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But the landscape has shifted since our platform was conceived almost 20 years ago. We now target non-Windows operating systems, our developers write cloud hosted services demanding different tradeoffs than client-server applications, the state of the art patterns have moved away from once popular technologies like XML, UTF16, SOAP (to name a few), and the hardware running today’s software is very different than what was available 20 years ago.

When we analyze the gaps we have today and the requirements of today’s high scale servers, we realize that we need to provide modern no-copy, low-allocation, and UTF8 data transformation APIs that are efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Prototypes of such APIs are available in corefxlab repository, and Span<T> is one of the main fundamental building blocks for these APIs.
Data Pipelines

Modern servers are often designed as, often reactive, pipelines of components doing transformations on byte buffers. For example, such pipeline in a web server might consist of the following transformations: socket fills in a buffer -> HTTP parsing -> decompression -> Base 64 decoding -> routing -> HTML writing -> HTML escaping -> HTTP writing -> compression -> socket writing.
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2 days ago by dstelow
c# - How to remove elements from a generic list while iterating over it? - Stack Overflow
for (int i = safePendingList.Count - 1; i >= 0; i--)
// some code
// safePendingList.RemoveAt(i);
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3 days ago by tulbox
Stephen Cleary's C# async library: AsyncLock, AsyncManualResetEvent, AsyncAutoResetEvent, AsyncConditionVariable, AsyncMonitor, AsyncSemaphore, AsyncCountdownEvent, AsyncReaderWriterLock
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