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Welcome To The Dystopia: People Are Arguing Whether This Trump Press Conference Video Is Doctored Or Not
To sum it up: A historically unreliable narrator who works for a conspiracy website tweets out a video in order to show alleged bad behavior on the part of a journalist. The clip goes viral. The White House picks up and disseminates that video and uses it as proof to ban the journalist from reporting at the White House. Outraged journalists decry the White House's use of a video taken from a historically unreliable narrator. Then, users attempt to debunk the video as "actual fake news." Others, unclear if the video is fake, urge caution, suggesting the media may be jumping the gun. An argument breaks out over the intricate technical details of doctoring a clip.

The entire ordeal is a near perfect example of a scenario disinformation experts have predicted and warned of, where the very threat of video manipulation can lead to a blurring of reality. "These technological underpinnings [of AI and photoshop, and editing programs lead] to the increasing erosion of trust,” computational propaganda researcher Renee DiResta told BuzzFeed News in early 2018. “It makes it possible to cast aspersions on whether videos — or advocacy for that matter — are real.”
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12 days ago by jm
25 Pubs You Must Drink In Before You Die
11. The Britons Protection, Manchester
18. The Eagle and Child, Oxford
21. Crown Posada, Newcastle
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22 days ago by petej
12 Fitness Influencers Who Aren't A Size 2 And Don't Want To Be
"These [people] are encouraging others to confidently enter the fitness world and continue to get stronger, and that is a message that we stand behind."
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22 days ago by laurenipsum
WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer
In late December, one of my favorite bloggers mentioned she was thinking of starting something called a "bullet journal." As someone who used to be a pretty prolific journaler but who has since gotten out of the habit, I was super intrigued. I followed her link to learn more about the concept, and my immediate reaction was, "Wait...what???" The website's explanation (and this video) left me totally overwhelmed and filled with tons of questions. Like, is it a to-do list or is it a diary? What the fuck is a "future log"? And what kind of to-do list doesn't have you crossing things off, which we all know is the best part of keeping a to-do list?
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29 days ago by realjimbob
Automating BuzzFeed
Freia Nahser/Global Editors Network, Oct. 11, 2018.
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4 weeks ago by markcoddington
Scientists want to put a DNA encyclopedia of human civilization on the moon | Buzzfeed News
The latest in preserving human civilization was announced on Thursday: An encyclopedia of images and data stored in DNA and shipped to the moon in 2020. Luis Ceze, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
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7 weeks ago by uwnews

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