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These 2 Common Ingredients Cut Blood Pressure by Half
Do you want to know which are the 2 common ingredients that can help to cut
blood  pressure  by  half?  Read  on  to  find  out  more. 
5 days ago by
How to Quickly Count the Sent Emails by Month in Your Outlook
If you store sent emails in several folders and now would like to count all these sent mails by month, you can read this article. Here we will introduce a considerably fast way to get it.
Count  Emails  by  Month  outlook  VBA  repair  pst  Sent 
6 days ago by DataNumen
Read file line by line in PowerShell - Stack Overflow
foreach($line in [System.IO.File]::ReadLines("C:\path\to\file.txt"))
read  file  line  by  powershell  each  for 
6 days ago by jgear
powershell - filter the result of FL - Stack Overflow
Get-ADUser someuser -Prop * | Out-String -Stream | Select-String foo
grep  cmdlet  out  line  by  one  at  time  parse  find  select  string 
7 days ago by jgear
This Wireless Wearable Keyboard By Tap Is The Future of Freedom
Looking more like a sci-fi knuckleduster, Tap’s groundbreaking wearable keyboard and mouse combo has been something I’ve been proud of since its early days in development. With the inherent user-unfriendliness of tablets when it comes to text inputs (I have tiny hands), I’ve longed for something that requires less contortion than an iPad keyboard, and...

The post This Wireless Wearable Keyboard By Tap Is The Future of Freedom appeared first on .
This  Wireless  Wearable  Keyboard  By  Tap  Is  The  Future  of  Freedom 
9 days ago by vrzone
Una consacrazione impropria. Guadagnino, Chiamami con il tuo nome e l’inconscio imperiale dei semicolti.
L’oggetto del desiderio di Call me by your name, come del resto dei due lavori precedenti di Guadagnino, è una precisa classe sociale. Al nostro regista palermitano interessa infatti la vita dell’alta borghesia internazionale, quella sorta di patriziato urbano colto (anche se rappresentato con tutti i cliché con cui i semi-colti pensano la cultura), cosmopolita, poliglotta, ricchissimo, liberale nei costumi e nella politica. Di fatto, una classe imperiale che gode di privilegi e libertà pressoché assoluti e che è ben consapevole che nessun conflitto reale può minare, nel profondo, la sua granitica stabilità.
Call  Me  By  Your  Name  Queer  Film  Italy  Italian 
11 days ago by dbourn
Benjamin Dreyer on Twitter: "Well, "by the bye," to be specific.… "
On the canonical spelling for “by the bye”:
“Well, ‘by the bye,’ to be specific.”
by  bye  BCDreyer  2018  twitter 
13 days ago by handcoding

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