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What About Them Apples? - by @lcecere #scm
"While many argue that the definitions of the time horizons change with concurrent planning, I say not so fast. I think that within a global organization there is a need for a design group, an S&OP plan, and a replenishment process. Define the boundaries of the time horizons by work process definitions, not technology capabilities. Planning at companies varies by governance and cultural DNA."
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8 days ago by jonerp
Scale By the Bay is the 5th year of the flagship By the Bay conference, the proven data engineering and data science community event laser-focused on learning, open-source excellence, and industry-centric focus on what works.
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12 days ago by anctious
SQLSaturday #636 - Pittsburgh 2017 > Maintain SQL Server Performance Baseline w/PowerShell
Here is the link the session and the electronic copy of the handouts I saw on Saturday:
Hope that helps,
Robert Sterbal / Technical Specialist
Omnicell, Inc.
Office: 724.741.8363
Mobile: 412.977.3526
Inspired  by  Care(tm)  -Robert 
14 days ago by rsterbal
Dropbox - Omnicell First Floor Groundbreaking
Hope these came out ok:
Robert Sterbal / Technical Specialist
Omnicell, Inc.
Office: 724.741.8363
Mobile: 412.977.3526
Inspired  by  Care(tm)  PTO:  6/29_  6/30 
19 days ago by rsterbal
SQLSaturday #636 - Pittsburgh 2017 > Sessions > Crash Course on Better SQL Development
? [Demo] -<>
? [Powerpoint] - CrashCourse.pptx<>
Crash Course on Better SQL Development
Speaker: Vladimir Oselsky<>
Duration: 60 minutes
Track: Application & Database Development
SQL Development is a broad subject with many roads to choose from. Often times SQL Developers feel overwhelmed and unsure which areas they need to focus on. The purpose of this session is to give a high-level overview and present paths for further study and growth. Subjects reviewed in this session will include coding patterns, error handling, and execution plans. Demonstrations of free tools will also help developers find ways of simplifying their daily tasks. Attendees will leave this session empowered with knowledge and directions for further growth.
Hope that helps,
Robert Sterbal / Technical Specialist
Omnicell, Inc.
Office: 724.741.8363
Mobile: 412.977.3526
Inspired  by  Care(tm) 
20 days ago by rsterbal
PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.5: Routine Vacuuming
"Temporary tables cannot be accessed by autovacuum. Therefore, appropriate vacuum and analyze operations should be performed via session SQL commands."
Temporary  tables  cannot  be  accessed  by  autovacuum  vacuum  analyze  postgres  postgresql  auto  temp 
21 days ago by theskett
Review: X-mini SUPA - Don't Be Deceived By Its Plain Looks
X-mini’s latest foray into the portable audio scene includes a slew of products for every budget and every need – including the mass-premium bracket. Yet this is a landscape that X-mini is not known to tread. Does the X-mini SUPA have any of the proverbial brains and brawns to take on its competition? Let’s find out! Build...

The post Review: X-mini SUPA – Don’t Be Deceived By Its Plain Looks appeared first on .
Review:  X-mini  SUPA    Don’t  Be  Deceived  By  Its  Plain  Looks 
25 days ago by vrzone

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