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Your Customers Are Cheating On You: Marketing Orthodoxy Under Fire | AdAge
Byron Sharp's unorthodox marketing theories are catching on with major advertisers and causing media to rethink their pitches.
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19 days ago by jbrok
What Did Ada Lovelace's Program Actually Do?
Lovelace’s program is not easy to explain to the layperson without some hand-waving. It’s the intricacies of her program, though, that make it so remarkable. Whether or not she ought to be known as “the first programmer,” her program was specified with a degree of rigor that far surpassed anything that came before. She thought carefully about how operations could be organized into groups that could be repeated, thereby inventing the loop. She realized how important it was to track th...
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august 2018 by kybernetikos
Seven wind-driven fires are burning in the area of Contra Costa County near the Alameda County line. WATCH L…
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Favorite: The Only Thing That Doesnt Change, by Thomas Hawk
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