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A New Mode of Living - Perpetual Motion (perpetfic) - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
After the war, Carwood goes home, gets gifted something larger than a bread box, and comes to realize the promise he made to Ron is one he wants to keep. [150,502]

[To this day one of the best and longest BoB fic I have ever read. True to character, sweet but not schmaltzy, hilarious, and poignant, this will always be one of my very favorites.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  post-war  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:luz  c:bob:toye  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:friendship  theme:friendstolovers  theme:pets  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:foundfamily  theme:secretlovers  theme:illness  theme:PTSD  theme:homophobia  theme:h/c  theme:family  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  theme:HEA  l:novel  p:bob:lipton/speirs  p:bob:nixon/winters  p:bob:luz/toye  ge:slash  ge:drama  ge:fluff  r:r  @ao3 
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Expect to Be Scratched - dome_epais - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
He ends up calling the cat Nix.

It’s an accident of nostalgia; one moment he’s thinking of what Nixon must be getting up to these past few months, and the next, the cat is perched on his thigh with his backside to him, demanding attention without acknowledgement.

Winters tells the cat, “Oh, sure, and everything on your schedule, too.” And then the cat is just Nix in his mind. [2004]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:pets  theme:friendship  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  theme:firstkiss  o:adorable  p:bob:nixon/winters  ge:slash  r:pg  @ao3 
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buffyaddict13: A Destiny that Makes Us Brothers
Skip nods. He feels for his rosary and rubs cool beads beneath sweaty fingers. "Don't suppose either of you guys saw Malark or Penk anywhere, huh?"

"Nah. Aside from you an' Popeye, all I seen are a bunch of cows and dead soldiers. They're makin' me hungry."

Popeye stares at his friend. "Dead soldiers?"

Shifty frowns. "I'm just wonderin', Popeye, were you home nappin' the day God was handin' out brains?"

"He meant the cows, dumbass," Skip says. What he wouldn't give for a steak right about now. Then again, a weapon'd be handy too. [16,500]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  ensemble  c:bob:harrywelsh  c:bob:skipmuck  c:bob:shifty  c:bob:blithe  c:bob:winters  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:doc  c:bob:babe  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:toye  theme:war  theme:friendship  theme:snark  theme:fixing  theme:angst  theme:aftermath  theme:grief  genre:gen  rating:r  @lj  a:buffyaddict13 
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falseeeyelashes: and chaos is luck

It was half a lie to Dike on Lipton’s part – he doesn’t really think of home, but he does think of other things, things that make his throat feel too tight and the fear too rich, things like growing old and wool sweaters or a cold beer and wrap-around porches or a dog in a study somewhere, a broken carburetor to be fixed, a clogged drain, Sundays after church, but out here, out here in the cold and the hell and the jagged jaws of opened tree stumps they each feel too far gone for him to firmly grasp, to remember (to imagine as once warm possibilities).


Before, Holland was little more than wooden shoes and giant, reaching windmills, the random stuff of childhood legend, but now just a glancing thought of it is enough to make Buck want to vomit.


They pass through and as a city, it cuts a cruel, alien landscape, all broken windows and dust-coated cobblestone.
fic  c:bob:ensemble  theme:war  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:fixing  theme:aftermath  sad  rating:pg-13  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:winters  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:buck  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:toye  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:doc  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:webster  c:bob:johnnymartin  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:luz  genre:gen  author:falseeyelashes  @lj  o:beautiful 
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kaydeefalls: Falling Faintly
"Why didn't you take it?"

Fortunately, Nixon's had plenty of time to prepare his answer. "What, and leave you all alone in that hole?" he retorts. "You'd freeze to death, for one, and you know who Regiment's gonna blame for that. Or worse, Doc Roe'll get on the guys' asses to find you a new foxhole buddy, and you *know* it'll be Lip, and he'll be so damn polite about the whole business it'll hurt. And everyone will know you and Lipton are billeting together, and you just can't do that to the men."

Dick raises an eyebrow.

"Jesus, Dick, it'd be like overhearing your parents fuck."
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:nixon  characterstudy  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:war  shenanigans  humor  theme:snark  theme:angst  theme:firstkiss  BFFpairing  genre:slash  episoderelated  rating:pg-13  @lj 
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sound_of_bells: and eventually the stars will be revealed
Really the only adverse effects of nearly dying are his skull-splitting headache and the sudden urge to empty the entire contents of his stomach every hour or so along the roadside. This process is less than attractive, especially when he’s got no food in his stomach to retch up a few hours in and just hacks up discolored spittle. He thinks drily that he has come a long, long way from Yale, and wishes he had some water on him to rinse out his mouth. He peers into the neck of his flask apprehensively and this might be the first time in his life that Lewis Nixon hasn’t been eager to knock back some alcohol.

