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For the Record
by Viktor Nikiforov

What it takes to craft an Olympic Champion, and what it takes to be one.

Or: Viktor Nikiforov, sports journalist and retired figure skater, interviews Olympic Champion Yuuri Katsuki for an exclusive piece.
|one of the best uses of first-person narration I've read since Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief, stellar characterizations on Viktor and Yuuri, and deeply cathartic depiction of mental health issues.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor  theme:futurefic  DasWarSchonKaputt 
may 2017 by Runespoor
extremely loud and incredibly close
They walk back to the hotel once Yuuri has changed back into regular clothes and does his second round of interviews. He’s still quiet, but his eyes are burning instead of sparkling. He still holds Victor’s hand, but he walks half a step ahead of him, and Victor lets himself be led. There are a couple other skaters around - some stayed to shower, but most have been gone for half an hour or more - but Yuuri pays no attention to them. His gaze is on the building they’re staying at, and he barely says a word until they get there and then, when the elevator doors close, he hits the button for their floor and then shoves Victor against the wall.
“Oh,” Victor says.

The aftermath of Yuuri's Four Continents skate.
|satisfying both skating-wise and sex-wise. I love how Viktor's PoV sees Yuuri, bright, resolute and a little opaque.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  yuuri/victor  anirondack 
april 2017 by Runespoor
stay awake with me awhile
The problem, should Viktor care to take the time to think about it, is that he’s no longer competing to win. He’s defending his title. It is a very different experience. It burns a hole in his palm, sometimes, on the mornings he lets himself sleep in.
|viktor's mind and life in snapshots. i love this fic, every time I read it I want to bawl by the second paragraph.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yuri.plisetsky  c:mila.babicheva  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor  kevystel 
march 2017 by Runespoor
the week of the magi
The Grand Prix Finals where Katsuki Yuuri wins gold, gets engaged, and quits skating, not necessarily in that order.
|I love this for the canon divergence, the angst with a happy ending, Viktor tearing his hair out and drowning in Yuuri's resolution (and the Yuri cameo because /of course/). Yuuri is so very, very stubborn. Also, Yuuri/Competitive Figure Skating OTP.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  yuuri/victor  theme:alternate-universe  Ink 
march 2017 by Runespoor
More than willing to offer myself (Or: Miscommunication and Feet)
The kissing thing is still new enough to drive all thought of packing, and training, out of Viktor’s head for a few minutes, though. They really haven’t had nearly enough time: a few days snatched between the Cup of China and the Rostelcom, a few weeks between that and the Final. Not enough compared to a winter of missing Yuri and wanting, and a summer of having him in arm’s reach and still wanting more.

The thing is, Viktor knows it’s not enough time for Yuri, not enough time in other ways: not enough time to have built confidence in himself. Not enough time to really trust Viktor. Not enough time, perhaps, to have figured out what he wants at all.
|Viktor discovers he has a Foot Thing about a month after Yuuri does the same.
All my smut recs feature semi-informal D/s with Viktor subbing, jsyk what you're in for.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor  ineptshieldmaid 
march 2017 by Runespoor
marker in the sand
Victor has always been with Yuuri. No one understands the consequences better than Yuuri himself.

(In which Yuuri watches others watch him, then speaks.)
|amazing character study on Yuuri and his relationships. Explores Yuuri's self-centeredness, self-isolation, drive, and perfectionism /perfectly/, and how it informs his inability to graps "love" outside of skating. <3 i love fics that acknowledge all the messy glory that is Yuuri's focus. He's not a selfless person.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:nishigori.yuuko  c:okukawa.minako  c:phichit.chulanont  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yuri.plisetsky  yuuri/victor  faelicy 
march 2017 by Runespoor
And Baby Makes Three
This was not how he wanted to do things. There were supposed to be flowers, champagne, and something other than Chinese takeout. Something mature and adult that said, hey, I’d possibly maybe be an okay(ish) co-parent, see?
|The fic that makes me consider the possibility that Viktor and Yuuri might want children in the future, really. In which Viktor is increasingly unsubtle and Yuuri needs time to deny/stew/think over things.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yakov.felstman  yuuri/victor  nevermetawolf 
february 2017 by Runespoor
Weeks after anyone could possibly want it, a post-skating-retirement college scenario based on skygemspeaks' idea about Yuuri's college classmates learning about his figure skating career. I wrote a variation on the idea mostly because I just really wanted to include Victor in the mix.

