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GitHub - wrl/rutabaga: a toolkit for developing user interfaces with openGL
By the cadmium author and for opengl 3+: not something to use, but maybe get inspiration?
"I wanted to start [porting to rust] with my UI layer, but I make heavy use of inheritance and sub-classing in Rutabaga, and that’s not going to be easy to port. I could probably find other ways of implementing the kind of toolkit I want, but that’s R&D I just haven’t spent time on yet. "
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2 hours ago by mechazoidal
CppCon 2017: Nicolai Josuttis “The Nightmare of Move Semantics for Trivial Classes” - YouTube
CppCon 2017: Nicolai Josuttis “The Nightmare of Move Semantics for Trivial Classes”
c++  c++17  cpp  stl  library 
8 hours ago by cjitlal
Awesome asynchronous I/O for Ruby.
Several years ago, I was hosting websites on a server in my garage. Back then, my ADSL modem was very basic, and I wanted to have a DNS server which would resolve to an internal IP address when the domain itself resolved to my public IP. Thus was born RubyDNS. This project was originally built on top of EventMachine, but a lack of support for IPv6 at the time and other problems, meant that I started looking for other options. Around that time Celluloid was picking up steam. I had not encountered actors before and I wanted to learn more about it. So, I reimplemented RubyDNS on top of Celluloid and this eventually became the first stable release.

Moving forward, I refactored the internals of RubyDNS into Celluloid::DNS. This rewrite helped solidify the design of RubyDNS and to a certain extent it works. However, unfixed bugs and design problems in Celluloid meant that RubyDNS 2.0 was delayed by almost 2 years. I wasn't happy releasing it with known bugs and problems. After sitting on the problem for a while, and thinking about possible solutions, I decided to build a small event reactor using nio4r and timers, the core parts of Celluloid::IO which made it work so well. The result is this project.

In addition, there is a similarly designed C++ library of the same name. These two libraries share similar design principles, but are different in some areas due to the underlying semantic differences of the languages.
ruby  async  async-io  io  gem  github  library  c++ 
11 hours ago by newtonapple
OOP is dead, long live OOP - 22 Racing Series - GameDev.net
I'm not fully sure if I'm reading it right, but it's a step-by-step breakdown of people doing entity-component systems badly, and showing how to do it better.
programming  entity_systems  c++  design  architecture  gamedev 
23 hours ago by mechazoidal
C++ async library
async  c++ 
yesterday by ajdavis

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