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Tints of Rainbow Hue by turps33
A MCR AU where Ray has his own gardening firm, and one day he does a job for the Ways.
bandom  fic  mcr  au  angst  h/c  long-ish  c:frank.iero  c:mikey.way  c:bob.bryar  c:gerard.way  p:bob/gerard  p:frank/mikey  rpf  a:turps33 
september 2009 by weird_one
Sweetheart of the Rodeo by thesamefire
Mikey accidentally has sex with everyone in her band. Except sometimes it's not an accident. Or even really sex.
bandom  fic  mcr  always.a.girl  sex!swap  het  c:bob.bryar  c:frank.iero  c:ray.toro  c:mikey.way  c:gerard.way  p:frank/mikey  p:mikey/ray  p:bob/mikey  p:gerard/mikey  rpf  a:thesamefire 
august 2009 by weird_one
Hopelessly Hopeful and Hopeless Enough by 1001cranes
Everyone works on a children s show with puppets! called Shut Up and Play!. Ryan Ross is a sociopath, Gabe's the boss, Bill runs around in drag, Jon makes the coffee, and somehow they still manage to get everything done.
bandom  fic  mcr  fob  cobras  panic!  tai  au  cross-bandom  c:gerard.way  c:pete.wentz  p:gerard/pete  c:bob.bryar  c:spencer.smith  c:patrick.stump  c:ryan.ross  p:bob/spencer  p:brendon/patrick/ryan  rpf  a:1001cranes 
november 2007 by weird_one

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a:1001cranes  a:adellyna  a:maleyka  a:sin  a:thesamefire  a:turps33  always.a.girl  angst  au  bandom  c:frank.iero  c:gerard.way  c:greta  c:jon.walker  c:mikey.way  c:patrick.stump  c:pete.wentz  c:ray.toro  c:ryan.ross  c:spencer.smith  cobras  cross-bandom  fic  fob  gch  h/c  het  long-ish  long  mcr  p:bob/gerard  p:bob/mikey  p:bob/spencer  p:brendon/patrick/ryan  p:frank/gerard  p:frank/jamia  p:frank/mikey  p:gerard/mikey  p:gerard/pete  p:greta/jon  p:mikey/pete  p:mikey/ray  p:patrick/pete  panic!  rpf  sex!swap  tai  ths 

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