This also heavily draws on kevystel's ideas about Yuuri unknowingly breaking hearts everywhere he goes.
|This is especially good because the narrator has a personality in her own right and a life of her own. This hits the spot of "people gushing over Our Characters" without going too much overboard. Cute, and I do seriously like the OC a lot.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yuri.plisetsky  theme:outsider-pov  Cesare 
february 2017 by Runespoor
turnabout is fair play
Victor’s eyes widen. Five seconds pass; long, agonizing moments, and still Victor’s staring like Yuuri had just smacked him across the face.
|asdkldk the characterization is amazing. So: here's what's going on. Yuuri is terrible at taking compliments, especially from Viktor. Yuuri is also terrible at making compliments, but he makes them anyway, because he's terrible at it, because he refuses to back down to his own anxiety, because he wants to give back, and above all because Yuuri wants to be Viktor's equal, on the ice and in this relationship. Viktor is delightfully into Yuuri and the boundaries Yuuri set even if they're a bit obtuse to him at first, and Yuuri is delightfully into growing as a person and into this relationship, and it's a really nice look at their relationship in canon, and I love how it stands as meta.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  yuuri/victor  foreverautumn 
february 2017 by Runespoor
don't call it a-- (the comeback au)
Stay Close to Me never gets posted. Yuuri makes a comeback of sorts anyway.
|two short one-shot; the first is focused on the Russian Rink and how Viktor and Yuri take Yuuri's absence. The second is focused on Mari and Yuuri being as stubborn as one another, Mari's lack of sentimentality and Yuuri's refusal of easy lines. Read it if you like canon divergence, Yuuri being a bad-ass, or excellent characterizations.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yuri.plisetsky  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:katsuki.mari  theme:alternate-universe  Ink 
february 2017 by Runespoor
No Less Unthinkable, by rageprufrock
"In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war."
f:yuri.on.ice  p:katsuki.yuuri/victor.nikiforov  a:rageprufrock  l:40-80k  |slash  t:undertheinfluence  c:katsuki.yuuri  d:2017 
february 2017 by Tafadhali
methods of fawning
...it's an outsider-pov-ish ficlet about Yuuri & Viktor being tranquilly into D/s. Pretty delightful.
I feel like I shouldn't need to comment further.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor 
february 2017 by Runespoor
i feel like i win when i lose
Yuuri’s life is a mess. He came a spectacular last in the Grand Prix Finals, drank too much at the banquet, initiated no fewer than three dance-offs, took his shirt off, wore his tie like a headband, pole-danced in his underpants, made a fool of himself in front of ISU officials—and now, somehow, he’s Viktor Nikiforov’s booty call.
|canon divergence AU! A witty, swift, fun fic. Nice voices, I'm especially endlessly fond of the way renaissance writes Yuuri: "he shows Viktor off to his family like a gold medal". (Yuuri "actually hates losing" Katsuki and his panoply of control kinks. <3 ) Also: lol @ Yuuri Katsuki being an unreliable narrator.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:phichit.chulanont  yuuri/victor  theme:alternate-universe  renaissance 
february 2017 by Runespoor
Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
|an amazing fic. it takes a few chapters really going (in particular, you need to roll with Yuuri taking what Viktor says Very Badly), but once it does it's a marvel. The unreliable narrator in this is MASTERFUL, Yuuri's character development is extraordinary. Full of pining and broken hearts and FEELS. A gorgeous, long fic I'd rec to anyone who likes angst.
watch this space as I may come back and rant some more about how much i love it and the ways it is great.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:christophe.giacometti  c:phichit.chulanont  c:yuri.plisetsky  yuuri/victor  theme:alternate-universe  Reiya  warning:wip 
february 2017 by Runespoor
To grow is to change and yet remain the same
Two character studies, pre-canon: Viktor and Yuuri. Cool exploration of who they might have been before being adults.
Teenaged Victor is a delight; teen Yuuri works hard, worries harder, and keeps the world at arm's distance.
This fic makes the excellent and obvious point that it's extremely likely Yuuri didn't live in Hasetsu as a high-school student.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:katsuki.yuuri  gen  espritneo 
january 2017 by Runespoor
one cat at least in the bag
PLOT TWIST: The cat is named Viktor.

So are all the other pets.
|THE FLUFFIEST, funniest, cutest fic ever, starring Yuri Plisetsky and an inordinate amount of pets. In which Yuri is the tsun-nest tsundere to ever tsun-tsun. I am in awe of the pitch-perfect characterization of everyone in this fic, including the characters that are only mentioned for a sentence.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:yuri.plisetsky  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:phichit.chulanont  c:otabek.altin  yuri/otabek  yuuri/victor  dirtybinary 
january 2017 by Runespoor
We'll Turn It Around
“The first person in the world to land the first quintuple jump is already alive.”

It’s Yuuri’s turn to surprise the world. (No, he doesn’t do that.)
|fantastic continuation of canon, with a welcome focus on the skating (fics that mention injuries = <3) as they prepare for Worlds. Mostly focused on Yuuri and Viktor, but also Yuri, of course; and Chris, Phichit and Otabek are one-scenes wonders. The feel is true to canon, and I also like the feeling of-- foregone obsolescence? Knowing that you'll be surpassed. Viktor and Yuuri talk about that. It's a great fic.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:katsuki.yuuri  c:victor.nikiforov  c:yuri.plisetsky  c:christophe.giacometti  c:phichit.chulanont  c:otabek.altin  yuuri/victor  keepfabandgayon 
january 2017 by Runespoor
you guess, i guess
"Maybe Yuuri will tell me. I can be pretty convincing."

"Good luck with that- he's very good at keeping his mouth shut."
|shhhhh, no pain now. only Chris asking Viktor about Yuuri's eros persona ~in bed~.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:christophe.giacometti  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor  luni 
january 2017 by Runespoor
all your doors flung wide
Upending a life to move to a small town in Japan turns out to be the easy part.

(A somewhat history of an exhibition skate for two.)
|More or less a Victor PoV of s1. I'm especially fond of the beginning.
fandom:yuri.on.ice  c:victor.nikiforov  c:katsuki.yuuri  yuuri/victor  radialarch 
january 2017 by Runespoor

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