off by (a) Wraith, (b) humans, (c) Wraith-human hybrids, and (d) giant spiders. To be fair, they did offer the position to Cuddy first, but she decided to stick with her gate team instead.
fandom:sga  crossover/fusion  crossover:house  type:fanfiction  status:complete  c:mckay  c:james-wilson  humor  general  pov:wilson  <500  rating:pg  author:thedeadparrot  c:greg-house  sga-timeline:post-canon 
march 2013 by csad
Sanctuarium by Asuka Kureru (Askerian)
Summary: "Major, I have a Jaffa commando between my legs and the headache of the century and oh, yes, someone threw me down in a hole and *landed on top of me*, what do you think my status is?"

Rodney is looking for new personnel for Atlantis; instead he finds a new project. John isn't looking for anyone, but he might find someone anyway. Post-season 1 for SGA, post-EW for GW.

Crossover with "Gundam Wing". Might be more enjoyable with some knowledge about the anime "Gundam Wing", but knowledge of the GW character in question being a suicidal supersoldier pilot of a mecha who is even less likely to talk than Ronon should be enough. Plot: Rodney and John are at Area 51 on the errand of picking scientists to take to Atlantis with them. Scientists have discovered giant robots. Rodney and John flail over said giant robots. Area 51 gets infiltrated by said supersoldier Heero Yuy. Much par for the course for Atlantis hilariousness ensues. [ Alternate link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6780742/1/Sanctuarium ]
fandom:sga  crossover:gundam-wing  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:heero-yuy  humor  action  general  series:sanctuarium  <9.000  rating:pg  author:askerian  sga-timeline:season-2/3  status:complete  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
august 2012 by csad
Second Verse Same as the First by Legessa
Summary: In lieu of an absent Gibbs, Abby will give Tony the headslap he deserves- even if she has to go to another galaxy to do it. || Possibly set post-Hiatus? Probably not. But it doesn't matter. Suffice to say, Gibbs left again, the team split up, Tony got a place on the Atlantis expedition, and now the Lanteans are facing hurricane Abby, who tracked Tony down.
fandom:ncis  crossover:sga  c:dinozzo  c:abby  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:elizabeth-weir  humor  general  tony-leaves  <1.000  rating:g  author:legessa  ncis-timeline:ambiguous  sga-timeline:season-2/3  status:complete  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
november 2011 by csad
The Weight of Water by flyakate
Summary: The many faces of Atlantis. ||
The community in Atlantis is huge, yet there’s a pattern to it, a rhythm (one-two) and a pulse (flicker) of motion (like flying), the sine wave twist of water curling against an alien shore.
fandom:sga  c:sheppard  c:mckay  c:teyla  c:ronon  teamfic  general  <500  rating:g  author:flyakate  sga-timeline:season-2/3  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2011 by csad
The Lost Button by chayiana
Music: Laurel and Hardy's theme
Artist: Marvin Hatley
Series: Stargate Atlantis/Doctor Who
Genre: Crossover, silent movie, action/humour
Tiny little spoilers for season 4 (both shows), not to mention
Length: 3:52 min
Size: 53,9 MB (*wmv, zipped) ||
Once upon a time...
in a galaxy far, far away...
there lived Rodney.
fandom:sga  crossover:doctor-who  type:fanvid  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:tenth-doctor  humor  crack  general  artist:chayiana  crossover/fusion 
november 2011 by csad
Anything Mckay can do, Carter can do better by pets4444
Summary: See title. Fun!
Song: anything you can do, I can do better by Bernadette Peters
Length: 3:18
Format: flv
Size: 12mb
Link type: stream
fandom:sga  crossover:sg1  type:fanvid  c:mckay  c:carter  humor  general  artist:pets4444  crossover/fusion 
october 2011 by csad
Five pieces of advice Teal'c gave Ronon on his first trip to Earth by smilebackwards
Teal’c hands him a square package. “Attend to this,” he advises. “I have found this program oddly prophetic with regard to situations encountered offworld.”

Ronan turns the package around so he can read the Earth writing. STAR TREK.
|| Fun!
fandom:sga  crossover:sg1  earthside  c:teal'c  c:ronon  c:daniel-jackson  c:teyla  c:mckay  c:sheppard  c:carter  teamfic  humor  general  pov:ronon  <1.000  rating:pg  author:smilebackwards  sga-timeline:season-4  status:complete  crossover/fusion  type:fanfiction 
october 2011 by csad

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