After Scrutiny, Instacart Will End Its Controversial Tipping Policy
The policy, which attracted the ire of both its delivery workers and customers, meant Instacart used customer tips to subsidize the $10 per-delivery minimum base pay the company guarantees its workers, BuzzFeed News and other outlets reported earlier this week.
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6 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
This Is What Black Burnout Feels Like
So how does a black woman combat burnout? Black girl magic, right?! I love this phrase. I use and repeat it often. I love the song by Janelle Monáe that repeats this phrase even more. But I can’t stop honing in on that word, “magic” — the idea that black women have had to subsist on their mystical powers to persist. Black women have had to rely on wizardry to make it through this tumultuous life. We must harness magic to succeed and thrive through this bullshit. After all burnout for black millennials is not just tiresome, but deadly.

My therapist explains that burnout reminds us of our humanity; exhaustion lets the body know we are not machines — we need to slow down. Yet, for millennials of color, not only do we have to combat endless emails and Slack notifications, but we also get strapped with having to prove our humanity inside and outside of the workplace and classroom, often by circumspectly navigating the tears of white women.

But sometimes I feel that I have to be so grateful for everything that I can’t talk about how I’m hurting and overwhelmed. Setting boundaries while black can cost you your job or your life. If I don’t answer an email or attend a department meeting at my university, I might suffer different consequences than my white, male millennial counterparts. The sentencing is more lenient and forgiving for Brock Turners than it is for Cyntoia Browns.

Another question I’m afraid to ask myself: Am I burned out because I’m still subconsciously wanting the American dream to be true, despite the odds stacked against my skin color? Do I want to be the exceptional black person who actually makes it out of my circumstances? Or am I wanting to be something I will never be: a rich, white man — seemingly carefree, with a sizeable Roth IRA, unafraid to walk to his car at night without his keys Wolverine-d in his hands?  burnout  anne-helen-peterson  tiana-clark  milleninials 
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Ellen DeGeneres And The Limits Of Relatability
Yes, we all have a shared humanity. But there is so much more that we don’t share — race, education level, class, marital status, ability, gender identity, the list goes on — and those are the things that directly contribute to our ability to succeed and survive in this world. Attempting to erase or downplay those differences can make room for individual successes but won’t actually do much to chip away at inequality at large; rather, those attempts tend only to obscure inequality’s real roots.

Nanette explicitly rejects the politics of acceptance, of tolerance, of relatability, of “love is love” messaging as a cure for anti-gay bigotry.
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Feminist Hypocrisy Is The New Trend In Startup Narratives
In the end, it's worth asking why we're so ready to lionize anyone — man, woman, or otherwise — just because they say all the right things. Certainly the stories about the hypocrisies of women like Amoruso, Agrawal, and Huffington feel even more deliciously ironic because of their founders' messaging. But the basic reason they treat employees badly, and the excuse they use when they're called out, is that they, like most business owners, want to be successful — that is, make money.
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december 2018 by yolandaenoch
Can Glennon Doyle Convince White Women To Care About Racial Justice?
And while Doyle’s writing isn’t interspersed with intolerant jabs toward others, like Hollis’s, Doyle’s first two books (like so many in the self-help genre) do rely on similar language about bettering herself, despite life’s challenges, by looking within — rather than interrogating the cultural and structural forces that have caused her harm, let alone the damage done to those who aren’t beautiful, petite white ladies living in Naples, Florida.

“My realization when I started all this,” Doyle told me backstage at Together Live, “was I figured out I was actually the white moderate that Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about. I imagined myself a civil rights activist somehow — I literally did — but I wasn’t doing anything! I imagined that I would have been marching with MLK, except that I wasn’t marching now. So part of my work is to get white women to understand who they actually are in this moment, compared to who they imagine themselves to be.”

One of Doyle's white followers on Instagram...told me that she doesn’t believe Doyle’s pivot to racial justice activism.

“I hope that she is sincere in her methods,” she said, but “the consensus behind closed doors is that she ran out things to talk about re: herself & the brutiful routine was growing dim. She needed a rebrand & overhaul & what better way than to bury the sweet stay at home wife/mom ... & deciding to slip on an activist costume for persons of color?”

But Cristina found Doyle’s behavior around the webinar incident disappointing and “unacceptable.” She said that Doyle seems to believe that white women, “or her followers in particular, need to be coddled & learn ARW from her vs. the black femme educators who are already doing it.”
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december 2018 by yolandaenoch

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