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GitHub - C4-PlantUML
C4-PlantUML combines the benefits of PlantUML and the C4 model for providing a simple way of describing and communicate software architectures
plantUML  architecture  diagram  C4 
october 2018 by benoit
Getting Started with C4 - Coder Mike
Context: Shows keys systems, the dependencies between them and the actors that access them.
Container: Shows the high-level technology choices, how systems are decomposed in to containers and how those containers communicate.
Component: Shows the internal structure of a container and how it is decomposed into collaborating components.
Class: a typical UML class diagram showing the internal structure of a component. This is usually only needed for complex components.
c4  model  diagrams  management 
september 2018 by pipthepixie
techyg comments on CR-10s 2.0 or 2.1 board?
I believe any board that is 2.0 has the issue. Many of the 2.1's do as well. It's quite easy to check for, just try to heat your nozzle up to 240C. If you see it jump around a lot (237, 242, 235, 240) and not hold, or not even heat that high, then you will have the issue. I just ordered my CR-10 from Amazon a few weeks ago. They sent me a printer with the 2.0 board, had the issue. I contacted the seller who didn't reply for a while. Then I contacted Amazon, they gave me a $100 credit for my troubles. That same day the seller responded and said they would send me a replacement board. That was 4 days ago and no sign of a new board yet. You can get the printer cheaper from Light In the Box, and supposedly they will send you a replacement board. But ordering from Amazon is a safe bet because you could return the entire printer or possibly get a credit like I did.

Here is the guide to changing it and where to get the replacement capacitor. I got mine from Mouser, ordered it this past weekend and it got here in 5 days total shipping time (from TX, I'm in OH). Total cost was $6 and I ordered two just in case.

It took me almost an hour total to do everything. The actual desoldering and soldering of the capacitor took less than 5 minutes, the rest of the work is labeling everything, taking pictures, disconnecting wires, screwing and unscrewing stuff. If you have never soldered before, or are a beginner, I would recommend either getting a replacement board or finding someone that can do the soldering for you. Th3dStudio has service, but it's only slightly more expensive to get a new board after you factor shipping costs. This is not something you want to do if you've never done it before.

You can buy known working boards from Tiny Machines 3d, eBay, and Amazon. Make sure it says it has the temperature fix in the description. I've seen them as low as $55 and up to $80 shipped to get a board. You can also try to get one from who you bought it from, but it may take a while to get this.

If you want to print a filament besides PLA, and something that needs to go above 220C, you will most definitely want to do the capacitor fix. Otherwise, you may not need to do it.
cr10  cr10s  cr-10s  c4  capacitor  temperature  fluctuation  issue  mainboard  main  board  v2.0  v2.1  2.0  2.1  creality  fix  replacement 
april 2018 by 44sunsets
Lego Masters - All 4
Some of the most skilled brick fanatics do battle to be crowned Lego Master
lego  tv  c4 
january 2018 by floehopper
'Serious concerns' voiced over stillbirth documentary filming - BBC News
Jozef Hall at Radio Cambridgeshire revealed the story of the patients who were being told their babies had been stillborn without being aware that cameras and microphones were recording the conversation for a Channel 4 documentary. Staff had been told not to talk to patients about the recordings. The debate that followed centred on whether human rights had been breached and both the documentary makers and the hospital were held to account, with the hospital subsequently announcing they would re-evaluate their policy:
undercover  ethics  Documentary  c4  s  t 
december 2017 by paulbradshaw

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