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Rec: Psyche
Summary: Tobias is a geek squad kind of guy, who works in the city municipal offices, maintaining the technology that assists the city’s police task force. He is perfectly normal and lives a perfectly normal, boring life. Except he’s plagued by strange dreams – his counselor told him it was normal, the dark fantasies that play themselves out in his mind every night, of violence and rape and murder, the fear of the victims that Tobi sees, that he feels. Then Tobi recognizes the man from his nightmares, the predator, sitting in an office room, waiting calmly to be questioned – a witness in a case of fraud, a supposed good Samaritan.

Review: This story is a great read - fascinating, dark, and delightfully creepy. Despite the extensive warnings, Grimm is an expert at weaving them into the story without being vulgar. The best part is the story’s order; Grimm gives the option of reading it chronologically (which she has arranged via the Master Post linked), or in the way it was written, ie. following the experiences of Tobi. I first read it in the way it was written, and then chronologically (yes, it is that good). The romance is there and builds slowly (understandably, considering the characters are…sorta dealing with killings and psychological issues and whatnot), and, as is the way of Grimm, no matter what she writes, is adorable. Dark, creepy, and yet somehow sweet.
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!abuse  !age.difference  !agents  !criminals  !dark  !detectives/police  !drama/angst  !dubcon  !first.time  !hurt/comfort  !incest  !mental.disorder  !noncon  !paranormal  !slash  fiction  free  length:novella  rating:ultra.mature  rec  status:complete 

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