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Compiler Explorer
By Matt Godbolt. Explore how your source code translates to assembly. See how compiler options affect the generated assembly code.
compiler  c  c++  rust  swift 
2 days ago by jefframnani
Learn C and C++ Programming
2 days ago by jjjason79
Comeau C++ and C FAQ
Tech Talk about C++ and C Issues
2 days ago by jjjason79
MicroProfiler - Visual Studio Marketplace
A low-overhead instrumenting profiler with realtime statistics display for native applications.
programming  cpp  c++  profiling  profiler  optimization  performance 
3 days ago by acemarke
Ferret Programmer's Manual
Ferret is a free software Clojure implementation, it compiles a restricted subset of the Clojure language to self contained ISO C++11 which allows for the use of Clojure in real time embedded control systems.
clojure  embedded  lisp  c++  programming 
3 days ago by ssorc
Be Engineering Insights: Benaphores
Be Newsletters - Volume 1: 1995–1996
c++  programming 
3 days ago by kyleisom

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