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The Turning of the Tide - Delphi - Harry Potter - Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Loyalty, duty, and the last days of the war. [15331]
His father taught him how to shave by hand when he was fourteen—said it was something every man should know how to do. It's awkward but not very much more difficult to shave someone else, though he sloshes the water a little and gets lather on the corner of Moody's lips.

He brushes it away with his thumb and pauses. If he were being truly honest, he might admit that it's nothing more than an excuse to touch him. The bowl of warm water is perched just as precariously in his lap as he is between all the medical equipment, sitting close enough for their hips to touch, lingering with one hand on a newly clean-shaven cheek.

Kingsley isn't the hand-holding sort. Even if he were, Moody's hand is freezing and limp, but this way he gets to fill up some of the awful ache gnawing a hole in his chest. His body calms a little, missing something he didn't even know he'd grown accustomed to. And he can pretend, as he feels the soft, even whisper of breath against his fingers, that Moody will open his eyes at any moment and give him hell for dripping water on the pillow.
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