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Ask Me No Questions - Alex51324 - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When Thor returns from Asgard to rejoin the Avengers, he brings Loki in tow--stripped of his magic and bound with a geas that allows him to speak only in response to direct questions.

AKA, yet another "Loki lives with the Avengers; chaos ensues" story.

!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  C:Tony_Stark  C:Thor  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Trope:BAMF  Trope:Team  Trope:Redemption  Type:Medium_Length 
november 2017 by rosadina
Entanglements - astolat - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Huh, was Tony's first thought when the spell broke and all of a sudden his brain came back online.

~Or, according to the tags: Knotting; Sex Pollen; Loss of Virginity; Voyeurism; Incest; Compensatory Incest Porn Of The Gods; Orgasm Denial; That's The Kinks Through The First Scene; It Kind Of Goes On From There; Also Saving The World; Loki Joins the Avengers; The Mighty Frog Thor; Blowing Up Planets
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  C:Natasha_Romanov  C:Thor  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:BAMF  Trope:Best_In_Fandom  Trope:Funny  Trope:Reconciliation  Trope:Drugged 
august 2014 by rosadina
Imprint - hetrez - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"The next day, Steve and the other Avengers are just settling into a meeting on the flight deck when there's a muffled yell, and Alvarez falls out of the ceiling."


Or, Steve builds a training program, a team, and new life for himself.
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Tony_Stark  C:Natasha_Romanov  C:Steve_Rogers  Trope:Team 
june 2014 by rosadina
Feelings Under Seriously Intense Observation and Negotiation - thebratqueen - Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU Tie-In Comics, The Avengers (2012), The Incredible Hulk (2008) [Archiv
Tony was fine. Talking to Tony about science was fine. It just felt a little bit strange to combine the two and ask to see the incredible scientific innovation that happened to reside inside of Tony’s chest.
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Tony_Stark 
february 2014 by rosadina
More Than Was Lost - enigmaticblue - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce Banner has managed to fly under the radar for this long, mostly by hiding in plain sight and trading his services for silence. Tony Stark has never lain low in his life. Their worlds are about to collide in a cave in Afghanistan.
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Alternate_Universe  Type:Medium_Length  Trope:Protective 
february 2014 by rosadina
don't mean to tease you - limned - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce isn't very alert in the mornings, but he doesn't think he's ever gotten this particular reception in Tony's lab. He's pretty sure he would remember it.

It's a little striking when you've done nothing but walk through a door and someone stares at you with his mouth open before half-shouting, “What? No,” and vaulting straight over a lab bench to grab the front of your shirt.

“Tony?” he says blankly.

“I do not think so,” Tony says back. He spaces the words out very precisely, like he's making some kind of sense, like he's answering a specific question that Bruce had asked him. “Nope, not going to happen, not in a million years. Dream on, Banner.”

Bruce only has time to blink in confusion before Tony's hands land on his chest, pushing him. Not roughly, but steady and firm enough that Bruce backpedals instinctively until his shoulders bump the wall. “Tony, what the hell—Tony!” he yelps, because Tony has twisted one hand in the bottom of his shirt and started pulling it upward. “Hey! Coffee, your coffee!”
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Porn  Trope:Jealousy 
february 2014 by rosadina
Quotidian by metisket
An average day in the life of Bruce Banner. He tries so hard to mind his own business and stay below the radar. He does try. There should probably be a cautionary proverb about the best laid plans and Tony Stark.
“So tell Bruce. He wouldn’t mind, right?” Tony pokes at Bruce demonstratively with all the fearlessness of the insane. “Man’s always angry.”

It’s almost true. Being angry takes a lot of energy, hence the heart rate issue. Being angry means wanting to do something, and Bruce hasn’t always got the strength for that. But bitterness, now, that’s anger’s worn-out cousin, and Bruce can keep it going through almost anything. Bitterness, resignation, and black humor are his solutions to every problem.

He has actually become his grandmother.
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Funny 
february 2014 by rosadina
Wishing Well - astolat - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor had been staring the whole time. Now he flung himself off the table and across the room. He seized Loki by the shoulders. "Brother!" he said, ecstatically. "Has the spell — the spell has worked!"

Loki stared back at him. "What spell?" he spat. And added, choked off, "...dear brother."
!F:Avengers  C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  C:Natasha_Romanov  C:Steve_Rogers  C:Thor  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Funny  Trope:Team  Trope:Protective  Trope:Pining  Trope:Mind_Control 
november 2013 by rosadina
Operation: Applesauce - SilverRush - Thor - Fandom, The Avengers - All Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: So I can't find it again but there was a prompt on Norsekink asking for this:
A fic where Loki sees the Avengers getting old and he decides to make them immortal by feeding them Idunn's apples.
Bonus points for force-feeding and for doing it as a present to Thor
C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  C:Natasha_Romanov  C:Peter_Parker  C:Steve_Rogers  C:Tony_Stark  C:Thor  Trope:Funny  !F:Avengers 
august 2013 by rosadina
Thor Kinkmeme - Round 13
“No one important reads this stuff,” Natasha countered. A dangerous green was flickering in Bruce’s eyes.

Scattered across the table were several copies of the National Enquirer, one for every member of the team, sent special delivery that morning. Several attention-grabbing headlines leaped up from the cover:

“Exclusive Interview with Loki Laufeyson! Misunderstood Genius Tells All!”

“Kidnapped as a Child – Raised Among the Enemy!”

“I Was Mind-Controlled – the Truth About the Chitari Invasion!”

“Secrets and Scandal in the House of Odin!”

“Avengers – the Real Dirt on So-Called Heroes!”

Tony chuckled as he flipped through. The Enquirer had apparently dedicated a full issue to Loki, because that shit was on every single page. The only segments not trashing the Avengers was an article on Director Fury’s recent PR appearance at an elementary school (“Motherfucker – A Secret Illuminati Code-word? What Shield is Teaching Our Children!”), and an odd editorial in the back by one J. Jonah Jameson (“Spider-Man: Worse than Loki!”).
C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  C:Natasha_Romanov  C:Steve_Rogers  C:Thor  C:Tony_Stark  Trope:Amazing  Trope:Funny  !F:Avengers 
july 2013 by rosadina
Father of Mine - neverminetohold - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki is never defenseless, all he needs he carries with him, metaphorically speaking, even when the stars themselves conspire to rob him of his magic - and the Avengers will learn that painful lesson right now...

~[Know me and heed my will, for I am the mother of monsters.]~
C:Bruce_Banner  C:Loki  !F:Avengers 
july 2013 by rosadina

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