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Bookwormgal: Replaceable
Not everyone was destroyed on Scarif. By some miracle, a few managed to survive the suicide mission. But not in one piece. Battered and broken, those who remained made it back to a semblance of safety.

Of course, some are more easily fixed than others. And some are worth the effort more than others. Why waste time and resources on a lost cause?

Besides, it is just a droid. They could just get a new one.
fandom:rogue-one  jyn-erso  cassian-andor  bodhi-rook  k-2so  genre:AU  AU:divergent-timeline  r2-d2  c-3po 
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Replaceable, by Bookwormgal
Gen. "Not everyone was destroyed on Scarif. By some miracle, a few managed to survive the suicide mission. But not in one piece. Battered and broken, those who remained made it back to a semblance of safety.

Of course, some are more easily fixed than others. And some are worth the effort more than others. Why waste time and resources on a lost cause?

Besides, it is just a droid. They could just get a new one."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  K-2SO  Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor  Bodhi.Rook  R2-D2  C-3PO  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Leia.Organa  Chewbacca  15000-19999.words 
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Of Starlight and Stardust, by batyalewbel
Het and slash. "It began long ago, on Lah’mu, then Jedha, then Eadu and Scarif. Now they have all come with the Rebellion to this frigid wasteland they call Hoth where the next chapter begins.

This is when the Empire strikes back."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor  Bodhi.Rook  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Han.Solo  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  R2-D2  C-3PO  K-2SO  Carlist.Rieekan  Shara.Bey  Davits.Draven  Lando.Calrissian  Kes.Dameron  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  100000-149999.words 
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Of Stormy Seas and Galaxies, by batyalewbel
Het and slash. "The first time he went out into the field with her she was an annoyance. A liability that could be dispatched if needed. The first time she stepped onto his ship, she clutched her blaster close and told herself it would all be fine. The first time Galen Erso asked him "Do you like the Empire?" he could hardly answer past the lump in his throat.

A story of one mission that almost failed and what follows after that."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Cassian.Andor  Jyn.Erso  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Bodhi.Rook  K-2SO  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  C-3PO  R2-D2  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Leia.Organa  Anakin.Skywalker  Shara.Bey  Kes.Dameron  Mon.Mothma  Davits.Draven  Biggs.Darklighter  Wedge.Antilles  Original.Female.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  150000-199999.words 
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no mercy mission this time, by Callioope
Gen. "Leia leans forward in her seat and watches the horizon. She’s been across the galaxy, to more planets than most can imagine, and there’s nothing particularly special about this one. Tatooine: a desert planet in the Outer Rim, backwater and forsaken.

Her skin prickles nonetheless as Mos Eisley appears, clustered between rocky hills. Bright light from the planet’s two suns gleams off the white domes.

“A wretched hive of scum and villainy,” her father had called it. “Be careful.”

She’d sent him a look, and he’d shrugged and added, “I have to say it.”


Instead of retrieving the Death Star plans from Scarif, Leia pursues her father’s original mission: find Obi-Wan Kenobi, and bring him back to Yavin 4."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Leia.Organa  R2-D2  C-3PO  Han.Solo  Chewbacca  Biggs.Darklighter  Owen.Lars  Beru.Whitesun.Lars  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Anakin.Skywalker  15000-19999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Rocks and Water, by Fialleril
Gen. "Anakin builds a lightsaber, and Leia gets a delivery... and some surprising revelations with it."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Anakin.Skywalker  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Han.Solo  Chewbacca  C-3PO  R2-D2  10000-14999.words 
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It will be written, by MirandaTam
Gen, with background het. "Chaos, yet harmony.

The Clone Wars are coming; many truths will be revealed, but which ones will stay hidden?"
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Shmi.Skywalker  Anakin.Skywalker  Padmé.Amidala  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Qui-Gon.Jinn  Dormé  Beru.Whitesun  Kitster.Chanchani.Banai  Jango.Fett  Boba.Fett  C-3PO  Dooku  Yoda  Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala  25000-29999.words 
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no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa, by magneticwave
Het. “Fuck you,” Leia says. “Who said anything about getting married? Did Luke say anything about getting married?”

“Luke is not involved,” Luke says, not looking up.

“Hey, Luke is not involved,” Han says, pointing at her. She’s going to bite his finger off, then they’ll see how much pointing he can do with it. “This is about you and me, princess.”

“There’s not going to be a you and me,” Leia says. “I’m going to have this baby with C-3PO.”

C-3PO says, “Madam,” tremulous.
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Han.Solo  C-3PO  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  8000-8999.words 
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Working droids, new heroes and Han Solo images prove that Star Wars is amazing a...
R2-D2 C-3PO Stormtroopers (Star Wars) Darth Vadar (Star Wars) Star Wars (series) George Lucas JJ Abrams Kathleen Kennedy Lucasfilm Chewbacca (Star Wars) Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens X-Wings (Star Wars) BB-8 (Star Wars droid) Robots Oscar Isaac Daisy Ridley John Boyega Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Anthony Daniels Peter Mayhew
R2-D2  C-3PO  Stormtroopers  (Star  Wars)  Darth  Vadar  (Star  Wars)  Star  Wars  (series)  George  Lucas  JJ  Abrams  Kathleen  Kennedy  Lucasfilm  Chewbacca  (Star  Wars)  Star  Wars  VII:  The  Force  Awakens  X-Wings  (Star  Wars)  BB-8  (Star  Wars  droid)  Robots  Oscar  Isaac  Daisy  Ridley  John  Boyega  Mark  Hamill  Carrie  Fisher  Anthony  Daniels  Peter  Mayhew 
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Ask Threepio
Ask Threepio, a ridiculous "decision-making service", which will answer a yes-or-no question for you in a particularly WTF way (based on asking Google Translate to do a Chinese whispers game and hashing the result, then responding based on whether the hash is even or odd). Includes C-3PO and his friends, and a jukebox of background Star Wars music.
TheDailyWTF  WTF  C-3PO  StarWars  music  advice  ridiculous  nifty  bizarre  strange 
august 2013 by pne
Elegy (Vert), by bwinter
Gen. "Chewbacca remembered troops and warships, green light and a severed head rolling to rest at his feet."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Chewbacca  Luke.Skywalker  C-3PO  R2-D2  Han.Solo  Yoda  200-299.words 
march 2007 by settiai

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