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Rec: Promises to Keep
Summary: Trip and Bran went to highschool together, both hiding “unrequited” feelings for one another and maintaining an aloof friendship over the years. Trip’s daddy dies; he inherits the family farm and the burdens that entails. Brandon impregnates his girlfriend; his life is set from then on. Later, the men meet each other again. Old flames are reignited. They acknowledge their feelings for one another, but responsibilities and the bleak truth of reality keep the men away from each other. Stuff happens and circumstances change; I like to think they lived HEA. Better than I make it sound, honestly.

Review: Read this when I was relatively new to m/m stuff. Almost all of Grasshopper’s writing is readable. His little author notes in each chapter are thought provoking. Deals with a lot of grown-up stuff, so turn around if you’re looking for teeny-bopper pseudo-romance. No actual sex either. I adore this story, and have read it 3 times… No major mistakes in the writing. Only complaint is that it isn’t long enough. :P
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!contemporary  !drama/angst  !slash  fiction  free  length:novella  original.slash  rating:teen  rec  status:complete 

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