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Rec: Bonded
Summary: “They come from two different worlds. ” Wyl Leyton is a down and out mechanic indentured to a vile madwoman while he pays off his debt to society. Sometimes it seems like there’s no hope left for him until he meets retired marine, Robbie Sinclair, the new marshal on space station 17. But will he get a chance at a new life?

Review: This is a great story. Cari Z is a published author and it shows in her plot structure. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Also the spin-off series Pandora is just as good, if not better.
fiction  rec  free  by:carizabeth  by:cari.z  length:novella  status:complete  rating:mature  !slash  !detectives/police  !military  !scifi 
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!detectives/police  !military  !scifi  !slash  by:carizabeth  fiction  free  length:novella  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 

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