“Here,” Winters mutters, and passes him his canteen.

“Thanks,” Nixon says. Winters doesn’t leave, even after Nixon has sloshed and spit and given the canteen back to him, stands hovering like a mother hen, and Nixon has to crack a smile at that, the image of Winters as a bird as unappealing as the chicken. [2767]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:injury  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @lj 
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septicimic: Broken Glass
Sometimes he looks at the sky, and it's not the same sky he left behind in Pennsylvania, not the same sky he dropped out of over France and Holland. And sometimes Nix catches him when he's somewhere else, and brings him back; and sometimes it takes a crash, and blood on his fingertips.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  post-war  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:PTSD  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:aftermath  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:pg-13 
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destina: Finding Home
The telegram arrives at the nitration works on a Tuesday morning.


Nix folds the telegram twice with a shaking hand and puts it carefully in his pocket.

At 4:15 Nix shoulders on his overcoat and heads downtown, worrying the folded piece of paper in his pocket. Already the edges are worn, smooth against his fingertips.

The train is a few minutes late. When it stops at the station, it discharges a thin stream of passengers, mostly women in veiled hats with children clinging to their hands. Dick is last off, just another indistinct grey blur of overcoat, trousers, shiny black shoes, but then he lifts his hat to reveal a shock of red hair. Nix pulls in a slow breath and starts toward him. Dick turns, as if he knows right where to find Nix. Always has, Nix thinks. [4900]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  oneshot  post-series  post-war  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:first-time  BFFpairing  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:r  opinion:sweet  @lj 
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garnettrees: Easy Co. Wakes Up Gay
Joe Liebgott woke up gay, thought about for a while, and scratched out "make little Liebgotts" on his list of Things To Do After The War. He then went looking for Webster.

Bull Randalman woke up gay, smoked a cigar, and wondered how many cute enlisted men he could fit into a potato sack.

Cobb woke up gay, but it made absolutely no difference, as no one liked him anyway.

Eugene Roe woke up gay, and was rather pleased. He was, after all, extremely pretty.
fic  c:bob:ensemble  hilarity  trope:wokeupgay  trope:everyoneisgay  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  tv:bandofbrothers  genre:crack  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  c:bob:webster  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:bull  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:doc  c:bob:luz  c:bob:babe  c:bob:speirs  p:bob:nixon/winters  p:bob:lipton/speirs  p:bob:liebgott/webster  genre:slash  rating:pg  @lj  p:bob:babe/doc  note:retag 
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A Matter of Inches - Abyssinia - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
The bullet in Holland doesn't miss Nixon by much. ||||

He's tired -- the lines on his face betray how much he feels each of today's casualties and dislikes the biter taste retreat leaves in his mouth. You think you should be helping him but the dead can't help the living. [805]
ficlet  missingscene  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  @ao3  style:secondperson  a:abyssinia  episoderelated  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  genre:gen 
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We Never Trained For This At Toccoa - newredshoes - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
“So,” the cat says at last. “I would like to make it known that this is really far more awkward for me than it could ever be for you.”

Winters goes very still, his hand resting on the Persian’s back. The cat twists on his shoulder and blinks up at him.

“Any chance you could get my Vat 69 open?” [1350]
fic  c:bob:ensemble  trope:animorph  hilarity  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:snark  theme:friendship  for-kayla  favs:bandofbrothers  @ao3  opinion:awesome  tv:bandofbrothers  genre:crack  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  c:bob:buck  c:bob:doc  c:bob:liebgott  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:newredshoes  note:retag 
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Hope For Heaven Where We Land - tearupthesky - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
"You seeing what I'm seeing, Major Winters? Private O'Keefe!" Nix roars gleefully. He breaks out of Dick's hold and stomps up the front steps, prodding the dazed kid with his boot. "Private, what's your first goddamn general order?" O'Keefe struggles to his feet, scrambling like a crab, nearly wetting himself on the spot when his eyes fix on Dick over Nix's shoulder.

"No excuses!" Nix shouts when the kid opens his mouth. "Get your ass up that hill, double time!" he orders, gesturing vaguely toward the Alps. He taps his bare wrist in O'Keefe's face emphatically. "The clock's ticking, soldier!"

Dick watches with his fist pressed against his mouth as O'Keefe nods and trips his way off the porch, "Sir, yes, Sir-"ing all the way. He lets the kid go about twenty paces before calling out and ordering him straight back to his billet.

"You spoil the kids, Dick," Nix says, holding the front door open for him. "They're never going to learn any respect with you undermining me like that."
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:friendship  shenanigans  theme:inebriation  boysaredorks  hilarity  theme:war  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:pre-slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
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